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Car rental in Obzor, Bulgaria

The wide fleet of TS rent a car Bulgaria, which for more than 10 years specializes in car rental in Obzor and throughout Bulgaria, pleasantly surprises with the availability of cars for almost all purposes and tasks – be it short and quiet trips around the city with company friends, or a long long distance trip with a lot of luggage. In any case, you can be sure that with us you will find exactly the car you need. In addition, our company offers to rent a car in Obzor, Bulgaria without mileage restrictions and with a minimum set of necessary documents, which will make your travels even more comfortable.

The second generation Renault Megan first appeared to the general public in 2002 and immediately received a large number of positive reviews, thanks to the extravagant design of the body and interior, a large number of different electronic systems and the low price of the car. The main “feature” of the French manufacturer was that quite a budget car was equipped with an electronic key card, which by then standards was something unimaginable.

The interior of the car impressed with the quality of finishing materials and ergonomics. All buttons and switches are located in such a way as to provide access to them from any position of the driver’s seat, which is good for driving comfort, and the seats with side support and all possible settings ensure that the driver is not tired for long journeys. . The steering wheel is adjustable in height and range. The high enough ceiling allows people of almost any height and physique to sit comfortably. The dashboard and center console do not make any sounds when the car is moving, providing absolute silence inside the cab.

Also, the high demand for this car ensured the practicality of the new sedan. In appearance, the trunk is not the largest and holds many things. The low shelf of the compartment allows you to easily load even bulky loads, and when the rear seats are folded, the trunk is increased more than 2 times, which makes the car quite an interesting and practical rental option, as you can easily load all your belongings for a long time travel.

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You can rent a car cheaply in Obzor only with the help of TS rent a car Bulgaria. You can be sure that our prices for car rental in Obzor and Bulgaria are one of the lowest on the rental market. We will help you as soon as possible to decide on the choice of car rental depending on your personal preferences and the size of the budget, to immediately consider your application for car rental in Obzor and to provide the car of your choice exactly in the specified time and place, using the car rental service with delivery, and the lack of mileage restrictions will be a nice bonus for you from our company.

A deep restyling of the model was carried out in 2005, after which the manufactured cars were marked Phase 2. This phase differs from the “removal” not only externally but also internally. Externally, the main changes affected the optics of the head (lens-like headlights were used), the taillights and the radiator grille, which acquired a sloping line, repeating the curve of the modified headlights. The interior of the Phase 2 has been visibly changed thanks to a new dashboard, in which the speedometer and tachometer have been replaced and the instrument cluster has been repainted.

The car was equipped with a variety of options for power units ranging from 1.4-liter gasoline and ending with 1.9-liter “diesel”. This car is equipped with a 1.8-liter gasoline engine with 114 hp, which has proven its efficiency, power and reliability, which allows you to feel confident when overtaking on the highway and not worry about the big fuel consumption.

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If we talk about the gearbox, then this car is equipped with a manual transmission, but you can easily find an automatic review in the catalog of our car rental company TS rent a car Bulgaria, if you value comfort and prefer to use an automatic transmission without being distracted by shifting speeds in heavy city traffic. However, it must be said that the manual transmission presented in this car has established itself perfectly as a reliable and high-quality unit of the machine, easily transferring engine power to the wheels and allowing further increase in fuel efficiency of the engine manual gear selection allows you to fully unleash the full potential of car dynamics …

The Megan 2 suspension also meets all the requirements for cars in this class. Despite its simplicity, it handles all bumps on the road well, while maintaining some rigidity, which allows you to significantly reduce side rolling when turning. The vibrations are practically not transmitted to the body, thus ensuring silence in the cabin. The car reacts instantly to the turns of the steering wheel and does not try to leave the route planned by the driver.

The technical condition of our vehicles is one of our most important tasks. We closely monitor the serviceability of all components and mechanisms of each car, as we want you to be satisfied with the car rental in Obzor from TS rent a car Bulgaria when you rent a car. A principled approach to the issues of comfort and safety of our customers for 10 years has led us to the leaders of car rental in Obzor and throughout Bulgaria, and the low cost of car rental in Obzor will pleasantly surprise you, which is confirmed by numerous positive reviews for car rental in Obzor from our customers.

The ABS brake system will also delight with its reliability and immediate feedback. Disc brakes in all weather conditions can stop the car for a very short period of time and braking distance, which has a positive effect on the safety not only of the driver and passengers but also of pedestrians, and the front airbags provide the right level of active safety contingencies.

A high level of comfort, in addition to high quality interior materials and good sound insulation, is provided by electric mirrors and windows, power steering, air conditioning, air conditioning and other electronic “assistants” – the main attributes of a good modern car.

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How easy is it to cheap car hire in Obzor, Bulgaria?

Car rental will no longer cause you any trouble or inconvenience if you contact TS cheap car hire in Obzor, Bulgaria which offers a rental service in Obzor. We, like no one else, know what you need and do not require a large number of documents from our customers. Our task is to make sure that you can cheap car hire in Obzor as quickly as possible and go on a long and full of excursions trip to your favorite places with family or friends.

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