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The fleet of TS car rental Bulgaria automatic has several dozen different cars for every taste – from small hatchbacks to spacious vans. Our specialists are ready to help you choose a car as soon as possible and at any time, depending on your preferences and budget, to choose the best option for renting a car for you. We work hard to give you the opportunity to rent a car in Sunny Beach, without unnecessary headaches and loss of valuable time. And if you are a fan of hot cars, our fleet has something for you.

The Skoda Fabia VRS was launched almost immediately after the release of the “civilian” version of this car. Externally, the car is not much different from its less powerful brother, but only at first glance. This version of the familiar car has a completely different front and rear bumper, colored front optics, modified interior and dual muffler. But these are just the external hallmarks of a cheap sports car – the main difference is under the hood.

And here to your attention will be presented a small-looking engine with a volume of only 1.4 liters. There seems to be such a thing in it. But this “baby” is equipped with a mechanical compressor and turbocharger, with which the engine shows unprecedented power characteristics for a given volume – 180 hp. and 230 N / m of torque, which is very good for a small class hatchback “B”, and Fabia overcomes the limit of 100 km / h in just 7.3 seconds.

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Cheap car hire Sunny Beach is often a hassle. Numerous car rental companies in Sunny Beach and Bulgaria often require a large number of different documents from their customers and set mileage limits. But not TS car rental Bulgaria automatic, which provides the opportunity to rent a car in Sunny Beach and throughout Bulgaria with a minimum number of documents and complete absence of mileage restrictions, which will make your trips with family or friends carefree, rich and memorable.

This car is equipped with an automatic transmission, which is aimed primarily at the comfort of the driver while traveling and this is one of the main tasks of our company TS car rental Bulgaria automatic, the fastest and most profitable way to take only in Our company. We are sure that our prices for rent a car in Sunny Beach, Bulgaria will pleasantly surprise you.

As you know, high engine power cannot be realized properly without a good transmission, and here Skoda engineers did their best. The engine is paired with a 7-speed robotic DSG gearbox with two clutches, from the famous concern VAG. This automatic transmission has taken over all the latest achievements and developments in the field of transmissions. High-quality materials, electronic filling from Bosch and control of all stages of production have led to the fact that this gearbox, despite its structural complexity, works flawlessly for many thousands of kilometers, instantly changing gears in each operating mode.

All this splendor is perfectly complemented by the car’s suspension. Despite the not-quite-sporty MacPherson strut system at the front and the continuous beam at the rear, the car surprisingly seems to take root in the road, unquestioningly obeying the driver’s commands. This was achieved thanks to the suspension, which was properly designed and adjusted by Skoda engineers. The steering wheel is sporty when turning, the car practically does not tilt when passing difficult sections of the road at high speed. The qualities listed above allow you to feel not just a hatchback driver, but a sports car driver.

It is very easy to rent a car in Sunny Beach or elsewhere – you just need to call our office, choose a rental car, tell the operator some of your personal data and after checking to order a car.

Using the services of TS car rental Bulgaria automatic you will find that renting a car is much cheaper and more practical than using the services of taxis or public transport, as the cost of renting a car in Sunny Beach Beach and all of Bulgaria in our For many years the company remains one of the lowest on the market for car rental Bulgaria automatic and abroad.

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Cheap car hire Sunny Beach from TS car rental Bulgaria automatic

There is a certain touch of sportiness in the interior of the car. At first glance, it does not differ much from the usual “Fabia”, due to almost the same dashboard, but the front seats with well-developed side support and embroidered logo “VRS”, modified rear sofa and aluminum door sills betray a wolf in sheepskin. All interior finishing materials are of very high quality and are pleasant to the touch. The ergonomics of the cabin are simply amazing. Each button or switch can be easily accessed by the driver and front passenger from almost any seat position.

But the designers did not forget about the rear passengers. With a relatively small car size, even they have enough space, thanks to the redesigned front seat backrests, which saves space inside. So everyone in the car will be very comfortable, and the large trunk, due to the high roof of the car, will allow you to fold all the things you need for travel, which is very practical.

These factors contribute to the fact that this car can be considered a rental car if it combines such qualities as:

High engine power for fans of dynamic driving;
Automatic gearbox;
Sport suspension;
Large and spacious hall;
Low cost of renting a car;
Low fuel consumption:
Bulky trunk.
Cheap car hire Sunny Beach is possible only with TS cheap car hire Sunny Beach. For more than 10 years on the rental market and positive reviews for rent a car in Sunny Beach from our customers speak for themselves. A huge number of people have already used the services of our company, renting cars in Sunny Beach and were very satisfied. We offer you to join the number of our happy customers by taking this or any other car from our fleet.

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