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Berkovitza city is rich not only with its beauty and with natural talent, but also with its minute story. At once, in ancient times, this land have occurred important historical events. Berkovitza and is located in northwestern Bulgaria in Montana. The city is small, beautiful and very cozy. Here, guests are happy to receive the peace and beauty that are so necessary for a good family vacation. There are many mineral springs, as well as swimming pools, spas, health and medical sanatoriums and more. If you are not in Bulgaria by car, our company TS car rental Bulgaria will help and provide the most favorable and high quality services. Order a car from TS car rental Bulgaria and your vacation will be one of the most attractive and memorable in life. You can order a rental car before coming to Bulgaria – just go to our website, look at the catalog and conditions for car rental. You can choose the maker of the car and indicate it in the application, send it to us, and when you arrive on Bulgarian soil, your car rental Bulgaria will be at the designated place. Our staff will be in and meet and in and allow the car to use without restrictions. Berkovitza lies at the foot of the Balkan Mountains. The city is located near the border with Serbia, as well as the majestic peak Kom. In winter, it can be reached by lift or car, as there are paved roads. There, next to the Kom peak, there is a hut, named after the peak. Com is cozy, warm and close to the ski resort. Here is the best place to borrow skiing and for outdoor activities. In addition to ski it, you can participate in other sports and entertainment. Berkovitza is attractive not only in winter but also in summer, autumn and spring. The city has an interesting ethnographic museum, where you can trace the history and development of the Bulgarian people, folklore and way of life. You will be able to visit all these interesting archeological traces of Thracians by car rental in Bulgaria. It also regularly hosts various and interesting festivals. The city is home to a museum house, which once housed the famous Bulgarian writer Ivan Vazov, as well as a beautiful art gallery.Visit to the town of Berkovitza and its cultural and historical landmarks. Contact the specialists of TS car rental Bulgaria and turn your holiday into interesting journey. TS car hire Sofia offers favorable and high quality conditions for car rental in Bulgaria. Choose your rental car and travel all over the country!
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This city has many attractions that are unique. Here you can spend a lot of time and learn many interesting facts about Bulgaria and the town of Berkovitza. It is no secret that Bulgaria is keeping mysterious history that occurs in nature and atmosphere.
The city is ideal for a longer holiday in winter. It is related to nature and structure, which can be proven in winter. First of all, this city is equipped in order to become a tourist center. So that many tourists from all over the world can admire the beauty of Bulgaria. To date, it is not a large city that can accommodate up to 600 visitors. There are several trails, a lift and three tourist bases. The maximum height that guests can climb is about 1600 meters. From this height, you can see just the beauty that lie in Berkovitza and that can only be seen from above.
One of the attractions of the city is the house-museum of Ivan Vazov. It was built a long time ago and has always been revered by locals as well as visiting guests. Its special feature is the architectural structure not only outside, but also inside. You will be able to see this as soon as you enter the museum. The unsurpassed art is obvious in all elements of the building. The unique woodcarving is the most impressive. All this house-museums are always open for visitors.
The Ethnographic Museum also has become important attraction of the city. It is located not far from the Museum of Ivan Vazov, so you can combine your tour and visit both museums. This will surely help you feel the culture of the local people and improve their spiritual condition. There are ethnographic museum houses and many cultural monuments of the city and the region. Among them are many poetry, various rugs, costumes and fashionable dresses of the nineteenth century. Still, this museum keeps the secret of folk crafts that were very popular in the city. Various works can be seen in this museum. Very interesting system of bathrooms and a way of heating water. For tourists this is something unusual and new, so the museum is very popular among visitors to the country.
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Also not far from the city, you can look at the Church of the Blessed Virgin. Those who have visited it, have not left without impressions. The architectural structure and the interesting history of the creation and formation of this church have always aroused interest among many people. Today it is one of the most visited places. In addition, Berkovitza never ceases to amaze its guests with wonderful exhibitions. This city has a very rich cultural value that you can see as soon as you arrive.
Berkovitza and there are a variety of dishes, so it has become very attractive for tourists. You can also visit the bars and cafes of the city, which in its own way will in surprise. Well, and for nightlife lovers, there are nightclubs and discos. That is why you will always find something to do. From Berkovitza will be easy to go on a trip to the nearest places. This city is surrounded by forests, so along the way, you can enjoy the charming nature. There are also several tourist routes that will go in and show many interesting things. Every city in Bulgaria is unique and special. After therefore, the choice is yours. Remember that this country offers the best and affordable services. A rental car from TS car hire Sofia, will make your trip to this region unforgettable.

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