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Burgas airport car rental, information

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The city of Burgas is the largest city in southeastern Bulgaria and the fourth largest in the country. Also, Burgas is a major economic, tourist cultural and important transport center of the country. The city is located in the Bay of Burgas, in the vicinity are Atanasov, Pomoranian, Burgas and Mandren lakes, which form a unique and diverse complex with biological diversity. The shortest land link between the Black Sea and Adriatic coasts is a route called the “Common European Transport Corridor”. The city of Burgas is considered to be the main center of maritime tourism with convenient land transport links to the resorts of Southern Black Sea. Every year a huge number of tourists come here, wanting to spend their holidays interestingly. This choice is not accidental, because in addition to the beautiful views of the lakes and various attractions, Burgas is extremely attractive for tourism city because of the low prices of good hotels, excursions and wellness procedures, as well as well-developed infrastructure and the ability to cheap car hire at Burgas airport.

Burgas airport, as known as Sarafovo airport, is another name of the airport terminal, located 10 kilometers from the city center, and in 10 – 15 kilometers are: railway station, port of Burgas, international route E 87, as well as duty-free shops. Nearby is also the largest oil refinery in the Balkans, located 10 kilometers from Burgas airport. The plant produces low-cost fuel.
Since 2006, the airports of Burgas and Varna have been leased (concession) to the Bulgarian consortium “Fraport Tuin Star Eirport Menijmnt” AO. Then long-term contracts were signed, which causes positive expectations for this period. Fraport Tuin Star Europort Menijmnt AO plans to build an additional terminal in order to increase the number of scheduled flights, as well as improve the quality of services by disengaging and optimizing passenger traffic flow under the Schengen Agreement.
Burgas airport is a modern and functional airport complex that serves hundreds of passengers during rush hour. It also houses all the necessary advantages of the European airport, as a parking lot, etc.

Burgas Airport serves year-round. The densest flow of passengers is in the summer season. Every year Burgas Airport serves a large flow of visitors to Bulgaria. The airport offers regular flights – (Varna, Sofia, Moscow – Sheremetyevo), (Moscow – Domodedovo), (London-Luton) – Seasonal scheduled flights (Cologne/Bonn, Dusseldorf), (Moscow – Sheremetyevo), (Frankfurt on main, Munich, Stuttgart), (Luxembourg), (Oslo), (Warsaw), (St. Petersburg), (Novosibirsk), (Ekaterinburg), (Budapest, Katowice, Poznan, Prague, Warsaw, Wroclaw), as well as charter flights to (Brussels), (Innsbruck, Vienna), (Riga), (Gothenburg, Oslo, Oslo, Lviv), (Moscow -Vnukovo), Krasnodar, Nizhny Novgorod, Rostov on the Don, Dublin, Belfast, Rome, Paris, Hamburg, Malaga, Valencia, Munich, Dusseldorf, Kiev, Odessa, etc.
Since 2012, during the winter months, Burgas Airport will serve regular flights to Sofia, Moscow and London. Burgas Airport offers its passengers a convenient connection with the city of Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria, and every day. Burgas to London flights are scheduled for Monday and Friday and operated by Wizz Air. Flights to Moscow from Burgas airport will be operated five times a week.
The largest number of tourists arrive in Bulgaria in the summer, as then, people come to rest at the resorts of the Bulgarian Black Sea coast. There are many beautiful seaside resort towns and towns near Burgas. Therefore, the number of flights increases mainly from the end of April to October. The busiest period of the summer season is the period – early August to mid-September. Indeed, the Bulgarian Black Sea is fine even in the autumn. Golden beaches, stormy autumn Black Sea, small restaurants of Mediterranean style, variety of fruits and autumn sun – all this predisposes to a full-fledged vacation and romantic adventures. Autumn in Burgas and its resorts within the radius of the city is always warm and sunny.

