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Sinemorets is not a very large village in Bulgaria. It is famous for the amazing nature that surrounds it. It has very clean water, crystal clear air and clear skies. Rest in such a place will be flawless. Sinemorets is a paradise with a unique atmosphere. Also, the village is located not far from the border with Turkey, so if you wish, you can extend your trip and go to a neighbouring country. This opportunity does not happen often. For convenient transportation, you can use the services of the Bulgarian company TS rent a car Burgas airport and rent a car in Sinemorets. A wide variety of car types are provided, so you can choose the one you like best. In addition, the company offers affordable prices, which is an excellent opportunity to save money on transportation. You will be able to travel all over Bulgaria. This country keeps in itself a lot of historical and cultural values, is rich in spirituality and has a lot of attractions. There will be many interesting adventures on your way, and you will remember such a trip for a long time. Many privileges open up for those who have a car, therefore, without losing the opportunity, use the services of a car rental in Burgas airport or Sinemorets and enjoy the trip. The Veleka River is also not far away. Its water is crystal clear, which is rare in modern times. A wide variety of flora and fauna are found here, and some of them have become rare. The river forms beautiful waterfalls that you can admire for hours. There are many fish in the river, so this attracts the attention of fishermen and fish lovers. Strandja Park is located in the south. It is believed to be the largest protected park in Bulgaria. This is a natural park, so a lot of amazing things can be seen. Many animals and birds in the park are listed in the Red Book. Previously, it was closed and was specially protected by the state. That is why it was possible to preserve the original appearance of the park, and today it is one of the best attractions in Bulgaria. Today, tourists have the opportunity to visit this clean, untouched place and enjoy nature. This is a great opportunity for guests of the country, since the park is not only the value of the area, but the whole country.

And it is simply impossible to enjoy the local beauty to its fullest without personal transport. The buses following to these places are tightly tied to the time of their journey, excluding the possibility of serene walks for you without fear of missing the last public transport trip. The taxi option is also not suitable for everyone, because an unscrupulous carrier, counting on easy money from unsuspecting tourists, can simply mislead you, deliberately increasing the cost of their services. The simplest and most optimal solution to this issue will be the company TS rent a car Burgas airport, where you can easily reserve and rent a car in Sinemorets with a minimum number of documents and little time costs. You can use the car rental services in Sinemorets with our company TS rent a car Burgas airport directly from your phone and, as they say, without leaving your couch. You just need to contact us, name the model of the car that you want to rent in Sinemorets, name some passport details and information from your driver’s license and, after a little check by our security service, book a car. Moreover, if you do not want to personally visit the office of TS rent a car Burgas airport, which is especially important in the context of a global pandemic, you can rent a car in Sinemorets with delivery to any convenient place in this resort town.

This village has several beaches that will amaze you with their uniqueness. Due to the fact that there are no massive buildings here, the water and the beach have been preserved in excellent condition. It is in Sinemorets that the most beautiful beach in Bulgaria “North” is located. It is located on the territory of the reserve. You can observe an amazing picture of how the river flows into the sea. This is an excellent place for your vacation, as it is clean and untouched by people. The beach is wild, so you won’t find tents, mattresses or other items here.

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In the centre of the village is the Butamyata Bay beach. Here you will be pleased with soft sand, clear sea, beautiful shells. There is also a river running through the beach. This makes it even more attractive to many tourists. The beach is not wild, unlike the “North”. Therefore, here you can find sun loungers and umbrellas. Massages are provided. You can have a good time relaxing on the beach and enjoying the sea air.

Another beautiful beach “Lipite” is located in the south of the resort. Here you can enjoy the peace and quiet. You will be surrounded by forests, so this place is well suited for hikers. This beach combines clean sea air with forest air. This will make you feel better, as this air is good for humans. Many people come here to improve their physical condition, especially if you have problems with the respiratory tract or nervous system. It`s a good opportunity to take a break from the everyday hustle and bustle of the big, noisy cities. You can also relieve stress just by being in this wonderful place. The trip to Sinemorets will be not only interesting, but also useful for you. Although it is not a large village, it has a lot of privileges that attract a large number of tourists.

The company TS rent a car in Burgas airport is ready to provide no less privilege for tourists, offering to rent a car in Sinemorets not only quickly, but also profitably. Contact us and make sure that car rental in our time is not something complicated and expensive. To rent a car, you will need to take a little more steps than calling a regular taxi, but the level of comfort and the feeling of freedom from having personal transport will more than pay off all your investments from the very first minutes of the trip in a rented car. Go to the “Reviews” section on our website and see for yourself.

The beach closest to the border with Turkey is called Silistar. Perhaps this is the most modern beach, where you will find everything you need to relax. All services will be provided for you. You can hide from the sun under a tent, which will make your stay memorable. You should definitely visit the local restaurants and cafes. Bulgaria has always been famous for its delicious dishes, but if you happen to be here, then you cannot miss this opportunity. Everyone knows that Bulgaria has a very tasty wine. Vineyards are grown in this country, so it is not surprising that wine is so prized not only here, but also in other countries. You can bring it home as a souvenir or as a gift to your family and friends. Walking along the promenade of this beach will be the most romantic moments, as the sea is beautiful and mysterious in the evenings, lights from other shores will beckon you with their beauty, and the unique setting will create a special atmosphere. For sports lovers, you can go diving. In some months the water is crystal clear and clear. This will be the best time for diving. It is also a good opportunity to go boating along the river and admire the beautiful nature, unique and rare plants and birds. Since the beach is located on the border, two flags can be seen. Also not far away are a church and a mosque. The border has always attracted special attention. Tourists will have the opportunity to visit this place and get many unforgettable impressions.

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Cheap car rental Bulgaria, Sinemorets from TS rent a car in Burgas airport

No less pleasant emotions will be delivered by renting a car from a company with many years of experience in working with TS rent a car in Burgas airport. We, as a modern and rapidly developing company, offer our clients to rent a car in Sinemorets on the most favourable and comfortable terms. In addition to a wide fleet of cars, where everyone will find for themselves the ideal car rental option both in price and in terms of comfort, we do not require from our clients a large number of documents that complicate the process of renting a car in Sinemorets. We base our work on trust in our customers, which has brought us to the list of leaders in the car rental market not only in Sinemorets, but throughout Bulgaria. Take the opportunity to rent a car in Sinemorets from TS rent a car in Burgas airport and see for you the high quality of the services provided.

Sinemorets is a beautiful beach where you can have a great time with your family. You will not hear any noise here, so you can relax in peace. If you have a car, you can go on excursions to other cities in Bulgaria. Rent a car in Sinemorets, Bulgaria and enjoy an amazing and unique journey. Beachfront prices and rental rates are affordable, so your vacation won’t cost you a lot of money. You will be able to see rare plants and animals, birds, which are under protection. The beautiful sea and rivers will not leave you indifferent, and the crystal clear air will help you recuperate and return home full of enthusiasm and positive energy. Such a vacation will definitely be beneficial and leave a lot of pleasant memories. Although there are no historical museums and other attractions, but where there is beautiful nature, which is also part of history. If you want to have a great time without spending too much money, then Sinemorets is perfect for you. This wonderful place has always attracted tourists with its uniqueness, and most importantly, it is a clean beach that has retained its original state. For Bulgaria, Sinemorets is of great value, because there are reserves, a park, the purest nature, which is a rarity today. Unfortunately, many inhabitants of these places are on the verge of extinction, so the state pays special attention to the local nature. Be sure to visit Sinemorets and your vacation will be unforgettable. Bulgaria will welcome you with open arms and want to return to this beautiful place again.

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