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Obzor is a beautiful Bulgarian resort located between the major cities of Varna and Burgas. Obzor combines the sea and the forest in perfect harmony. There is fresh air, mountains, endless coastlines, rocks, golden sand, sun and beautiful little restaurants. Book a rental car in Obzor from TS car hire Bulgaria and visit all the beautiful and interesting places in Obzor and in its district. There are interesting places like Byala, Shabla, Sunny Beach and Ezebre. There are so many beautiful ancient places where there are traces of ancient worlds. Thanks to the car rental services of TS cheap rent a car Obzor  in Bulgaria, you will be able to diversify your holiday in Obzor and visit interesting places. Having a rental car from TS car hire Bulgaria you will be, as at home! If you reserve a car for rent before us, when you arrive in Bulgaria, your car will be rented at the entrance of the airport in Varna or Burgas when you arrive in the country. Since Obzor is almost in the middle between the two cities, you choose which airport you will arrive at. Immediately after the plane landed, there is also an opportunity to rent a car from TS car hire Bulgaria, as on the territory of the airports are representatives of the car rental company – TS cheap car rental Obzor in Bulgaria, which will help you to rent a car cheap and quickly.
Once the ancient Greeks called this wonderful resort town – Heliopol, which in Greek meant “City of the Sun” and they were right, because Obzor / Heliopol / is one of the sunniest cities of the Bulgarian coast. In the area of this resort are interesting places with the remains of ancient times, so rent a car from TS rent a car Obzor, Bulgaria to be able to visit them. Obzor itself is most likely a resort village, but once this town was a cultural center among the ancient Romans. There are many architectural monuments – the Roman fortress of Koziak, the Temple of Jupiter, the ancient village of Probulgar – Biala, etc. Here the availability of a car for hire is simply necessary, as to visit Obzor and not see these places – it is a great pass, so order a car from TS car rental Obzor  and enjoy the beauty and history of these places.

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renta a car in obzor bulgaria

Resort Obzor is a small resort town in Bulgaria, which is located on the Black Sea coast. Wonderful climate and nature will give an unforgettable rest in beautiful places where there are mountains and sea, forest and waves. Once Obzor was ruled by Thracians, Romans, Greeks, Turks, and today it is the most beautiful resort of the Black Sea coast with a beach of 8 km, a health program, an attractive resort and tourist center. The sea and mountains help in the prevention of diseases and quick recovery. Mineral mountain springs and beautiful clearings of forests have to rest in nature.
The resort town has significant camps for young people and children. Obzor is a quiet place to relax, where there is no need to hurry, here live friendly people, you can consider the town a wonderful place to relax with children, where you can also get well. Children will be interested in visiting the amusement park, the entertainment center “Castle” and water attractions. There are numerous discos, bars, cafes for young people. The most interesting and noteworthy is the fact that prices are relatively low in relation to other resort towns in Bulgaria. Therefore, if you are vacationing with children, Obzor is the best fit for a family-friendly, inexpensive holiday. And renting a car in Obzor will help you in this, because the truth is much more convenient to move around Obzor and its attractions, as well as to visit the nearby cities and its assets in a rented car, besides it is quite affordable and inexpensive.
Thanks to the climate of Obzor with its mountains, sea and forests, it is possible to improve the body health. The city is located on the mountain hills of Stara Planina, which lead to the seashore. The beach in Obzor is 6 km long, stretching from Cape St. Atanas to Cape Mone Peter. The resort is distinguished by the clean sea with warm water. In the sea bathing children in the summer seems very convenient, as there are various water activities. Fans of noisy nightlife may be a little bored, but for beach lovers, Obzor is exactly what you need. At the same time, all prices are pleasant and you can relax sparingly.

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Cheap rent a car in Obzor from TS car hire Bulgaria

The city is all made for tourists with small hotels for the whole family. De Luxe “YooBulgaria” was built here, developed by the British company Yoo.
Grey mineral springs contribute to healing and many chronic diseases are cured thanks to the sources. The city is considered to be the cleanest resort destination.
One of the noteworthy attractions in Obzor is the Seaside Park, which is located between the beach and the central square. Getting there comfortably thanks to renting a car from TS cheap rent a car in Obzor  is not difficult. The seaside park is the best place for a walk, attractive with green lawns, shady paths, wooden benches and gazebos, fountains and beautiful views of the sea. The park was also called Palm, as there are numerous exotic trees growing here. In the evenings you can observe the colored fountains that delight tourists with their brightness.
One of the quiet, calm and protected areas is the Nudist Beach, which is located near the Sunshine Coast (10 km) and Obzor (9 km) to Varna from here 70 km. You can come here in a rented car from TS car hire Bulgaria and have a nice holiday, admiring the beautiful scenery. Since the beach is far from the most famous resorts, they like to visit mostly young people who want to retire, enjoying nature, swimming in the clear sea and conducting a beautiful photo shoot with successful photos. Getting to Nudist beach is better by car rented from TS cheap rent a car in Obzor, Bulgaria. Irakli Beach can be recognized thanks to a sign that has a Russian name.
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