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The village Govedartsi is located in South-Eastern Bulgaria. The village is located near the Rila National Park , along the river Cherni Iskar valley at an altitude of 1268 meters above sea level. In the resort Borovets has a temperate continental climate. The minimum temperature in January is to -22,6 °, and the maximum in July +30,3 ° C. Above the valley is the majestic peak Maliovitsa and the village is the starting point for a walking route . At the foot of Mount Maliovitsa is a holiday complex ” Maliovitsa ” , here you can take a guided hiking in the mountains. Here you can enjoy skiing, mountaineering and skalokaterene . Public transport in this area is not very regular , therefore , everyone should rely on their own vehicle. If you are in Bulgaria without a car , can be easily hire a car – TS Rent A Carcompany. Due to the mountainous terrain , not every car model fit. Book jeep or powerful car hire so you can conquer the rebellious vsyachko place around Rila massif. Contact our specialists for car hire and book your car rental. Car company – TS Rent A Car offers its customers the best prices on rental cars . If you frequently visit Bulgaria will benefit from being a regular and you can use a membership card that will allow you to enjoy all the concessions, promotions and bonuses to car rental TS Rent A Car.
Each location in the vicinity of Samokov keep the historical memory of the old times. There are many ancient legends and historical traces. On this land once left traces ancient Slavs and Thracians. These paths were warriors SHishman King and King Samuel. You preach the word of Plovdiv Bulgarian and his followers and the Rila Monastery, which is near a unquenchable fire of the Bulgarian people . During Ottoman rule , the monastery was a stronghold of Bulgarian spirit. By impassable paths of Rila voivodeship rebel groups roamed Chakar , Malyu , Gul , all those people who chant the people in your tracks . Book a car , you can travel on this historic roads and feel the energy of those times. Car company – TS Rent A Car will enable you to make your holiday in Bulgaria in a cozy and experience an interesting trip. At each step in Bulgaria has historical traces , including near Govedarci , because there are important historical moments of Bulgaria . If you think you can make a holiday in Borovets , be sure to rent a car and visit the ancient sites of this region. Unique nature, the majesty of the mountains , fresh air and traditional way of life of the Bulgarian people – all of this can be seen in the beautiful village of Samokov. Car company – TS Rent A Car , presents an opportunity to feel at home , using a rental car during your stay in Bulgaria.
Govedartsi peaceful village . You can stay in guest houses or not far from this village has hotels. The service will not disappoint , as the hotels provide the best services. You pass special buses and taxis that bring guests to the resort. The distance is not great , so no problems. Hotels in this region are known for their high level of service. You will see as soon as you get there. The staff will do everything to make you feel comfortable . In these hotels you will find everything you need . You will have a choice . Hotels are a different distance from the village, with an average distance of 1.2 km. Also there are great hotels that are located in the village of Samokov . Many of them have seats with stunning mountain views. These hotels are very popular among tourists. Hotel rooms can be booked in advance , you can choose among the most popular tourist sites in Bulgaria . Then it will be much easier .
Many tourists prefer to stay right in Borovets , as it is quite quiet village . Here you can relax after an active day. Govedartsi is also conveniently located close to many different resorts and guests are welcome in this area.
Most tourists choose to stay and often hike to nearby cities that are in close proximity. So many sites are in the vicinity of the village of Govedartsi . Therefore here comes a very special buses that take tourists on excursions. One of these places is Nunnery ” Shroud .” It is also known as ” Samokov ” . Never ceases to amaze visitors with its architecture . It was built about two hundred years and has survived until today. The popularity of this monastery is growing at an incredible rate . Tourists each year come to this place every year and the number is growing . In the 19th century, the monastery managed special school for girls who have studied weaving and spinning .
So tourists with huge ear head to the historic museum ” Samokov ” . During the Renaissance , there was an art school . There are many different documents that have survived until today. The museum was founded long ago , many of them can please and surprise its architectural structure . The museum has a variety of products, clothing items. The first exhibition was held in 1938. For tuuristite and Bulgarian citizens will be a lot of fun in this museum and will also be very well acquainted informative .
Far from Maliovitsa Govedarci is – another great ski resort . There can be no better time, especially if you are fans of winter sports. There are several ski route , where you can rent ski or snowboard . Also, this place is known for its restaurants and taverns serving delicious Bulgarian dishes. After outdoor activities , you need to eat properly . Such restaurants climb at that time. Many tourists like to climb to the top of the mountain. This is not surprising since there is a beautiful view . View as a bird’s eye view , you can see the area in a new way . Also, there are separate tracks for beginners and several lifts . rent a car burgas
If you are looking for a relaxing holiday , then Govedarci for you. From this village you can go on a hike in the nearby lands . There is a moderate continental climate , therefore, is suitable for everyone. Have a nice time and the most important thing is to relax from the daily bustle . Beautiful scenery you rest from all your experiences and help you to relax. In winter, guests of Bulgaria choose this village because it is close to the noisy and huge ski resorts. You can stay active all day and then relax in Samokov.