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Bulgaria is the most beautiful country on the Balkan Peninsula, which has unique historical monuments, rich history, its own traditions, blue lakes, high mountains, gentle sea and hospitable, cheerful people where you can easily rent a car. Resting on the Black Sea coast, Bulgaria attracts tourists from all over the world. And this is not surprising, because there are modern hotels, apartments, ski resorts, sea resorts, sports tourism and SPA resorts. Thanks to this, a summer vacation in Bulgaria turns into a real fairy tale that you will remember for many years with a smile on your face, and using the services of car rental from TS car hire Bulgaria, you will definitely want to come back here again.

Bulgaria is a country of many faces, where every tourist can find something that will suit his taste and preferences. There are wide beaches on the east and huge castles built along the river banks on the north of the country, as well as excellent infrastructure with numerous restaurants, hotels and various entertainment. Every person can afford to spend a vacation here, regardless of their income level and age. It will appeal to young people who love active recreation and, as a rule, lead a nightlife, and those who prefer peace and quiet, which is ideal for tourists from Russia and other CIS countries.

Arriving in this country, by ordering a car for hire from TS rent a car Bulgaria, you can stay in private apartments, small hotels located right next to the sea, in a sanatorium or in hotel complexes. During the summer Bulgaria is a real paradise for beach lovers. Hot sand, clean beaches, smooth waves and a warm, gentle sea breeze make this corner one of the best places to improve your health, sunbathe, be with friends, family, relax from problems and just enjoy the beautiful nature away from the hustle and bustle.

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Where to rent a car in Bulgaria?

If you want your summer vacation in this amazing country to be bright and interesting, be sure to take time to travel to our many famous places. For example, in the city of Kazanlak there is a wonderful valley of roses, and in Plovdiv there is a monument to the unknown soldier, whom the locals called Alyosha, which is easiest to see if you rent a car. Its majestic monument gazes with courage and sadness, recalling the courage of the people and its bitter pages of history. Choosing TS car hire Bulgaria, you are undoubtedly making the right choice of a car rental company in Bulgaria.

Holidays in ski resorts in Bulgaria with TS rent a car in Bulgaria: popular ski resorts in Bulgaria. You need to visit the resorts of Bulgaria not only for the sea, beaches, delicious cuisine and wonderful wines. The country offers mountain descent lovers, magnificent snow-capped peaks, a choice of tracks for every taste and level of training of an athlete. Tourists from different countries have already rated the ski resorts of Bulgaria as worthy in terms of service and training, and the cost of the tour will be incomparably less than a trip to France, Austria. , Switzerland.


Travelers wishing to join sports and culture at the same time should definitely visit the resort of Bansko. Having landed at the Sofia Airport, you will have to spend another 1.5 hours on the road in order to overcome 160 km to the south, and find yourself at the foot of the Pirin Mountain. However, by renting a car, this time can be significantly reduced. This area is a national reserve. It is rightfully recognized by UNESCO as a world heritage site, because the resort is a real concentration of the culture of the Bulgarian people.

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All holidaymakers are advised to leave the ski slopes for a while and find time to visit a living architectural museum that tells about the Renaissance.


Novice lovers of downhill skiing and professionals in this sport are always welcome at the Borovets resort. About 70 kilometers away from Sofia, there are the slopes of the Rila Mountains, which are easier and easier accessible by renting a car. They are overgrown with a picturesque pine forest, and at the very top of Peak Musala is the Balkan Mecca of skiers. There are:

– ski slopes (18 routes over 40 km long);
– trampolines 75m and 50 m for exciting jumps;
– cross-country skiing trails (approx. 18 km).

Borovets resort has three centers for lovers of active pastime:

Yastrebets (1340 – 2369 m);
Markudzhik (2340 – 2550 m);
Borovets (1337 – 1780 m).

Trails near Markudzhik can boast of constant snow cover. Excellent skiing is provided by 6 snowmaking guns, they are mobile and serve the 2nd and 3rd tracks called Martinovi Baraki. Each of them is well lit, so it is open for skiing until 10 pm. The presence of illumination becomes an excellent decoration for ski shows, which are held with enviable constancy.


If you travel 260 km from the capital of Bulgaria in our rental car, you will see the Rhodope Mountains, where the Pamporovo ski resort is lost in the pine forests. Come there yourself and bring your children with you. This is one of the best places to ski with the little champions. Learning will be facilitated by:

– pleasant climate (temperature fluctuations per day are insignificant and insignificant);
– 150 winter days;
– wide slopes with comfortable slopes.

