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Lozenets is a small village in Bulgaria. There are not many local residents, only six hundred people. Although the village is not very large, there are a lot of historical sights here that will surely interest you. This lovely place is ideal for a relaxing break. The main privilege of such a holiday is clean air, soft sand, clear sea water and bright sun. The nature itself will make sure that you can have a wonderful time in Bulgaria. A big plus of this place is that the infrastructure is well developed here, so many tourists want to come to Lozenets. In addition to the fact that the resort has magnificent nature, there are many entertainment places that will not make you bored. Tourists are provided with hotels and inns where you can stay during your vacation. A beautiful view opens from the windows to the sea, and the sea air also blows, which makes your stay here much more attractive. Many celebrities seek to buy a villa or a house in this area, it is considered elite to buy real estate here. Bulgaria is a hospitable country, so you will feel it first when you come across a service. All the best conditions will be provided, so you will not regret choosing Lozenets.
However, a huge influx of tourists sometimes significantly complicates, or even paralyzes, the work of public transport and taxis, because there are a lot of people who want to ride around the city, and there are not so many taxi drivers and buses. In order not to spoil your impressions of this heavenly place and of the whole vacation in general, it is better to take care in advance of how you will visit all the interesting places of Lozenets, of which there are a great many. The easiest, most affordable and low-cost way is to rent a car in Lozenets. But even here it is necessary to be wise when choosing a company that provides car rental services in Bulgaria. A win-win option in this situation would be TS rental cars Burgas airport, which has been successfully operating in its field for many years, providing thousands of its customers with the opportunity to rent a car in Lozenets, Bulgaria and other large cities in Bulgaria.

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This resort has an interesting history. Previously, people did not live in the village of Lozenets. About eighty years ago, people from the village of Velika came here. It was far from the sea, so it was the sea air and the clear sea that attracted them. It’s hard to refuse to stay in such a charming place. At first, the village had the name “Amberla”, this is one of the grape varieties, and then it was named “Lozenets”. This name was acquired by the village, thanks to the many vines. Today, it is a very popular resort that is constantly evolving. It is attractive to many tourists and guests of the country.
Today, you can rent a car in LozenetsBulgaria from TS rental cars Burgas airport without leaving your home, which only confirms its seriousness and care for each client. You just need to call TS rental cars Burgas airport, indicate the make and model of the car you are interested in, give some personal data and that’s it – you can already reserve and take a car in Bulgaria, Lozenets. Moreover, if you do not have the opportunity to personally come to our office and pick up the rented car, you can always order a car delivery service to any convenient point in the city. As you can see, we have simplified the booking process for car rental in LozenetsBulgaria as much as possible for your comfort. Now, renting a car in Lozenets is a little more difficult than just calling a taxi. Call TS rental cars Burgas airport, and see for yourself.
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Rent a car in Lozenets, Bulgaria from TS rental cars Burgas airport

Unlike other resorts, Lozenets is especially full of rivers, mountains, various plants, animals and other attractive attractions. The nature here is amazing, so this is a great opportunity to have a good rest from daily worries, from work, from noisy polluted cities and from all kinds of stress. Clean and fresh air has a beneficial effect on the physical condition of a person, so you will feel much better when you return home. The beautiful nature will take care of your state of mind, because the sea, rivers and mountains have always given a special feeling of peace. Ideal for hiking, you can walk for hours and enjoy the rivers that surround the resort and the plants that line the rivers. The forests will surely delight you. The air in such places is saturated with useful substances, so your time in nature will be beneficial. Golden beaches attract a lot of attention. They are very wide so there is enough room for everyone. This is a big plus for your holiday. The resort also took care of your children. A health complex has been built here, so many tourists come with their children. In addition to the children’s complex, other complexes are being built on the territory. As already mentioned, Lozenets continues to develop actively. Soon, it may become one of the most popular resorts.
But the company TS rental cars Burgas airport does not lag behind the described hotel complex, providing its customers with the maximum level of comfort. Use our car rental services in Lozenets and evaluate it yourself. A wide fleet of cars available for rent, low cost of car rental, a small number of required documents, professional managers and many additional services simply leave no chances to refuse the offer to rent a car in Lozenets from the leader in the car rental market – TS rental cars Burgas airport.
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