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But, before you visit all the listed attractions, you will certainly be facing the question of transport, as interesting places are far away from each other. There may be several options for solving this problem. The most common is to use the services of public transport or taxi, but because of the strong attachment to the route, the schedule and the huge passenger flow greatly worsens the overall impression of your vacation, because you have to constantly monitor the time of being in interesting places to catch the bus. The second option is to use taxi services. But it is not devoid of flaws, because it is not uncommon to unscrupulous drivers significantly increase the cost of travel, which is bad for your budget. The best and most profitable option for travel to our city will be renting a car at Burgas airport from TS car hire in Burgas airport, where for more than 10 years TS rent a car has been offering car rental services. To rent a car at Burgas airport from our company is very simple: you only need to contact our experts, tell about your preferences and budget, choose a brand and model of the proposed cars for hire by our managers, and then book a car from Burgas airport. And if you are visiting our city for the first time, you can rent a car with a unique service of delivery of the car to rent at the appointed time and place. Rest assured, a representative of TS rent a car Company at Burgas airport, will meet you just in time. With us, to rent a car at the airport of Burgas, does not take a lot of effort, time and money and does not even require a personal visit to the office of the car rental company, which makes the use of car rental services by TS rent a car as comfortable as possible.
Upon arrival at Burgas Airport, every guest in the country has the opportunity to rent a car from TS car hire Burgas airport. TS rent a car offers a service – delivery of the car for hire at Burgas airport. The reserved car will be rented at the address and time you have specified. TS car hire Burgas airport offers favorable terms at best prices. It is easy to book a car at Burgas airport – it can be done by phone or email, just contact ts rent a car staff at Burgas airport, and your reserved car will be waiting for you at the airport terminal in Burgas or at any other location you have specified. If you are coming to sunny Bulgaria for the first time, experts of the car rental company TS car rentals airport Burgas, advise to rent a car with an installed GPS navigation system. Then you do not have to waste time in search of the address of your hotel or resort in which you plan to relax. With a GPS system in a rented car, you will not get confused and lose direction, which will facilitate your journey in our beautiful country.The Bulgarian Black Sea coast is known for its endless golden sandy beaches, warm sea and many sunny days. Even in September it is pleasant to be located on the sea in Bulgaria, because in addition to beach entertainment, this sea land provides so many different activities. At almost every step in Bulgaria, there are places with historical, cultural and spiritual significance. There are many temples and monasteries, natural attractions and traces of ancient times. It is Bulgaria known for its Thrace treasure, the remains of the temples of Apollo and Dionysus, and here traces of the Roman and Byzantine empires. You can always enjoy wonderful traditional cuisine, fine wine and fresh air. Mineral springs and mineral water basins have glorified Bulgaria since ancient Greece, and it was here that the provinces of ancient Greek and Roman rulers were located. Reviving mineral water, a variety of fruits, sea breeze and healing mud of the Pomeranian lake, all this positively predisposes a person to rest and desire to take care of his health.
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Car rentals in Burgas airport from TS rent a car Burgas

Burgas airport also serves the internal lines – Sofia, Plovdiv, Varna and others. Burgas airport is also called Sarafovo – this name is borrowed from the name of the village of Sarafovo, which is located near Burgas. Burgas Airport serves charter flights year-round. The airport area is well arranged – there are comfortable waiting rooms, restaurants, cafes, shops, an exchange office, a medical center, free Wi-Fi, as well as offices of real estate services and car rental. Every passenger arriving in Burgas has the opportunity to contact the specialists of the company ts car hire Burgas airport immediately after landing the plane and order a car for rent. Contact the representatives of the rental company TS rent a car and you will be provided with everything you need for a comfortable movement around the city and its surroundings. The city of Burgas is very interesting. Like every other Bulgarian city it has its own ancient history, many monuments of culture, as well as archaeological finds. In order to have time to visit all these ancient places – shuttle taxis, city transport or taxis, are not the best option. As the change of bus routes takes a lot of time, and taxis will be quite expensive. Therefore, TS rent a car, specializing in car rental in Burgas Airport and Burgas, advises you to order a car for hire, then travel around the city and its surroundings, and even throughout Bulgaria – it will be pleasant and comfortable, because we provide cars for rent with no restriction on mileage. Car rental in Burgas airport,  is inexpensive – only rent a car – TS!
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