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One of the oldest and most interesting cities in Europe is the capital of Bulgaria – Sofia. This city amazingly combines the history of the eras of many civilizations against the backdrop of the dynamic infrastructure of the European city. To get acquainted with the main attractions of Sofia, you will spend a lot of time if you move by public transport or taxi, which will significantly reduce the comfort of the trip. Moreover, there is a high probability to stumble upon an unscrupulous driver, who not only will put your life and health in danger, but will also easily overprice their services. To avoid this, TS car rental Sofia airport company in Sofia offers you to assess the quality of the services provided and rent a car in Sofia airport. Having done this, you will no longer be tied to the routes and time of public transport, and will decide for yourself where to go today. This is complemented by the complete absence of a mileage limit on all rental cars from our company. We put your comfort and safety of long trips at the top of our agenda, because the territory of the Bulgarian capital has a huge number of cultural and historical monuments, which you just have to see in person, and with the car rental service in Sofia airport it is easier to do.
The tourists from Russia must pay a visit to the main attraction of Sofia – the Russian church of St. Nicholas. Unique frescoes and icons, painted in ancient centuries and of historical value, are kept within the walls of the temple. The National History Museum and the Museum of Military History, with their collection of weapons and uniforms, considered the most impressive sights of Sofia. Here is the entire military history of Bulgaria.
The architecture of the ancient city is diverse and makes a lasting impression on tourists. Christian churches intersect with mosques and synagogues, and buildings built in a modern style are surrounded by architectural buildings of the past centuries, decorated with mythological frescoes.
If you still decide to move comfortably around Sofia, booking a car for rent at Sofia airport, then you should certainly visit the most important historical, cultural and natural attractions of the capital of Bulgaria, which are located far enough apart.
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In winter, during the ski season, you can make a transfer from Sofia airport to various ski resorts. One of the world’s most important natural heritage and ski resort is Mount Vitosha, the fourth tallest in Bulgaria. It is also home to a historical museum and the Boyan Church. If you have time to rest, it is better to prefer Mount Vitosha to other ski resorts (e.g. Bansko, Borovets, Pamporovo), as the length of Vitosha’s ski slopes is only 30 km, and on weekends in winter there are many people who want to relax.
If you rent a car at the airport of Sofia do not forget to visit one of the famous places – St. Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, built in honor of the liberation from the Turkish yoke. The capacity of the cathedral is about 10,000 people, with an area of 3,170 square meters, the height of the cathedral is about 50 meters. The building contains beautiful frescoes, a collection of ancient icons, a painting of iconostasis. There are also a huge number of parks, churches (St. Sophia’s Cathedral, St. Nicholas Church, St. George’s Church) museums (National Military History Museum, National History Museum, Ethnographic Museum), Sculpture Monuments, Cyril and Methodius Library with ancient manuscripts and the oldest Sofia University of Bulgaria named after St. Clement Ohridsky, whose visit is almost obligatory for believers. You can make all above only by renting a car from TS rent a car Sofia airport.
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Those wishing to recover with mineral water should take note that it would be easier to take rental car from Sofia airport to visit balneological resorts, many of which are near Sofia.
Be sure to use the services of a car rental company at Sofia Airport, because having time to rest, you will have a unique opportunity to see most of the sights of Sofia and you will remember your stay in the capital for a long time. Once used our services be sure that you will return again in our beautiful country and use a car from TS car rental at the airport Sofia.
Sofia airport is Bulgaria’s main airport. Sofia airport was built in 1930, at the moment the airport has two terminals and annually serves more than three million passengers. The airport has restaurants and cafes, shops, currency exchange offices, a business hall and recreation areas, as well as medical posts, offices of travel agencies and car rental companies at Sofia airport, which allows visitors to take not only a car for rent at Sofia airport, but even an apartment for rent. It is easy to provide transport from and to the airport in Sofia. Of course, the best solution to the issue will be to order a car to rent from the airport of Sofia, as taxis are very expensive, and city transport is not quite convenient for travelers with large luggage.
