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Attracted by the miraculous forces of hot mineral springs near Aqua Kalide already in the copper-stone era (Ѵ-ІѴ millennia BC), prehistoric people set up their settlements near them. The Thracians and Greeks also used the healing properties of water already in the 1st millennium BC. At the end of the millennium, the springs were already revered as a sanctuary dedicated to the Three Nymphs – the patron saints of the hot mineral spring. At the beginning of the new era, around 30 AD, Apolonius Epteikent, commander of the army of the Thracian king Remetalchus II (18-38), erected on this place the Temple of the goddess Demeter. The greatest prosperity of Aqua Kalide falls on the period of the reign of the Roman emperors. For the first time, the name Aqua Kalide was mentioned in a map dated by 11th milestones, under this name the main road station was marked on the map.
Emperor Trajan (98-117) built here a large bathing complex – thermal, with an area of ​​almost 5000 square meters. m. The healing properties of the mineral waters quickly became popular among the citizens of the Roman Empire, and the baths became an attractive place for all seeking healing. The invaluable healing properties of mineral springs became the reason for the formation of a fragile ancient city center here.
In Honda Beer at the beginning of the III milestones, the Roman emperor Septimius Sever (193-211) established sports games here, which were named Severius Nymphea in honor of the three nymphs, and the emperor channeled special bronze coins depicting healer nymphs.
Numerous ancient chronicles agree that Aqua Kalide water has the most powerful healing properties in general in the entire world of that era. Goths, who after the middle of the III century fought with the Roman Empire and, as a result, captured Aqua Kalide, were also surprised by the unsurpassed healing qualities of the mineral water.
In the VI century new enemies invaded the Balkans. Numerous armies of Avers, Slavs and Proto-Bulgarians made devastating invasions of the rich provinces of the Eastern Roman Empire – Byzantium. Then, in order to protect against the attacks of the barbarians, Emperor Justinian I Velikhiy (527-565) surrounded the city of Aqua Kalide and the famous healing springs with a fortress wall.
Okhol 586, a huge army of Avars and Slavs, led by Khagan Bayan, invaded Byzantium and captured Aqua Kalide, but the healing powers of the hot springs once again saved the city from destruction.
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In the Early Middle Ages, the city became known as Terma or Termopol (translated from the Greek erred / thermos – warm and polis – city).
At the beginning of the VII century as a result of the invasion of the barbarians in Byzantium, many cities of the regions of Mizia and Thrace – Odessa, fortresses in the Danube Limes, Rusokastro, Markeli and many others were destroyed. At the same time, cities such as Mesambria (today Nessebar), Anhialo (today Pomorie), Sozopol and Aqua Kalide continued to exist on the southern Black Sea coast. The healing mineral springs of the ancient healing center proved to be valuable to both the Byzantines and the barbarians.
With the expansion of the Bulgarian borders during the reign of Khan Tervel (701-718), the city of Aqua Kalide-Thermopolis became part of Bulgaria.
In 708, the troops of the Byzantine emperor Justinian II invaded Bulgaria, and Tervel Khan defended them in an epic battle on the Ankhial field. The Byzantine army was defeated and put to flight.
During the archaeological research of the complex carried out today, a valuable gold treasure was found – coins of the era of the emperors Justinian I and Constantine IV Pogonat (the Bearded). It is believed that a soldier escaping from defeat, seeking healing of his wounds, passed through Aqua Kalide and hid his jewelry. Also discovered were a gold ring seal belonging to Peter, a cousin and cupbearer of one of the Bulgarian tsars, and more than 30 pewter seals belonging to representatives of the highest Byzantine aristocracy.
Over the next centuries, Aqua Kalide-Thermopolis continued to attract healing pilgrims from all over the world, however, at the beginning of the 13th century. the city did not manage to escape devastation.
