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St. Vlas is a young developing Bulgarian resort. It is located on the slope of the mountain, and its main advantage – the distance from the center of the resort “Sunny Beach” where the tourist life boils. The advantages of the resort Saint Vlas are its proximity to the sea and a beautiful view of the old Nesebеr, which is a historical monument. Book a car from TS car hire St. Vlas and visit these ancient and beautiful resorts. Car rental company – TS car rental Burgas will give you the opportunity to rent a profitable car and use it indefinitely during the specified period. Fort Nox is a wonderful complex located 3 kilometers from St. Vlas. The complex is a luxury class in close proximity to the sea. The Fort Nox complex has swimming pools, restaurants, beauty salon, shops, gym, car parking, round-the-clock security, etc. Order a car before your arrival in Bulgaria from the cheap car rental company in St. Vlas – TS rent a car Saint Vlas and you will be able to move around with your family along the south coast. Using the car rental company TS car rental Burgas, you can visit any city in Bulgaria. The mileage of the car hired from TS car hire Saint Vlas is unlimited, and the payment of car rental includes all the necessary documents and insurance: auto-insurance, “Vinatka” / toll on the roads of Bulgaria /, unlimited mileage, round-the-clock emergency auto-assistance, as well as CDW and TP. The new Fort Nox also offers the opportunity to do aqua entertainment or sports. There is a tennis playground, a sports ground, a mini-golf course, and for fishing enthusiasts there is a small marina by the sea. Apartments in the complex are a luxury class with luxurious terraces overlooking the sea. You will enjoy a holiday in this wonderful complex, where there is everything! Use a cheap car rental in St. Vlas from a car rental company – TS car rental Burgas and visit all the beautiful resort towns near St. Vlas. In this area at every step of the way beautiful and interesting places that cannot be missed. Order a car and it will be waiting for you on the spot of your arrival in Bulgaria.
rent a car in burgas st. vlas
rent a car burgas st. vlas
St. Vlas has no embankment by the sea, but there are tourist streets. On one street, called Tsar Simeon, there are various shops and vegetable trading rows, where you can get the necessary items, vegetables, products, cosmetics, household goods, on the other – with the name Mack, there are restaurants in order to eat and enjoy the seascape with yachts. Also on this beautiful background it is advisable to arrange a photo shoot.
In a rented car there is an opportunity to get to the main attraction of the city – St. Athanasius the Great Cathedral, built in 1864. Today, the temples of St. Andrew and Vlahern are active.
The Resort of St. Vlas can’t offer you a large-scale event, but by renting a car in Saint Vlas, you can make a trip to the Sunshine Coast, Nesseber, where you can have a good time in the water park, at the disco. The city is seriously controlled by public law and order, as it houses the most important houses of the highest authorities. The city has a yacht port, so the streets are controlled around the clock. Since 2006, the city is actively upset, but tourists have no reason to worry, in the summer construction work is prohibited by law.
The atmosphere in the city is calm and cozy, which nicely distinguishes St. Vlas from other resorts. High-ranking personalities especially like to visit the resort, so it is clear where such an increased security measure comes from. Public spaces are equipped with surveillance cameras. Tourists with children can confidently choose this resort for rest as a family.
The beach of this resort is divided into 3 zones: Eastern Beach, New Beach, Central Beach. At night, the beach areas are closed and cleaning is carried out for the next day, and the rest here is completely free. Tourists can buy a soft drink at the bar. The main purpose of visiting the resort is a good sea pastime.
car hire in burgas st. vlas
car hire burgas st. vlas

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Those wishing to actively relax on the beach can ride on a water bike, boat, yacht. Fishermen can fish.
You can eat and get to know Bulgarian cuisine in Manastira, Starata Melnica and Vodenicata. Marina Dinevi Wharf is the only yachting pier on the entire Black Sea coast of Bulgaria, the first Black Sea port with compliance with the norms for the organization of the yacht wharf.
Every tourist is faced with the choice of renting a car in St. Vlas. Someone can do their own way, but renting a car is much more convenient. Even if St. Vlas is a beach and a resort, there is still things to view and visit. The car will help you in this matter, besides the cost of these services is quite affordable and acceptable. Create a comfortable holiday with our company TS car rental Burgas.

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