Sofia airport is just a ten-minute drive from the city center. The bus and taxi is just over ten minutes long. Taking a taxi at the airport is very easy, but also very expensive, as taxi drivers break the inflate the prices. Therefore, the most successful option for moving from the airport and in general in the future throughout the city and beyond – is a car for hire at the airport of Sofia. Car rental companies in Sofia offer wonderful conditions and bargain prices, which include all the necessary road tolls, auto-insurance, round-the-clock auto-assistance, etc. Taking a car for rent at Sofia airport, you will be able to use it not only within the city, but also outside it – such a car can be driven throughout Bulgaria and at the same time is not expensive. Car rental services at Sofia airport are a very profitable and comfortable option for everyone – whether you are a businessman, an ordinary tourist or a guest of this beautiful country, because Bulgaria is hospitable to everyone.
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rent a car sofia airport
If you decide to hire a car at the airport of Sofia, then you have a great opportunity to do it and explore the capital of Bulgaria, seeing all its charms. There are about twenty-four large urban areas in Sofia District. Many tourists who come to Bulgaria want to enjoy not only in one particular place, but like to travel to the nearest surroundings. Sofia can provide you with this opportunity, especially if you have a transport, which can easily be rented at the airport, spending no more than 15 minutes of your time.
In addition to the nearby resorts, you can have a wonderful time in the city itself. It has so many attractions that without a car it will be difficult to see all the beauty of Sofia. The peculiarity of the capital of Bulgaria is that it is one of the oldest cities in Europe. Therefore, it can be concluded that this city holds the history of Bulgaria, which can be seen on the ancient buildings and streets of Sofia. Driving through the central and main streets of the city by rented car, you can feel the atmosphere of the past centuries. Historical architecture has not left a single tourist who comes to the sunny country, indifferent.
Be sure to visit the city’s national parks. There you will be able to have a good rest and you will be provided with the best entertainment programs. There are also many museums in the city that can introduce you to the culture of the Bulgarian people.
Not far from the Temple of Alexander Nevsky is the Church of Holy Week. This place is no less popular than the other tourist attractions. Many people like the special atmosphere in the Cathedral. You can feel it as soon as you get inside. The beautiful design of the church never ceases to amaze the guests. Another feature of the cathedral was its second name, the soul of the capital. This is due to the fact that the cathedral conveys to its visitors a special spirit, which reminds once again of the importance of faith.
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For fans of acting, the Opera and Ballet Theatre is perfect. Here you can feel the comfort and convenience that the theater provides. Although it is not a big theater, but in many ways succeeds and can stand on a par with other theaters in Europe. Tourists who have visited this place at least once, save memories and impressions for life. In order to get a ticket to the session, it is advisable to buy it a week earlier. For guests of the country is a great opportunity, to book a ticket on the Internet. Rest assured, you will not regret, choosing for leisure it is this theater, for which the company TS car rental Sofia airport will gladly help. For more than 10 years we successfully operate in car rental market at Sofia, giving our many customers joy and unforgettable emotions from visits to interesting places of our capital on a rented car.
Internet lovers can spend their time in the Internet Cafe Web-ona. This place is very popular not only with guests of the capital, but also with local residents. Good internet speed, delicious coffee and the convenient location will make your time here unforgettable. Many visitors come here every day and do not cease to enjoy the wonderful opportunity to use the excellent Internet. In addition, very friendly staff will always be ready to help you on any matters.

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The heart of the city is Vitosha Boulevard. Recently, the renovation was completed, so this place became even more attractive. You can have a good time here, just walking the streets, which are filled with various restaurants, shops and cafes. It is especially beautiful to be here at night, driving a rented car, watching how the city sleeps. The great atmosphere of Sofia’s night will be remembered by you for a long time. Tourists from all over the world are eager to get to this beautiful place. This is not surprising, because so many attractions keep the beautiful city of Sofia. In addition, everyone is given a great opportunity to relax and spend an unforgettable vacation with a car rental company TS rent a car Sofia airport.

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