In 1204, the knights of the Fourth Crusade captured Constantinople, and founded their state on the ruins of the Byzantine Empire. The Bulgarian king Kaloyan rose to fight the knights and completely destroyed their army in 1205 in the battle near Audrin, and their emperor Baldwin I was taken prisoner.
Brother Baldwin I – Henri, who inherited the throne after his death, continued the war against Bulgaria. On one of his campaigns, he reached Aqua Kalide-Thermopolis and burned it to the ground.
In the XIV century Thermopolis was revived and again became a famous and attractive healing center, and its warm mineral waters again gave healing to people.
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Ottoman period

After the conquest of the Bulgarian state by the Ottoman Turks in 1396, they in turn discovered the vitality of the Aqua Kalide mineral waters. At the end of the 15th – beginning of the 16th centuries. the Ottomans built a new bath near the thermal baths – a hamam. It was erected by Michaloglu, the heir to the great Michal bey, who is revered by the Ottomans as one of the founders of the Ottoman Empire. History tells that Michal Bey was a Christian (Bulgarian or Byzantine). He became friends with Sultan Osman, converted to Islam and became one of the Sultan’s most trusted people.
The bathhouse was built on the foundations of old Roman baths, its doors were open for everyone who was looking for healing for their ailments. The glory of the bath quickly spread over the vast territory of the Ottoman Empire. One of the most powerful Ottoman sultans, Suleiman the Magnificent, also learned about the healing power of the thermal waters of Aqua Kalide. Around 1560, the ruler, tired of numerous campaigns of conquest, suffered from severe rheumatism. On the advice of his doctors, he found relief from, / his ailment in the healing waters of the legendary mineral springs.
As a token of gratitude for getting rid of a serious illness, Suleiman the Magnificent, landscaped the baths and, by a special law, established an annual fair in the former Aqua Kalide-Thermopolis, which at that time was called Lyca koy (Warm place).
The glory of Aqua Kalide still swept to near and far lands. For millennia, the magical properties of the hot springs have bestowed health and healing on everyone who touched it.
The tourist complex “Aqua Kalide” today is the modern heir to this piece of paradise, it is a part of the rich cultural and historical heritage of today’s city of Burgas.
The restored bathhouse of Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent is part of the Aqua Kalide tourist complex. The impressive structure has been completely renovated, with a large-scale reconstruction strictly following its authentic architecture. The bathhouse is faced with marble and ceramics typical of the East. The walls are painted in the typical rich Ottoman style of the XѴ-XѴI centuries. The sauna’s authenticity is complemented by natural and artistic lighting.
The bathhouse has been turned into a modern museum and tourist attraction. In the museum, with the help of a unique ZI projection, visitors can travel through the centuries – starting from the times of the Thracians and the legend of the Sacred Key of the Three Nymphs, through the Roman and Byzantine eras, crusades, and ending with the rule of Suleiman the Magnificent. On the eve of the Bath, some artifacts discovered during archaeological research are shown.
To date, during the architectural excavations, only a small part of the majestic ancient Deride Aqua Kalide has been uncovered. Archaeologists today continue their painstaking and work in ancient Greek mythology, beautiful and seductive Nymphs were the patroness of springs and nature in general. Ocean and Tefida had over 3000 descendants. The poet Hesiod (ѴSH-7th centuries BC) argued that no one could list their names. Some of them were the guardians of sea waters – they were called
Okeanidim. Other of them was nymphs of river waters – they called them Naiads. It was believed that the springs they kept had healing powers, and often they gave eternal youth and immortality.
Legend has it that three of these Nymphs were the keepers of healing mineral springs near the ancient city of Aqua Kalide. But the girls sinned, not preserving their purity, for which the angry gods turned them to stone.
The sanctuary of the Three Nymphs near a hot mineral spring was a sacred place for the Thracians. Over the centuries, pilgrims from different countries and peoples of that era flocked to the sanctuary, attracted by its extraordinary healing power.
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Aqua Kalide – Thermopolis

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