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Address: Albena, delivery to your address, Bulgaria
Phone: +359895351360
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  • PICK UP: 25 EUR
  • RETURN: 25 EUR
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  • PICK UP: 45 EUR
  • RETURN: 45 EUR
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Albena” – the name of the beautiful Bulgarian woman!

“Albena” – a real summer!

Albena is one of the most popular and beautiful Bulgarian seaside resorts Its location is 30 km from Varna and near Balchik. The length of the beach of fine golden sand covers more than 3.5 km wide and 150 m. The resort was awarded with the “Blue Flag” – for environmental cleanliness of the sea and the beach whole territory. The air is clean and fresh because of its high oxygen content, due to the fact that it is located near the unique nature reserve “Balata”. Albena is probably the best place for your vacation, away from the lights and hustle of city life. Resort hotels are positioned so as to reveal the beautiful sea view. Nearly 90% of tourists here are foreigners. Huge sandy beaches, clear seas, rich nature and unique architecture, all you will see by visiting the resort “Albena”. Because it is an oasis for your vacation! Here you will find a combination of all the good summer vacation, sun, sports and leisure facilities, a choice of modern rooms for conferences and business events, health and spa centers.

The resort is located in a picturesque bay on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast. Once you see and feel the unique diversity of scenery will always return to Albena for a dose relaxation and harmony. Albena is located close to the international airport and the port city of Varna, which makes it even easier and saves your time. If you arrive at the airport of Varna and Albena is your choose for your holiday, then on arrival appeared to you the opportunity to hire a car from TS Rent a Car. And also has the opportunity to trust our qualified company drivers to drive you anywhere in the country. TS Rent a Car offers delivery service of car hire in Albena, the chosen car will be on your specified time and address.

All you need to do for your wonderful stay in Albena is to contact TS Rent a Car by phone or online and make your reservation.

Resort season runs from May to October. This makes it very appropriate for families with young children as from Bulgaria, as also for those of Western Europe and Russia! And when the kids are happy, it is a prerequisite for a perfect family vacation. Children are very special guests and for them are paying special attention. All pools have small parts with different attractions. Almost all hotels have found a kids club where children draw, play different games while mom and dad enjoy their vacation. Teachers and animators offer a variety of programs.

And if you really want to learn all the attractions of the resort and surrounding area, you can order a rental car! Our company offers the most advanced car brands! Resort “Albena” offers a variety of restaurants, not just in hotels, but the beach where you can enjoy Bulgarian cuisine and Bulgarian wine! Albena provide all necessary facilities for recreation. You can choose the sport of your choice, soccer, water skiing, paraplaner, serfdom, tennis, horseback riding and more. To do this, the resort features 22 pools, 15 tennis courts, eight stadiums, indoor multi-purpose sports hall, bowling alley.

Booking car hire

Booking a car in Albena is discreet, very easily and quickly through online booking form TS Rent a Car. To make a reservation simply need to fill out a form for reservation online with all relevant details and confirm. Representative TS Rent a Car will contact you immediately to coordinate details made ??your booking car hire. Another way to rent a car in Albena at the most affordable price by contacting us through e-mail or phone our contact

+359 (0) 894 622 363

Hotels in Albena

Hotel Althea

Hotel Mura

Park Hotel Elitsa

Hotel Nona

Laguna Garden Hotel

Hotel Sandy Beach

Landmarks in Albena

The longose forest Baltata Botanical Garden – Balchik, Horse riding “Albena”, Balchik, architectural and park complex “The Palace”, the Aladzha Varna