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Tsigov Chark is a Bulgarian mountain resort. It is located on the southwestern shore of the large lake “Batak”, which is the third largest in Bulgaria. The resort of Tsigov Chark itself is located seven kilometers from the historical city of Batak. In this beautiful resort, you can do different kinds of water sports and other entertainment, as well as set up a small tent camp and go hunting, fishing, enjoying the grandeur of the endless mountain ranges, the Batak Dam, the sun and crystal clear air. If you do not have a car at your disposal, you can contact the specialists of the car rental company TS car rental Bulgaria, to order a car for rent. If you like mountain travel, you can rent an SUV and visit the most remote and inaccessible places of Mount Batak, which is part of the Western Rhodope massif. The places are fabulous and magical, it is there that you can feel that unearthly skies and all the purity of earthly nature. On the territory of Tsigov Chark there are beautiful miniature hotels and large hotel complexes, as well as golf, football, tennis, etc. You can always have a delicious lunch and taste the famous Bulgarian wine here. Many restaurants and cafes offer delicious traditional Bulgarian cuisine, and in some restaurants, you can enjoy a rich folklore program. Thanks to the services of TS car rental Bulgaria, it will be convenient and comfortable for you to use a car for rent. If you have a car in Bulgaria, you can go to the city of Batak, which is known for its rich history. It was on this land that the most ancient tribes once lived, proof of this are many archaeological finds – more than 20 Thracian, Roman, Byzantine and Slavic fortresses, more than 10 churches and monasteries, many Thracian graves, a bridge from the time of the Roman Empire, etc. e. Due to the lack of historical data, it is difficult to determine the origin of the city of Batak. If you have decided to come to Bulgaria, but have not yet established your own tourist route, we advise you, be sure to visit the resort of Tsigov Chark, and at the same time the city of Batak. Having a car rental in Bulgaria, you will be able to visit these ancient and picturesque places. Contact the car rental company – TS car rental Bulgaria and your trip around Bulgaria will be even more interesting! The catalog of cars for rent in Bulgaria is very diverse; you can rent a car of the same model as you drive in your home country. In the minds of the Bulgarians, the memory of the tragic event after the April Uprising in 1876 always lives on. It was then that the “peace-loving” Turkish soldiers asked the locals to surrender their weapons, offering them “peace”. The Bulgarians believed and that was the end of their life. After the surrender of weapons, the Janissaries began a massacre. Some of the people / about 2000 people / managed to hide in the Church of the “Holy Week” – it was there that they held out for several days. Due to the lack of water in the temple, women dug the earth with their hands to dig a well for their children, / the well can be seen by visiting the church . Subsequently, the Janissaries captured the temple and slaughtered everyone. Since then, no divine services have been held in the church; there are the remains of the victims of the Batashko massacre in 1876. Book a car rental in Bulgaria and visit this historical place!
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rent a car in bulgaria tsigov chark
There are a lot of attractions in the Tsigov Chark resort, as well as in its surroundings. Not far from the resort is the city of Batak. Every year in the city of Batak, a holiday is held, which is very solemn. People lay wreaths on the monument to the eternal flame. A lot of interesting things can be seen if you visit these places at least once. There is a festive program, an official ceremony and everything ends with fireworks. One of the most impressive places in the city is the “Holy Sunday” Church. She was the last hope for the salvation of the Bulgarian people during the April Uprising. A lot of Bulgarians died in battle. Church “Holy Resurrection” used to be an Orthodox church, today it is a museum. After liberation, services were no longer held there. The remains of the victims who died were placed in it and today you can come and see them in the museum. Not a very pleasant picture, but for Bulgarians it is a story.
Also, not far from the Tsigov Chark resort, there is the Lepenitsa cave. It has three floors, the third is always inaccessible. Many interesting things were found in this cave. There are animals that are found exclusively in caves. Twenty-four species of such animals were nailed in Lepenitsa. There are also about six species of bats. Previously, this cave was inaccessible to tourists, but today it is considered a tourist site. The popularity of this place continues to grow and every year more and more tourists want to see this amazing cave. Of course, it is strictly forbidden to enter the cave without an experienced guide, as it is not a safe place. In addition, for tourists wishing to enter it, special equipment is issued. Since the Lepenitsa cave is one of the attractions of Bulgaria, special care and thrifty attitude is required from tourists.
The most beautiful place is the Fotinsky waterfall. Its height is about sixteen meters. However, getting to this place is not at all easy. But believe me, all your efforts will be worth it to see the amazing view that this waterfall opens up to us. For tourists, they make special marks on the trees to make it easier to find it. It is recommended to focus on the noise of the water so as not to get lost.
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The great privilege of this resort is that you can go fishing or hunting. A great opportunity to have a good time with your friends. In addition, for those who like fishing, a magnificent view of the mountains opens up. Therefore, it will be possible not only to do your favorite hobby, but also to enjoy the beautiful nature.
Tsigov Chark is perfect for hikers. The nature of this place is so beautiful that you can just walk around the resort and admire the view. There are many places that have been specially created for such walks. On the way, you can walk to the nearest sites, where there are many attractions. You will also benefit from fresh and crystal clear air. This kind of rest will have a very good effect on your health.
The best attraction of Tsigov Charka was the “Batak” reservoir. You can spend a lot of time here, especially if you are a fisherman. Going on a boat and enjoying the beauty will always be possible for tourists.
This resort will delight its guests in many ways, as there are many pleasant and beautiful places in it. Also, you will not be disappointed by the Bulgarian cuisine, which has always stood out for its uniqueness. You can have a good time at the sunny resort, both in summer and winter. The very convenient location of this resort allows you to go on excursions and gain new knowledge and spiritual values. For longer trips, it will be very convenient to car hire from TS rent a car Sofia. Then you will be able to see even greater expanses that Bulgaria opens up.

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