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Vitosha Mountain is located between Stara Planina chain and the Rila-Rhodope massif. Vitosha is the only mountain in Bulgaria that has a domed shape, as it is considered a relatively young mountain. The highest point is Cherni peak, which means – Cherni peak, it is at an altitude of 2290 meters. The massif is located near the borders with the Sofia field, the Samokov field, the Pernik valley and Pancharevo. The Vitosha massif is famous for its location, beauty and picturesqueness. There are legends that Vitosha is a dormant volcano that has not woken up for many centuries and will one day erupt again. From all this, the truth is only one – Vitosha was indeed a volcano, but whether it will wake up again remains a mystery … Besides Mount Cherni, there are other high points of the massif, such as: Ostritsa, Skoparnik, Resnevetz. By the way, at the foot of Vitosha, is the capital of Bulgaria – Sofia. Sofia is an ancient city, created more than 7000 years ago. Here are the remains of ancient times and different eras, as well as cultural and architectural monuments and landmarks. Sofia is beautiful and rich with its cultural life; it is interesting for excursions and living. Book a car rental in Sofia and travel to this beautiful European capital. Contact the car rental company TS rent a car in Bulgaria, which will provide you with a car rental or SUV rental.
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Vitosha is very popular among tourists and mountain enthusiasts. There is always something to do. The massif is literally strewn with diverse vegetation, hiking trails and of course lifts and ski slopes. In winter, Vitosha is full of active sports life – skiers and snowboarders come here. There are beautiful mountain huts with all the necessary conditions to spend your vacation comfortably. The chalets are fully equipped with kitchens, bedrooms, showers and more. In 1935, a meteorological station was built. The most popular ski complex on Vitosha is the Aleko complex. It is fully equipped with everything you need for recreation and active sports – lifts, changing room, full equipment rental, tea, guesthouse, spa and restaurant. Here you can hire a ski or snowboard instructor, as well as go sledding or snowmobiling. If you are planning to relax in this area, but go to Bulgaria without a car, we can provide you with a cheap and comfortable car rental in Sofia. Order a car rental from TS rent a car in Bulgaria and enjoy a complete vacation with your family! Our specialists in Sofia are always at your disposal!
At the foot of the mountain are beautiful mountain villages such as Bozhana, Simeonovo, Dragalevtsi, as well as the picturesque area of Vladaya and Iron. There are ancient churches and monasteries in these beautiful mountainous, residential neighborhoods. For example, the old monastery in Dragalevtsi, as well as the ancient church in Boyan. It has wonderful mountain air, favorable climate and many natural attractions. At the foot is one of the most visited dams in the Sofia region – Pancharevo, there is infrastructure, lots of entertainment, swimming pools with mineral water, restaurants, rowing base, mineral springs, picturesque meadows, streams, forest and beautiful mountain views! In the area of Pancharevo there are neat mini-village formations with villas, where you can spend your vacation, and why not – to buy real estate? Are you in Bulgaria, but without a car? Visit our website TS rent a car in Bulgaria and choose a car rental model in Sofia. Order a car rental easily and quickly, and even cheaply! Contact our experts by phone or email and order a car rental in Sofia. The car rental specialists from TS car rental Sofia always answer all your questions.
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rent a car in sofia vitosha
The average temperature of Cherni peak in spring and summer is 24 degrees Celsius, and in winter -27.4 degrees Celsius. In summer, you can cycle, sunbathe on the meadows or just wander the scenic trails. Beautiful view of Sofia, as if lying in front of you. Book your car rental during your visit to the ancient capital of Bulgaria, with the assistance of TS car rental Sofia, to spend a nice holiday in the resort, to see the sights of this city. Not only can you ski and snowboard, but you can enjoy long walks and other activities.
One of the best places is Vitosha National Park. Here you can have fun or just take a walk in the park. You will also have the opportunity to do different sports. Many tourists and residents of Bulgaria want to spend their time here. The very beautiful nature in this park is incomparable to anything else. After all, there are not many cities that can boast of such gifts. The park has many hills and peaks from where you can observe the beautiful view. The majestic forests create a pleasant atmosphere. In addition, the most important thing in this place is everything for tourists. Special trails have been created to make it easier to climb to the tops of the mountains, and there are separate places for recreation in the park. No wonder tourists love this place so much. If you decide to relax, the national park has everything you need. Many restaurants that will delight you with the most delicious cuisine and great service. Bulgaria knows that many guests come to the resorts, so it creates all the best conditions for them. After all, the kitchen plays a very important role. To have a good day, you need to eat well and at the same time, enjoy the food. The restaurants will take care of that.
A wide selection of hotels will make it easy for you to find a place to stay. The only difficulty may be too much choice. After all, every hotel is good in its own way. In addition, prices are not high and affordable for tourists.
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The great privilege of this place is the beautiful and clean air, as well as the clean drinking water in the nature reserve. There is a beautiful cave Naklat. It is known for its dangerous and confusing mazes. In any case, you cannot walk alone in this cave, but only with an experienced guide. To enter the cave will not be difficult, as there are several entrances. However, walking around the cave itself will be difficult. You will be surprised how many beautiful natural features there are. The cave is tempting for tourists, but you can enter there only with experienced people who know the area well.
Another natural phenomenon in this city is the stone river rocks. The guests of Bulgaria like to go to this place because it is really beautiful. You can spend hours admiring huge stones. Also a great opportunity to relax actively, and enjoy an interesting attraction that is created by nature itself.
The national park can delight its guests with forests, rivers, beautiful waterfalls, unsurpassed nature and fresh air. That is why this park is one of the best to stay. It is chosen not only by tourists but also by the residents of Bulgaria.
You will be lucky if you get to the traditional winter carnival. This will be an unforgettable trip for you. They are held annually, so tourists have a great chance to see how carnivals are held in Bulgaria. You will also have a great opportunity to spend your time. After all, the resort offers a variety of trails and slopes for its guests. You will be able to go skiing and feel the great atmosphere of the area. There are constant lifts on the tops of the mountains. This holiday will be remembered for a long time by you and your family.
Bulgaria never ceases to satisfy its guests and tourists with hospitality. For a holiday in Europe, this is the best place. After working days, if you want a good break from the noise, Vitosha will help. Fresh air and beautiful nature will restore your strength and leave a very pleasant impression. In addition, our company TS car rental Sofia will help you choose the most suitable car rental Sofia for you and your family.

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