Car hire VW Golf 7 automatic from TS rentacar Bulgaria

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14 EUR / day

(for 30+ days rental)

Mileage per day: 150 km
Deposit: 100 EUR
Car Information
Class: Medium
Doors: 5
Minimal driver age : 25
Gearbox : Automatic
Max passengers : 9
Max luggage : 5
Fuel : Petrol
Engine capacity: 2200
Fuel usage: 8l/100km
Additional information
Power Steering
Audio system
Air Bags
Air Conditioning
Cruise Control
Electric windows
Central locking

Rent Car hire VW Golf 7 automatic from TS rentacar Bulgaria

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Car rental Bulgaria VW Golf 7

For almost 40 years of its history, Golf cars have always been looked down upon by their competitors. And this is no accident, because the car is the ancestor of the whole class. During the years of production, it sold a huge circulation – more than 30 million cars, becoming an icon of popularity in Europe and a real bestseller for its age.

The founding father of this class, Golf immediately took the lead in the segment. But competitors, too, would not give up, constantly launching new cars and luring some of WV’s customers to themselves. This was the reason for the systematic decline in demand for “Golf”. Despite the very high sales figures, each new generation loses some of its previous glory.

There are more and more people who want to show their superiority over the leader in the segment from year to year. It is becoming increasingly difficult for the car to prove its superiority. Japan’s Corolla, Europe’s Focus and Asters were already very close to the 4th generation Golf automatic, but the German car giant dealt a crushing blow – the new Golf 7 entered the market, leaving competitors with a nose.

Many accuse the Golf of being too conservative, which is why the car doesn’t change much with the change of generations. Yes, the revolution did not happen. The car, even with a new body, is still recognizable at first glance. However, the new generation has changed a lot in proportions, pointed headlights with accentuated body details have appeared. The new Golf has become much more solid.

TS rentacar Bulgaria automatic, a cheap car hire company in Bulgaria, will help you feel all the changes that have affected the car. For a low rental price you can hire the undisputed leader of your segment and go on a long and interesting journey through sunny Bulgaria with your family or friends. With us, car hire in Bulgaria does not take much time and effort. To do this, you just need to contact us at the phone numbers or email address, inform the manager which car you want to rent, specify the time and place of arrival in our city, book a rental car automatic and after a meeting at the designated place with our representative, rent a car. In this way, to rent a car, you do not need to personally visit the office of our company – everything is done remotely and with minimal loss of your valuable time.

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The interior of the new “Golf” automatic traditionally can not be called boring. It is still in a sense strict and functional. The center console is now more driver-oriented, providing maximum comfort when reading the tools, the comfortable steering wheel is slightly cut from below, thus giving more freedom to the feet and brings a touch of sportiness to the design, the big touch screen surprises with a wealth of colors and stunning graphics, and the large amount of leather used in the interior decoration is simply indecent. In addition, the quality of the finishing materials can in many respects surpass higher-class car models. The plastic is soft everywhere and practically does not creak, the seats have a huge number of different settings and already have a certificate from the German Association of Orthopedists, which allows you to drive many hundreds of kilometers in just one breath, without fatigue in the back, which makes the car just ideal for car rental automatic.

And the ideal option for a cheap car rental company in Bulgaria is the team of TS rentacar Bulgaria automatic, which has been working successfully in the car rental business for more than 10 years. During this time, several thousand people became our customers and we assure you that everyone was satisfied. We offer you to use our services and rent a car from real professionals in your field, which is confirmed by numerous positive reviews for car rental in our company. Only with us you can order a transfer of your car to any place in Bulgaria with the lowest price on the market, using the car rental service, where it is convenient for you, and we will be happy to take care of all other worries.

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Volkswagen has paid special attention to every detail. Even the car’s doors close with a noble, “first-class” sound. The steering wheel buttons are very comfortable. Climate control is virtually silent and extremely effective. The door pockets and glove compartment are lined with nice velvet inside, and the multimedia system has a large number of different connectors: USB, SD-cards and AUX, which allows you to enjoy your favorite music on the road from any media.

Due to the increased base of the car, a more useful space appeared at the rear, and the luggage compartment in the “Golf 7” is 380 liters, which is a very good indicator for this class. Naturally, the volume can be significantly increased if the rear row of seats is folded, which will allow you to load all the things you need to travel in sunny Bulgaria. The rear sofa is long, the passengers’ legs are comfortably located under the front seats, thanks to which people, even with a higher than average height, will feel very comfortable, and the comfortable armrest with cup holders perfectly complements the ensemble.

The perfectly tuned suspension of the car “absorbs” all the bumps in the road. Even the biggest holes turn into a pleasant sound, muffled by high-quality sound insulation. But there is nothing surprising – smoothness has always been a family trait of Volkswagen, and in the “Golf 7” is felt even more. Turning when turning is minimal, the electric power steering is sporty and sharp and undoubtedly obeys the driver’s commands. In addition, it is worth noting that in the parking modes and at low speeds, it can rotate with one finger, which facilitates traffic in heavy traffic and at high speeds becomes a model informative for a car with front-wheel drive, thanks to which the car keeps your trajectory in such a way that you are amazed.

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Cheap car hire Bulgaria from TS rentacar Bulgaria automatic

The diesel 2-liter engine impresses with its dynamics and fuel efficiency. Fuel consumption is only 5-7 liters per 100 kilometers, which will allow you to travel long distances by car rental from TS rentacar Bulgaria automatic without spending a lot of money on fuel. The automatic transmission completely unleashes the potential of the engine at all speeds and driving modes, whether it is a dense city flow or a suburban road, which allows you not to be distracted by changing gears, which is extremely important during rest.

Much attention is also paid to passenger safety. Airbags on the perimeter of the car, pre-loaded belts with various settings, systems for maintaining dynamic stability and ABS will ensure your safety in any unforeseen circumstances. According to the results of Euro NCAP tests, the car has received a well-deserved 5 stars out of 5 possible.

Our company pays special attention to passenger safety. We work to ensure that our customers spend their vacation or business trip without risk to life and health, so all cars offered for rent are regularly checked for technical condition. Our cheap car hire Bulgaria is not only cheap but also safe.

We are confident that any trip with a Golf 7 automatic rental car rented by our company will confirm the correctness of your choice. The good appearance, stylish design and workmanship to the smallest detail will leave an indelible impression not only on the car, but also on the car rental services provided by us in Bulgaria, so much so that you will again want to become our customer and order cheap car hire Bulgaria every time you come to our country.

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