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Address: Varna, delivery to your address, Bulgaria
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  • RETURN: 25 EUR
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Varna is one of the biggest cities in Bulgaria and the largest city on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast, so it is regarded as the maritime capital of the country. The city is located in northeastern Bulgaria and is built on the site of the ancient Roman colony Odessos, the country has many historical and cultural evidence that this area is already inhabited before our era. The climate is a Mediterranean city and nature is very diverse. Varna and the resort towns near the sea are full of white sand forests and incredibly fresh air. If your intention is to rest in Varna or in holiday resort nearby, or just have business dealings in the city, you should consider the possibility to book a rental car. The city has everything including rental cars. In Bulgaria you can easily rent a car, and at a very low price. Once you have available rental car, you can arrange a tour of the city and catch for a few days all this beauty and see all the famous places. With a rental car will be much easier and faster to make your business work, and this means that you will save time and it will give you enough free time for walks and excursions.

The city has an airport. Varna Airport is a strategic location and is located near the city which contributes the development of the business in the area, attracting a large number of charter flights and passengers. One of the main advantages of the airport is possible to rent a car in Varna, directly at the airport. Car hire in Varna – this is a very affordable and convenient service for guests of the city or resort near Varna. The most convenient way for your movement is by rental car, because in the town distances are large and a taxi will cost you a bundle, with public transport you will lose a lot of time and you may have to change several buses.

Transport in Bulgaria

Varna has a trolley, bus and water transport

All information about routes and schedules can be found on the official website of the urban transport company.

To move in Varna, you can use the services of a taxi or to rent a car.

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Hotels in Varna

5 Stars Grand Hotel London

4 Stars Capitol Hotel Hotel Divesta

3 Stars Aqua Hotel Caprice Hotel Cherno More Hotel Holiday Villa Varna Reverence Hotel Trakata Hotel Hotel Plaza Morski Brjag Hotel

Attractions in Varna

The church “St. Nicholas”, Drama Theatre “Stoyan Bachvarov” – Varna, State Puppet Theatre – Varna National Astronomical Observatory and Planetarium “Nikolay Copernick” – Varna Sea Garden, Festa Dolphinarium Varna, the Black Sea Museum and Aquarium, central Summer Theatre and the beach, sunbathing and Festival Congress Centre – Varna, Archaeological Museum – Varna Museum of History and medicine, The National maritime Museum, Museum of the Renaissance Art Gallery, which opened in 1950, house-museum “George Velchev”, Museum of the History of Varna, Ethnographic Museum, Natural History Museum, Palace of sports tourism and culture museum Park “Vladislav Varnenchik”