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Address: Kamchia, delivery to your address, Bulgaria
Phone: +359895351360
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  • PICK UP: 20 EUR
  • RETURN: 20 EUR
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  • RETURN: 40 EUR
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Kamchia – a small seaside town located 25 km from Varna and close to the well-known large-scale international resort Sunny Beach. Book your car and visit all the great places this area. Kamchia resort is very picturesque, it is a quiet place. When the settlement was called Panisos, Slavs called it Ticha. Here river Kamchia flows into the growing endless forest. River Kamchia rises from Balkan and is runing down through the Balkan Mountains, passing through thick woodland and into the Black Sea Common species in Kamchia are: roach, Barbel, eel, channel catfish, carp, perch, gudgeon, morunash, bream, chub, Nase, sun fish, catfish, bleak, ukleyka, rudd, black barbell, carp, loach, pike, etc. The resort is known for its picturesque and varied landscape, and preserves “Kamchia”. All that can be visited comfortably to consider car rental. Booking a rental car is very easy, just visit the TS Rent A Car. When you book car hire the car will be available for the desired period. In the area located Kamchia forest, which is very rich in plant varieties over 40 types. The area is also famous for its yellow lilies. Kamchia resort is incredibly beautiful, as you can combine mountain, forest and sea. Company TS Rent A Car offers the best conditions for use of the car for a comfortable and relaxing holiday. Select your hire car and you can unlimited and easy to stroll along the northern coast. With a rental car you can always visit the sea capital of Bulgaria, namely Varna or diversity for visit the beautiful beaches of Sunny beach. There are localities of mineral resources. Kamchia is also known and with the leisure centers for children. There are several children’s camp where each child will have fun during the holidays. The resort attracts everyone and is highly suitable for families. You can go fishing, practicing different aqua sports or just organize your tour and visit the most amazing places. It is possible with a rental car. Connect to company cars – TS Rent A Car and book a car. This can be done before your trip by phone or immediately after landing at the airport in Varna.

Kamchia is a desired destination for marine tourism. For your holidays in Kamchia can enjoy the beach tan Kamchia Kamchia Sands, beach Shkorpilovtsi. During your stay you can walk among the various natural and historical landmarks near Kamchia – Roman Baths (Varna), Stone Forest, the Aladzha, Marcianopolis Roman city, fortress Ovech

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