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Balchik – a small resort town on the coastal slopes of white. Also called White City. A wonderful holiday resort. Here the warm sea, fresh air, almost Mediterranean landscape and many places of entertainment. The biggest attraction of Balchik architectural park complex “Balchik Palace” – built in 1924 as a summer residence of the beautiful Rumanian queen Mary. It is located on the beach. An ancient city full of legends and myths. Located 40 km from Varna. The city developed mostly during the summer tourism activity. Traditional visitors are primarily tourists from Russia, Bulgaria, few from Poland, Czech Republic and Nordic countries. Hotels and restaurants are the main source of income for the population there. Very well developed yachting tourism, which offers a variety of tours along the northern coast. Being organized many fishing, picnics and bathing in the sea, romantic night cruises fighting pirate ships, and more. This is great entertainment for you and your children while they play you have the opportunity to enjoy the fresh air and relax during your stay in Balchik. Near Balchik are built and two golf courses, one of which was designed by the world famous golfer Ian Usnam. That is a wonderful opportunity for golfers to relax with their favourite sport. Town is a centre of many cultural events. Annually conducted various festivals. The Festival children’s smiles sea is a traditional festival. Annual festivals are also Balfest – film festival for international documentary films and International Film Forum.

The city is known for its many cultural festivals in September usually associated with the names of Ivan Granitski, Stefan Tsanev and others.

If you are planning a vacation in Balchik, and need a rental car Rent A Car TS will help you select the right model of car for the period you want. With the option to use car rental, your vacation will be much more beautiful and comfortable. In Balchik has museums, galleries, souvenir shops, restaurants, cafes and attractions. Balchik is interesting not only to its internal architecture and resort life, but also beyond its borders. Near Balchik has a variety of spacious beaches and small resort towns that you can always go with the car. Car hire can be ordered before arrival in Bulgaria by visiting our cars or give us a call. Cheap car hire can be booked by TS rent a car, our skilled drivers will deliver your rental car on the day of your arrival at the airport or anywhere in the country in which you reside. The company offers the best rates for car rentals, which include: Insurance, vignette, unlimited mileage, 24-hour telephone support, all the necessary car accessories. If you often come to Bulgaria, you can use as a loyal customer club card, which offers discounts on car hire and all services offered by the company. So if you have a car you have many options available for organizing variety of independent excursions on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast, which will make your stay in Balchik enjoyable and interesting.

Famous places:

In Balchik can enjoy the following attractions of a hundred tourist object of the BTS:

Architectural and park ensemble, which includes building of the palace complex constructed for a summer residence of the beautiful Rumanian queen Mary, during the Romanian occupation of South Dobrudzha

Revival Church “St. Nicholas”

Temple of the Cybele, located near Fisherman’s Square is an archaeological monument with transnational importance

Revival stone fountains and old stone buildings are also impressive works of Bulgarian art and architecture.
In Balchik is an amateur theater group library “Paisii Hilendarski