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The picturesque city of Varna in Bulgaria attracts its tourists with resorts, cultural and historical heritage, painting architecture and various museums. It is one of the fastest growing cities in Bulgaria and is the third largest city in this country. Varna is not only a major cultural and financial center, but also the most important transport hub of South-Eastern Europe. The city is located on the Black Sea coast with wonderful beaches, small coves and fishing villages. The main resorts are located in the suburbs: in the south – St. Constantine and Elena, and in the north – Riviera. They are famous for their picturesque parks and thermal springs.

Varna has a large number of cultural and architectural attractions. These are numerous museums, galleries, the royal palace in Balchik. The symbol of the city is the Cathedral of the Assumption of Our Lady, built in the 19th century. Next to Varna are the Kamchia Nature Reserve and the Alaja Monastery, which are also worth a visit.

Varna is the oldest city in the country, which is famous for the largest port and is the third largest, behind Sofia and Plovdiv. Varna is considered the maritime capital of Bulgaria, in the summer there rests not only Bulgarians, but also foreign tourists. The city is notable not only for the sea beaches, but also can offer a lot of entertainment for all tastes, which are better visited by a rental car, taken by тhе car rental company TS rent a car Varna.

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You can use our cheap car rental services in Varna very easily. To do this, you need to perform a couple of simple steps, which you will take you no more than 10 minutes. First, you need to contact our experts by phone or email. After that, you need to inform the manager of the brand and model of the car you are interested in renting by TS rent a car Varna Bulgaria, and if you have not yet decided, our experts will help you with this, based on your personal preferences and the purpose of car rental. The next step is to book a rental car, after which you can name the time and place of delivery of the car, if you do not want to visit our office in person. That`s all! You rented a car. You can be sure that a representative of TS cheap car hire Varna will be waiting for you in exactly the specified place and time with the full package of documents required for the car rental in Varna, Bulgaria. Thus, in order to use the services of TS car rental car Varna Bulgaria it`s not necessary to spend a large amount of time, look for the office of the rental company and carry a folder of documents – we will take care of everything for you, because the comfort of the people who contacted us and the minimum time of processing applications for hire is one of the main tasks of our company. This allowed us to become a leader in the car rental market not only in Varna, but in the whole Bulgaria during the 10 years of impeccable work.

One day can be quite short to visit all the sights, as in order to get to know Varna attractions, it is desirable to have a few days at least. Renting a car by TS car hire Bulgaria, Varna, in this case, is the best solution! Of course, in order to visit several museums, or walk through the Seaside Park, on the territory of which is located Planetarium, Dolphinarium, zoo and other attractions, it is much more convenient to use the services of TS car hire Varna, Bulgaria than to wait for buses that travel only at a certain time and on a certain route, or to spend money on a taxi, where there is a great chance to overpay, caught by an unscrupulous driver. The best solution to this issue is, of course, to have your own car, but this is not always possible. Our company has made sure that our service brings you only joy and pleasure, providing the opportunity to rent a car that corresponds to your desires and opportunities, going on a long and exciting journey through our city or the whole country right after coming to Varna. Moreover, all our rental cars are available for hire without a mileage limit, which further increases your comfort from cooperation with the car rental company TS cheap car rental Varna, Bulgaria, because you do not have to be distracted by the constant calculations of the miles traveled.

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Varna is considered to be the largest center of architectural and theatrical art, the most popular Bulgarian resort, which is visited by tourists from different countries. There are many ancient buildings, one of which is the Varna Necropolis, where the works of archaeologists are still taking place, which is faster and most convenient to reach by rented car.

Independence Square is located in the center of the city and is a zone for pedestrians. Here you can see the cultural centers: the Opera House and the Varna Drama Theatre, they are separated by a small market, where you can buy souvenirs, paintings, crafts. One of the most popular souvenirs purchased by tourists are silverware, bulgarian clothing and hand-made utensils. Crafts and souvenirs are preferable to buy on the market, and jewelry is better in a specialized salon.

Varna’s very famous of the Church of the Assumption of Our Lady, built at the end of the 19th century, which is located next to Independence Square. Here you can enjoy the men’s Bulgarian choir, unique architectural structures, murals and frescoes. An interesting fact is that it was erected by prisoners. Every year the church receives thousands of guests who want to come into contact with priceless religious artifacts.

A significant role among religious heritage is played by the Cathedral of St. Anastasia, which can impress with its original architecture and richness inside the cathedral, ancient frescoes, icons, mosaics, wooden altar. A rented car can reach the nearest attraction, located near the city of Varna, the Orthodox monastery of Alaj. It was erected right on the rocks. Here you can see the ancient chapel of 13th century architecture.

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bulgaria varna rent a car

You can also visit a guided tour to Lake Varna, where archaeologists are still working in the excavation. Unique historical finds can be found in the Archaeological Museum in Varna, which accommodates about thirty-two halls. There are gold and silver products, sculptures and tombstones. Among the most interesting assets can also include the Bridge of Desires, which couples in love love to visit. It is believed that near the bridge you need to make wishes that are sure to be fulfilled.

As you can see, renting a car from TS rental car Varna, Bulgaria is the perfect solution to all your travel issues related to visiting popular historical, cultural, natural and resort destinations. Our company is always happy to offer you its car rental services not only in Varna, but throughout Bulgaria.

Varna is one of the largest cities in Bulgaria and the largest city on the entire Bulgarian Black Sea coast, so it is considered the maritime capital of the state. The city is located in northeastern Bulgaria and is built on the site of the ancient Roman colony of Odesos. But it is not only the ancient Odesos known in this Black Sea edge of the Bulgarian coast – in the district of Varna there are many historical and cultural evidence that this region was already inhabited before our era.

The climate of the city is close to the Mediterranean, and the nature is very diverse. Varna and resort villages are close to the sea, mountains, beautiful valleys, rocks and white sand, forests and incredible fresh air. If you are planning to relax in Varna or in any resort village near Varna, or just you are planning business in this city, then be sure to think about the option to book a car from TS cheap rent a car Varna, Bulgaria. The city has everything you need. In Varna, you can easily rent a car, and quite inexpensively. After all, having a car on the location, you can organize a kind of tour of the city and have time to see all this beauty. If you come on business, then TS car hire Bulgaria, Varna, is what you really need. Taking a car for hire in Varna will be much easier and faster for you to do business, which means that you will save time and then there will be enough free time for walks and excursions.

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Cheap car hire in Varna from TS rent a car Varna

There’s an airport in the city. Varna Airport has a strategic position, and the nearby developed business area contributes to a huge number of charter passengers. One of the main advantages of the airport is the ability to rent a car in Varna right on the territory of Varna airport. Car rental in Varna, Bulgaria is an affordable and very convenient service for visitors to the city or resorts near Varna.

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