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Kamchia is a small resort village located 25 kilometers from Varna and not far from the famous large international resort Sunny Beach. Order a rent a car from TS car hire Kamchia and visit all the incredible places in the area. The resort of Kamchia is a very picturesque and peaceful place. Once this settlement was called Panysos, and Slavs called it Tich. The Kamchia River flows here and the vast forest grows. The resort is known for its picturesqueness and variety of landscape, as well as the “Kamchia” reserve. All this can be visited and comfortably considered, having a car for hire. Ordering a car from TS car hire Bulgaria is not difficult, just go to the website of the car rental company – TS rent a car in Bulgaria, Kamchia. Reserve a car for rent in Kamchia and it will be at your location at a certain time.
The forest of Kamchia is very rich in plant species – there are more than 40 species, as well as the area is known for its yellow lilies. Tourists call this resort fabulous. The resort of Kamchia is incredibly beautiful, as it harmoniously combines mountains, forest and sea. Car rental company – TS rent a car in Bulgaria, Kamchia provides favorable conditions to use a car for a comfortable and relaxing holiday. Choose a TS rent a car Kamchia and move unrestrictedly along the north coast. With a rental car you can always visit the seaside capital of Varna or for a change to go to the beach in the Sunny Coast. The air in Kamchia is crystal clear due to the sea, mountain and forest climate. Therefore, this resort can be called wellness for those who suffer from pulmonary diseases. There are also mineral springs.

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Kamchia is also known for its children’s recreation centers. There are several children’s camps in which each child will be interested to spend the holidays. The resort attracts everyone, it is suitable for family holidays. Here you can organize fishing, do any kind of aqua-sport or just organize an independent tour and visit incredible places. It is possible by having a car. Contact the representatives of the car rental company in TS cheap car rental Kamchia, Bulgaria and order a car for hire. This can be done before your trip by phone or immediately after your plane landed at the airport in Varna.
The resort of Kamchia is famous for its unique location, where you can enjoy the Black Sea beach, the sands of the beaches and the Kamchia Nature Reserve, which is protected by UNESCO. Those wishing to relax during their summer vacation on the Shores of the Black Sea can also enjoy the natural beauty of this beautiful place: forest, plants (245 species), birds (258 species), fish (39 species). These are the places where you will be pleased to spend your vacation. Wanting to rent a car for the rest period in this village, you can count on the fact that we will always help you and serve you with the highest class. You can get to the resort of Kamchia by bus, you can also order a taxi or drive your own car, but you will agree, it is not quite convenient, while renting a car in our company <<TS cheap car rental in Kamcha Bulgaria>> is quite affordable.
Campings, which are located in places with beautiful nature, are almost the most famous place for overnight tourists. If we consider hotels, from the economy class we can note “Longoz” and “Kamchia.”
The village can offer several small cafes and restaurants, famous of which are the “Kamchi lily” which serves fish dishes. Those who want to eat at home can look at a small market, shops and kiosks.

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Cheap car rental in Kamchia from TS rent a car Bulgaria

In a rented car in Kamchia you can take a tour to Nesseber, which is famous for its open-air museums, as well as to Varna – a wonderful city called the maritime capital. Next to Kamcia is the Skorpilovtsy, a tourist complex with two campsites, where the Black Cape is located, beautiful cliffs from lime. It is possible to consider Kamchia a great place for lovers of peace and quiet. You can enjoy new experiences while riding a boat. The village of Kamchia is valued for its mineral healing sources, which strengthen and improve the human body, favorable for the nervous system, musculoskeletal system, cardio- vascular diseases. Pure air has a beneficial effect on the lungs. Kamchia’s water is comfortable for swimming. Take advantage of car rental in our company, and you will be able to assess the quality of our cheap car rental services in Bulgaria and visit all the assets of this beautiful region. Renting a car Kamchia from TS rent a car Bulgaria is quick, easy and convenient for every tourist!

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