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The car, which will be discussed today, was launched in 2009 at the Frankfurt Motor Show. In the same year, a VW concert put it into mass production.

The Polo IV automatic was radically different from its predecessor not only in appearance – it was a completely new car, with its own concept. The new generation received only a huge list of innovations, ranging from new methods of welding body parts to electronic filling.

New welding technologies have made it possible to achieve simply unprecedented safety performance. So when laser welding is used, the hardness of the car body increases by 25%, the deformation of the floor during a frontal impact decreases by 50% and the movement of the pedal almost completely disappears. In side impacts, the deformation of the doors and the body as a whole is reduced by 45%. The airbags have increased significantly, and seat belt height adjustment has almost completely eliminated injuries to everyone in the car.

The changes also affected the interior of the new Polo automatic. It has become much larger in terms of the external compactness of the machine. The luggage compartment has become 270 liters, and when the rear seats are folded over 1000 liters. In addition, the car has a large number of different places for storing small items, which makes it ideal for a car rental at Sofia Airport.

As for the line of engines, it is represented by the following units:

1.2 petrol (55 or 65 hp depending on the location of the cylinder head);
1.4 petrol (75 or 100 hp depending on the gain);
1.4 petrol with direct injection FSI (86 hp);
1.4 turbo diesel (75 hp);
1.9 atmospheric diesel (64 hp);
1.9 turbo diesel (100 or 130 hp)
The choice of gearboxes was not rich. A manual transmission is installed on almost all Polos, and a four-speed automatic transmission can only be installed on modifications with an engine power of 75 hp.

By the way, TS rent a car Sofia airport offers its customers to use the cheap car rental service at Sofia airport with this type of transmission and without mileage restrictions. In addition, the car can be delivered to any place convenient for you. To do this, you need to contact our managers by phone or email, specify the place and time of delivery of the car and upon arrival at Sofia airport your car will be waiting for you.

The suspension of the new Polo automatic has also been redesigned. The classic McPherson struts with brackets have been redesigned for better handling and less weight. A new aluminum subframe and a plurality of steel cross members have been specially developed, to which the suspension arms are attached. This innovation has made it possible to significantly reduce vibration and noise when driving on uneven roads, improve handling, reduce rolling in corners and install engines of different sizes in the engine compartment.

The rear suspension is affected by no less changes. The classic beam has sunk into oblivion and has been replaced by a new twisting beam. Thanks to their special shape, VW engineers have been able to achieve simply amazing characteristics of both hardness and softness of the suspension when you really need it. At the same time, the stabilizer bar was completely removed from the suspension, which eased the car’s stationary weight, and the shock absorbers and springs were mounted separately from each other.

The changes are not over. The management system of the new model has also been completely redesigned. Instead of the old power steering, the Polo IV automatic is equipped with electro-hydraulic power steering. Its principle of operation is to install an additional electric motor in front of a practically standard hydraulic pump. When power is transmitted to the steering wheel, an electric motor is actuated, which rotates the hydraulic pump. This made it possible to change the sensitivity of the steering depending on the speed. So, the steering wheel turns very easily in the parking lot, but with noticeable effort on the highway at high speed. Also, thanks to this system, it was possible to reduce fuel consumption, as the electric motor is driven only when necessary.

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Cheap car rental at Sofia airport from TS rent a car Sofia airport

Our car rental company at Sofia airport, Varna, Bourgas values the comfort of its customers very much, which is why the fleet of TS rent a car Sofia airport is armed with such cars that allow at low rental costs to get a comfortable car. both for city travel and long distance travel.

The Polo brake system is equipped with an updated version of ABS as standard. The system was able to distribute the braking forces electronically. For more expensive equipment, it was possible to install a dynamic stability support (ESP) system. The new version of ABS received a hydraulic emergency braking system, and an imitation of the differential lock and clutch control system made it possible for the car to gain dynamic speed even on slippery roads. On modifications with an engine power of 75 hp and more, ventilated disc brakes were fitted at the front and rear, and drum brakes at the rear.

In the fleet of TS rent a car Sofia airport, which specializes in cheap car rental at Sofia airport, there is a VW Polo automatic with disc brakes on both axles of the car, which allows you to move confidently through the picturesque places of the city and be confident in Your safety. Our company will be happy to provide you with this or any other car from our fleet, without mileage restrictions. We hope that our car will bring you only pleasure.

Production of the fourth generation VW Polo automatic continued until 2009, while in the spring of this year VW engineers presented to the world the fifth generation of the famous model. In 8 years of production history, more than 146,000 Polo IV automatic cars have left Volkswagen’s assembly lines.

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