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12 EUR / day

(for 30+ days rental)

Mileage per day: 150 km
Deposit: 50 EUR
Car Information
Class: Economy
Doors: 4
Minimal driver age : 25
Gearbox : Automatic
Max passengers : 5
Max luggage : 3
Fuel : Petrol
Engine capacity: 2000
Fuel usage: 7l/100km
Additional information
Power Steering
Audio system
Air Bags
Air Conditioning
Cruise Control
Electric windows
Central locking

Rent Hiring a car Chevrolet Aveo automatic from TS rent a car Bulgaria

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Today, thanks to TS rent a car Bulgaria, it is much easier and cheaper to car rental Balchik automatic than to travel with your favorite places by taxi or public transport. Now renting a car in Balchik is not difficult. To do this, you just need to call our company, indicate the make and model of the car you like, book and pick up a car, then you will go on a long and full of happy moments trip to interesting places in our beautiful city, and the lack of mileage restrictions on car rental will become a pleasant addition to your travels, because now you do not have to worry about mileage.

Chevrolet Aveo 2008 model year is known, probably, to all residents of the CIS, the recognizable silhouette of which can often be found on city streets. The sleek shapes and whimsical body lines give the car the look of a fast-paced sports car. This was the first year since the release of an updated version of the car, which replaced its predecessor in this position. Moreover, it is worth noting that this year’s Aveo is not a deep restyling of the old generation, but a completely new car that has not only increased in size, but also become “older” in terms of technical part and electronic filling.

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Despite the external characteristics that attribute it to the size of the C-Class cars, the new car still retains its belonging to the B-Class. Some exterior “muscular” of the new Aveo is achieved through the use of more bulky bumpers and fenders. The front of the car, thanks to the new headlights and grille, looks very fresh and beautiful, and the rear optics are very similar to the lanterns of large Japanese SUVs. The main feature of the headlights was that they lacked the classic orange direction indicator. This seems like a minor change, but it has radically changed the overall design of the front of the car. From that moment on, Chevrolet’s imagination began to look like a completely European car, not much different from its counterparts. But at the same time, he cannot be called like everyone else. There is still something in it that attracts attention and it is difficult to disagree with that.

The rental company in Balchik TS rent a car Bulgaria, with more than 10 years of experience in the car rental business, clearly knows what our customers need. We will, as soon as possible, choose for you a car rental Balchik automatic, taking into account all your wishes, after which you can easily car hire in Balchik directly by phone. Cooperation with our car rental company in Balchik guarantees you the highest level of service, which is confirmed by numerous reviews of car rental from our happy customers.

In the new version of the car appeared comfortable door handles for natural traction, which were painted in body color only on the upper levels of equipment, equipped with an automatic transmission. The car in this configuration is offered to you by TS rent a car Bulgaria, a car rental company in Balchik. Chevrolet has also expanded the color palette of its cars, adding gray, gold and bluish gray metallic colors to the already familiar colors.

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At first glance, the volume of the interior of the car did not increase much. But this is only at first glance. The interior itself has been radically redesigned: another dashboard, new door and door panels, high-quality and pleasant to the touch materials for seat upholstery and modified controls for auxiliary systems. The side mirrors are now electrically operated, unlike the older version, where electrical adjustment was only possible from the right mirror. The top version of the car with automatic transmission is equipped with two front airbags, which increase the safety of the driver and passengers. In addition, only a high-end car is equipped with an auto-dimming rear-view mirror. The air conditioning buttons and other keys are very ergonomically located, it will not be difficult to reach them from any position on the driver’s seat. The luggage compartment will delight you with its practicality. With a volume of 320 liters you can easily put everything you need for travel, and if you fold the rear row of seats, it will become even more – 540 liters of usable volume.

The car is controllable and obeys its driver in everything. The rollers in the corners are pleasantly surprising, provided that this is a car without pretensions to a sporty driving style. The suspension is simple and unpretentious to maintain. The power steering and ABS brakes do the job perfectly. The sound of the engine in the cabin is practically incomprehensible, which shows the high quality of sound insulation. All these qualities have a great effect on safety and driving comfort on long journeys.

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Car hire in Balchik from TS Rent A Car Bulgaria

Under the hood you will be greeted by a very powerful and economical 1.8-liter gasoline engine, which is more than enough for a compact car with low weight. This engine is well known to Aveo owners and has established itself as a reliable and unpretentious unit in maintenance. Other petrol engines are also installed on this car: 1.2 liters, 1.4 liters, 1.5 and 1.6 liters, but all with low power consume too much fuel due to the use of obsolete technologies. In addition, cars with the listed engine types are only equipped with manual transmissions, which impairs driving comfort. The Chevrolet Aveo model presented on our website has a maximum configuration and is equipped with an automatic transmission, which is aimed at the comfort of the driver in the dense city traffic of Balchik. You can easily arrange an automatic car rental with this car if you value the comfort of travel. However, you can easily car hire in Balchik with a manual transmission, if you are a supporter of manual gear selection, among the range of cars presented on our official website.

Be sure that cheap car hire in Balchik is possible only with us. The price of a car rental Balchik automatic in our company will pleasantly surprise even the most economical people, as it is one of the lowest on this market. For example, the price for renting a car in Balchik, for the car model discussed in this article, is only 7 euros / day, which is a very low price for rent a car Bulgaria.

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All rental cars provided by our company in Balchik are fully functional, which is checked by our specialists every few thousand kilometers, thus ensuring that your trip to the sights and favorite places of our city will pass without unpleasant situations related to vehicle malfunctions. In addition, the technical condition of our car hire in Balchik guarantees you and your passengers complete road safety in case of unforeseen situations. You can be sure that by renting a car in Balchik from us, you will get a car that has never been involved in an accident and the rigidity of all elements of the body is not violated, because the life and health of customers is one of the most important tasks. TS car rental Balchik automatic, a leader in car rental Balchik automatic and other cities in the country.

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