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Sozopol is one of the most attractive and unique tourist destinations on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast it has a rich history, and now has become a modern tourist resort that attracts tourists. This is the first stop for anyone who wants to see the southern Bulgarian Black Sea Coast!

Sozopol is covering an area of ??526.96 square kilometers and is the main engine of cultural life in the region. The city is divided into Old and New Town, the frontier between them is the Sea Garden. The old town is small Skamniy Peninsula, located between the bay and the Gulf of Koreniata. The newest part of the city – Harman borough is located along the bay Koreniata to the peninsula Budjaka. Sozopol is known as the oldest city on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast. One of the first villages in the region occurred in the late 5th century BC. The first settlers were fishermen, cattlemen, farmers and metallurgists who mined copper ore from the nearest hill. The area is characterized by a variety of terrain, from sandy plains, hilly and mountainous. You will see a combination of marine terraces, cozy coves and beautiful beaches.

Summers are hot and dry, winter seldom is frosty! The average temperature in July is 27 degrees. All this creates conditions for heliotherapy from March to October. The town not only offers a unique relationship with millennial layers of cultures of different ages, but all comforts of a modern town which has new hotels, offering a combination of luxury and tradition. There currently are 32,000 places to stay. An increasing number of family hotels, villas, resorts and hotels of four and five stars. Restaurants in Old Town, along the south path will show you not only the atmosphere of Bulgaria, but you can try traditional dishes and wines. Local people said that anyone who has ever been here, come back again!

Beach of Sozopol is characterized by an exotic attraction! Tourism is a key factor in the economic characteristics of the town. The town is a major destination on the southern Bulgarian Black Sea coast. Near the town are several camping sites, such as: “Goldfish”, “Garden”, “Kavatsi” “Fig” and “Joy”. The first two camping sites, and the last three have a common coastline, which is also one of the largest nudist beaches in Bulgaria. To visit these camps or to collect tan on nude beach you will need a car, and the most accessible and easiest way is to rent a car of your choice from TS Rent a Car. Network ports and marinas connect the town to the sea and offers relaxing walks. In Sozopol are conducted a lot of cultural events and festivals that would be interesting for you and for your children. The biggest festival is Sozopolis, taking place in late May, early June, Sozopol Fest, also known as July Morning, held on 29 and 30 June, this festival gathers people from across the country and is very attractive to young people. Feast of the town on 17 July Apollonia Art Festival starts on September 1 and runs until September 10.

In Sozopol you can visit the temple in which are stored the relics of St. John the Baptist, which were discovered on the island of St. John, the relics of St. Andrew Protocletos, a piece of the True Cross on which Jesus was crucified, the oil of the relics of St . Nikolai, who were recently discovered during archaeological excavations in the town centre. Gathered in one place so important relics for Christians is really unique.

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