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Byala is a resort town with beautiful beaches and a spa atmosphere. The resort is located in the eastern part of Bulgaria on the Black Sea coast. Byala is located between Varna and Burgas, and five kilometres from the resort is the city of Obzor, which is one of the most popular resorts of the Bulgarian Black Sea. Book a rental car Byala and spend a wonderful holiday in Bulgaria. Warm sea, white cliffs, golden sand and a lot of establishments, restaurants, nightclubs – will allow you to relax and have an interesting time, and TS rent a car Varna, Bulgaria will offer you the most profitable option for car rental. You can easily rent a car in Byala Bulgaria, cheaply and use it while on vacation in the Bulgarian Black Sea. Byala is a beautiful seaside resort that combines endless sandy beaches and forest.
In the vicinity of the city of Byala is a protected ecological object “Beli Skali” /White Rocks / and is a geological rock profile, with its concomitant iridium-rare mental anomaly, which was discovered by the Austrian researcher Anton Pryzinger. Using the services of a car rental company in Byala Bulgaria – TS car hire Varna, you will be able to see all this beauty. Renting a car in Byala Bulgaria, you will be able to visit all the sights of the resort and its surroundings, and your independent excursions will be pleasant and comfortable.
In the resort town of Byala is full of real tourist life. Especially for their guests, the municipal authorities create many kinds of programs in the field of culture, sports and recreation. During their stay in the resort of Byala, holidaymakers have the opportunity to engage in any summer sport. Your holiday can be varied by visiting neighbouring resorts. Using a car for hire in Byala Bulgaria is absolutely possible. If you need a car to rent in Varna or Byala Bulgaria, during your holiday in Byala, you can go to the site of TS rent a car Varna, Bulgaria and order a model car for hire, even before your arrival. If you do not have time to do it before the trip, then at the airport in Varna or at the airport in Burgas, you can easily rent a car and immediately go to the resort, where you will spend your vacation.
rent a car in byala varna bulgaria
rent a car byala varna bulgaria
The city of Byala is popular due to traditional winemaking and grape cultivation. The famous Dimyat wine has an opportunity to taste in the tasting room.
Fans of fishing or hunting underwater can devote themselves to this activity. There are a lot of fish in the nearby river. There are many animals living in the forests, and the region is popular throughout Bulgaria. Byala resorts have therapeutic health properties, here you can improve the health of people with respiratory disorders, suffering from asthma, allergy sufferers. Sea water and air create excellent opportunities to fully relax, recover and prevent many diseases. In the summer, rescue services work here, the municipality maintains the cleanliness of the beach. Here you can stay at quiet place for reasonable prices like hotels, recreation centers, where a cozy, comfortable and high level of services are provided.
In Byala there were discoveries of traces of a giant cataclysm, scientists in Europe believe that it destroyed the era of dinosaurs. The development of the earth’s crust can be seen in the natural museum, represented by white rocks in the vicinity of Bialy.
The city has numerous shops, fish restaurants, cafes, shopping rows with vegetables and fruits at economical prices.
Byala is located on the border of the southern and northern Black Sea coast. The town beackons with its unconventional location to the sea in comparison with other resort towns. Thanks to well-developed tourism people live here. Near Byala, five kilometres away, is the town of Obzor – spectacular, next to the famous Irakli campground, where people relax, secluded from nature and enjoy peace and quiet. Thanks to the rented car, you can go to the Ethnographic Park and White Cliffs, impressive for its natural beauty.
Rental car will allow you to get to an interesting place – a fortress called the Coprivshtica Monastery, built in the antiquity. There is a legend that a hundred nuns were burned here when the monastery was taken over by the Turks.
In a rented car in Byala you can go to a natural attraction – Orlovo Oko Cave, which is located near Ruse. If translated into Russian, it translates as an eagle top. Here on the tops of the rocks live eagles. A local shepherd who grazed a sheep herd discovered a cave in 1941. Bear remains were found here. It is believed that in the Paleolithic and Eneolithic people lived here. The cave is still being studied. Bats of rare species live in cave halls. Tourists are given a possible visit inside three kilometres, which have lighting and are waiting for their guests. It is forbidden to intimidate animals, to light a fire, to inspect prohibited places. But it is allowed to take pictures and make videos, you can buy souvenirs.
car hire in byala varna bulgaria
car hire byala varna bulgaria

Cheap car rental in Byala from TS rent a car Varna

The car, rented in Byala, Bulgaria, will easily and comfortably take you to the cape of St. Atanas, which contains the remains of the fortress of late antiquity. Today, scientists are engaged in archaeological research. Researchers claimed that the first people here began to live in the 6th century, later erected the fortress Aspro, meaning White City. The name was due to white rocks.
Ancient ship’s wooden and stone anchors, the golden ring of the 6th century BC were found in the fortress.
Fans of religious attractions should visit the rented car in the Church of Our Lady, which is located in Byala and was built in 1876.
Renting a car in Byala
Resting in the city of Byala, you can be inspired by a lot of pleasant and exotic emotions, it is a wonderful gift for both you and your family, a car rental in Byala Bulgaria from our company TS rent a car Varna will help you make your holiday more colourful.
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