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Berkina Mogila is located near the village of Ribaritsa. In the area of Berkina Mogila is located a ski slope with a length of 1 kilometer. Near the track, there is a great tearoom where you can always warm yourself, drink tea, and have a breakfast. The ski slope is equipped with a ski lift, closet, ski instructor, locker room and 60 sets of ski rental. Ski slope “Berkina Mogila “you can ski not only in winter but also in summer – on special grass skis, with additional equipment that can be rented in the closet. The car rental company in Bulgaria, TS car rentals in Bulgaria is providing favorable conditions and prices for car rental. Choose a suitable model of car hire from the diverse catalog of TS car rentals in Bulgaria and then use indefinitely in Bulgaria. If you are without a car in Bulgaria – this is no problem, you can rent a car profitably and easily, at any time, contact with the specialists of the company for car rental TS car rentals in Bulgaria. If you plan to visit the tomb of Berkina Mogila / the Birkin mound / and spend a few days in this picturesque area – you can combine a holiday in the beautiful village of Ribaritsa with an active holiday in the Berkina Mogila complex / the Birkin mound /. Ribaritsa is closest to all other resorts to Berkina Mogila, so most good would be to stay there and visit the ski slopes, and the full perfection of vacation in the ski resort, you can use rental car or SUV rental, for a comfortable transition.
car hire in bulgaria berkina mogila
car hire bulgaria berkina mogila
The Berkina Mogila ski slope is 1 km long, divided into two parts – for fast riding and slow. Thanks to the services of the car rental company TS car rentals in Bulgaria, you can visit the ski slope daily. Order rental car in Bulgaria and your holiday in the ski resort would be complete. To visit the ski slope every day, you must stay close to it, or rather, in the nearest village Ribaritsa. Here you can take advantage of favorable conditions and rent a cheap room in a cozy hotel, guesthouse, etc. in Ribaritsa has all the conditions necessary for a quiet, wellness and even romantic vacation. There is always something to do and the rest will not be wasted in any case. Car rentals ine in Bulgaria, Berkina Mogila from TS rent a car Sofia.
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renta a car bulgaria berkina mogila

Car rentals in Bulgaria, Berkina Mogila from TS rent a car Sofia

During the day you can go to the ski slopes and ski in the evening, you can spend a pleasant time it in a cozy, traditional restaurant and taste the Bulgarian cuisine, enjoy Bulgarian folk melodies. There is everything necessary, to relax – skiing, spa, swimming pools, restaurants, museums and most importantly mountains! The fresh air and the nature of Ribaritza have always attracted people, so book a car rental in Bulgaria and turn your vacation into an unforgettable adventure. With a rental car from a company – TS rent a car Sofia, you can easily take advantage of all the gifts of this picturesque area!

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