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Car Hire in Bulgaria

For the pros there are the hardest routes called black routes. In total, there will be 17.5 km of pleasant slopes of varying difficulty, and if you count the length of rough terrain, then all 34 km.

Beginners will be pleased with the flat terrain of the tracks and experienced instructors with knowledge of the Russian language. Lifts of the latest modern design will quickly and comfortably bring everyone to the top of the slope, even during peak hours.

Ski Bulgaria is a well-equipped slopes and a system of hotels of various levels. You can combine an active holiday with a secluded pastime while admiring the local scenery.

Bulgaria and TS cheap car rentals in Bulgaria welcomes tourists all 12 months of the year, offering not only the gentle sea. This is one of the few European countries with affordable prices and affordable tours for the whole family. Delicious cuisine, numerous beauties and cultural heritage sites, together with the absence of a language barrier, contribute to an unforgettable vacation. Discover hospitable Bulgaria at one of the ski resorts!

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But as mentioned above, all these interesting and fascinating places are located at a fairly large distance from each other, sometimes even several hundred kilometers, which will be extremely problematic and expensive to overcome by bus or taxi. The best solution to this issue, of course, would be to rent a car, and it is possible to do it quickly, comfortably and inexpensively only at TS rent a car in Bulgaria. With us you can order a car for rent remotely using your phone number or e-mail address. At the same time, registration of an application takes no more than 15 minutes of your time. In addition, if you do not want to personally visit our office, you can use the car rental service with delivery to your chosen place and time. Be sure that taking advantage of this opportunity, your chosen car for rent, together with our representative, will be waiting for you exactly at the appointed time and place, since we, like no one else, care about the comfort of our customers. It is these qualities in our work that have brought us to the leaders place in the car rental sector throughout Bulgaria.

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Bulgarian resort Burgas and TS Car Hire Bulgaria

Burgas is a wonderful resort in the sunny country of Bulgaria. It is one of the largest Bulgarian cities located in the west of the Bourgas Bay. It is a large industrial city. Several oil refineries have been created here, and large salt mines are located. The abandoned mines suddenly became a source of black oily mud, which has a very beneficial effect on skin diseases. The city is both a civilized and an entertainment center. Romantic landscapes, luxurious restaurants, parks, swimming pools – all this in a beautiful resort town on the Black Sea coast. Burgas is famous for its calmness and regularity. It pleases visitors with a huge variety of attractions.

Of these, the following are worth noting: an art gallery, a museum of ethnography, a scientific museum of nature. All museums have a rich exposition and can tell you a lot of interesting things. This city is an international center for many celebrations and festivals. The main attraction is its Marine Park, which stretches along the coast for seven kilometers. The Burgas mineral baths are well known all over the world. They are built on medicinal springs and are located in an amazingly picturesque place surrounded by vineyards. There are a lot of SPA and other relaxing procedures. At any time of the year, visiting this place will bring a lot of pleasure, and by booking and renting a car in our company, you can fully enjoy these beauties, because now you do not have to keep track of the time while waiting for your bus.

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The sights of the Bulgarian capital Sofia with TS rent a car Bulgaria.

Bulgaria is considered one of the most visited countries in Europe. The bulk of tourists who come here are those who like to relax at Golden Beach and Sunny Beach. But at the same time, the capital of the country, Sofia, should not stay away from attention during a vacation in Bulgaria, as this city is ready to open many interesting sights for its guests. Sofia has more than 5000 years of history behind it. This means that the number of monuments from different eras here will not disappoint anyone.

Alexander Nevsky Square is the main attraction for most tourists who come to Sofia, on which the symbol of our wonderful city – the cathedral of the same name – also stands. The interiors of this Orthodox church are extremely interesting, decorated with rich frescoes, icons and unique carvings, and the central Sofia square seems to be an ideal point to start exploring the capital.

Boyana Church is another extremely interesting sacred building in Sofia, which is located 8 kilometers away from the city limits, in the village of Boyana. The frescoes of the 13th century are of particular value in it, creating a special, peaceful atmosphere in the church. The Russian Church of St. Nicholas can be recognized from afar by its characteristic onion domes. And this temple is also included in the program of tourists visiting the Bulgarian capital.

Monument to Vasil Levski. The most popular photo motive in the city center is the Levski monument. This Bulgarian respected by local residents has played a crucial role in the history of the country, leading the liberation struggle of the Bulgarian people against Ottoman rule.

Those who wish to make a sincere shopping in Sofia should go to Graf Ignatiev Street or Rakovski Street. Here, the density of excellent shops is on par with the number of the most famous shopping streets in Europe.

Museums. In such a large and historical city like Sofia, numerous museums are always welcome to visitors. Of particular interest is, for example, the Archaeological Museum, located right next to the State Bank of Bulgaria. The exhibits displayed in it tell in detail and clearly about the ancient art and culture of the country. But the largest museum in Sofia is the National Historical Museum, which has several thematic departments. Its expositions are divided according to the themes of archeology, history, ethnography and folk arts and crafts.

Movies and theaters. Being the Bulgarian capital, Sofia, of course, is also the cultural center of the country. Numerous theaters and concert halls offer a wide variety of performances and performances, which will be an excellent addition to the acquaintance with this unusual city.

Zoo. For families with children, we recommend visiting the Sofia City Zoo. It is the oldest zoo in Bulgaria and is home to over 1000 different animals and birds.

Only TS car hire in Bulgaria company will help you visit all the listed places quickly and inexpensively, which at any time of the day or night is ready to provide a car for rent on favorable terms for you with delivery to the chosen place and without any mileage restrictions. Renting a car in Bulgaria  from us is much easier than you might imagine. We invite you to evaluate the quality and speed of our car rental service in Bulgaria.

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Tours to Bulgaria, Golden Sands with TS car hire Bulgaria

Every year millions of people ask themselves a serious question: “Where to go to rest?” The tourism industry can offer you a choice of any corner of the planet, to satisfy any of your requests. But often what we are looking for lies not far away, but nearby. Pay your attention to hospitable Bulgaria. In this beautiful country, you can find whatever you want. Numerous resorts in Bulgaria, both on the Black Sea coast and high in the mountains, offer a very wide range of services.

Whichever social group you belong to: a married couple with children, young or old people, whether you prefer active or passive rest, if you choose a tour to Golden Sands, this is what you need. The most popular Bulgarian resort on the Black Sea coast offers active young people sports recreation – swimming pools, surfing, yacht trips, water skiing, tennis, mini-golf, cycling, horseback riding. As well as a nightlife rich in entertainment in clubs and discos, and the opportunity to try your luck at slot machines by arriving there by car.

More mature people who want to combine rest and spa treatment will find excellent medical support in Golden Sands. They can not only recuperate and heal the body with mineral waters and curative mud, healing sea air, but also, if necessary, seek medical and physiotherapeutic treatment.

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Car rental in Bulgaria from TS rent a car Bulgaria

For couples organizing holidays with children and choosing a tour to Bulgaria, Golden Sands offers a wide range of children’s entertainment. Fun attractions will not let you or your children get bored. These are pools with slides and serpentines in the water park, trampolines and bouncy castles, funny trains and giant chess, as well as children’s discos, puppet shows, and sports activities. You can also purchase a separate voucher for your child to a children’s camp or to a summer playground and take him by a rental car, and enjoy your resort vacation yourself.

And do not forget that in addition to all this, Bulgaria will delight you with various national gastronomic delights in its many restaurants and cafes. And as a souvenir of itself, this country will give you cute souvenirs made of clay or sea shells.

Bulgaria is a sunny and friendly country that always welcomes its guests with dignity. This small but very beautiful state is known for its beautiful varied landscape, temperate climate, wonderful mesmerizing landscapes, good-natured and sunny inhabitants. Almost the entire territory of Bulgaria is a resort. Of course, in order to have time to visit the most incredible places in this country, you need to have the necessary means of transportation, such as a car. There are many companies in Bulgaria that offer car rental services in Bulgaria, but TS car hire Bulgaria stands apart in this market, which has been successfully working in the field of car rental in this country for more than 10 years. You can order a car rentals in Bulgaria for the period of your stay in the country in advance, even before your arrival. All you have to do is go to the Internet and type “car rental in Bulgaria”. You will immediately see a link to our official website, where you can choose a rental car to your liking, discarding many sites of similar firms and companies offering “car rental in Bulgaria” services, because you will not find such a level of service as ours.  Thus, you can book a car for the period you specified with a minimum set of documents and inexpensively. The prices for cars for rent in Bulgaria are favorable, especially if the car rental in Bulgaria is long-term and in our company. The price includes: unlimited mileage, a special sticker (a document confirming the payment of road tax), 24/7 roadside assistance in Bulgaria, auto insurance. If you often have to come to Bulgaria, then you can connect to the loyal customer program of this car rental company in Bulgaria and use its additional services, benefits and concessions.

Before choosing a car rental company in Bulgaria, you must carefully read the terms of the companies. After carefully reading the terms and conditions and choosing a company, you can confirm the booking of your chosen car. If something becomes unclear, it is best to contact a company representative and discuss all unclear questions. Our car rental specialists in Bulgaria are always at your service!

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