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Kiten is a resort town in Bulgaria, which is located near the mouth of the Karagach River. It is very attractive for tourists as it has an unusually warm atmosphere. This is a kind town that is always glad to its guests. Also, fairly affordable prices have influenced the popularity of the resort. You can come here and feel at home, and at the same time take a break from everyday worries. It is very comfortable to be in such a hospitable place. This kind of vacation can be afforded not only by people with high earnings, but also by people with an average one. Even Bulgarians themselves prefer to relax in this secluded place. A wide variety of age categories find a place for entertainment and a good time. Here you can admire the beautiful nature, dense forests and clear sea. The resort is surrounded by a beautiful picturesque landscape. The mild climate is suitable for everyone, which makes the rest much more pleasant. Not far from Kiten, Primorsko and Sozopol are located. Thanks to this, it will be possible to go on excursions and explore the new expanses of Bulgaria. The rocks protect the city from sudden changes in temperature, strong winds, and scorching heat. Bulgaria is famous for its mineral springs, which have contributed to the emergence of health centers. Now tourists can not only enjoy their vacation, but also take care of their health and improve their physical condition. Thanks to the clean and fresh air, you can relax well. Doctors advise people who have had severe stress to go to such resorts. Therefore, your presence here will help you get rid of nervous breakdowns and all kinds of stress. You will find peace and comfort that will help you recuperate and get new energy.

And in order to comfortably visit all the listed resorts and other beautiful places of Kiten, you will definitely need transport. And here, in order not to spoil the pleasant impressions of this heavenly place, you need to choose the right company that is ready to provide you with this transport. The best choice in this situation will be TS rent a car Kiten, which for many years has been allowing everyone to rent a car in Kiten from their wide fleet of vehicles on more than favorable terms. The booking process for car rental is no longer complicated, long and expensive. To do this, you only need a phone and a few minutes of free time. Just call TS rent a car Kiten, follow the instructions of our managers and in a few hours you will be able to go on a rented car from Kiten to any part of the country.

The city’s infrastructure is constantly evolving. Several years ago, reconstruction was carried out, during which new, modern complexes were built. Now guests of the country will be able to stay in new hotels and enjoy modern services. The most popular are the three-star hotels “Ariana” and “Kamenets”. They are no worse than five-star hotels. The service will be provided at the highest level and the rooms are comfortable. Plus, the prices are very reasonable and fair. The hotel room can be booked in advance via the Internet. Besides hotels, there is a great opportunity to arrange a camping. Especially young people and foreigners are fond of such things. The peculiarity of this place is freedom and democracy. Laughter is heard everywhere, visitors to the resort are actively resting. The biggest attraction was the kind heart of Kiten. It will be very difficult to find such a cheerful, friendly, hospitable and very mischievous city.

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Restaurants were also built. You will see a new modern design and a cozy atmosphere. Be sure to visit one of them and try the traditional Bulgarian cuisine. No one has remained indifferent to the dishes prepared from organic products. Bulgaria has an excellent ecology, so it has a beneficial effect on food. There are delicious fruits and vegetables as well as fresh fish. Of course, the Bulgarian wine is worth trying. Vineyards are grown in many places, so this country has a very tasty wine. Many tourists buy it as a souvenir about this beautiful place, as well as a gift to their family and friends. Bulgarian wine is highly valued among many peoples and among the Bulgarians themselves. At night, life does not end, but only begins. Young people love to have fun in nightclubs, where a wide variety of music is played. In such places you can dance all night. Of course, you can also dance in the restaurant, but the atmosphere will be different. Therefore, restaurants are provided for the older generation, and nightclubs and bars for young people.

TS car rental Burgas airport will gladly help you to visit the numerous entertainment places in Kiten, which allows you to book a car in Kiten or Burgas for rent any day of the week from early morning to late evening. Believe me, using a car rental service in Kiten is often much more profitable than using a taxi, which deliberately inflates transportation rates for gullible tourists. To reserve and car hire in Kiten means to determine the route and cost of your trips yourself, without fear of being deceived. Moreover, renting a car in Burgas airport or Kiten in our company also allows you to set the level of comfort of your trips, because the extensive fleet of TS car rental Burgas airport makes it possible to rent cars of various price categories, from budget “small cars” to comfortable minibuses and executive cars. Rent a car in Kiten to drive around the resort at your own pleasure – this is what every tourist should do, and TS car rental Burgas airport will be happy to help make it come true.

The resort has three beaches. There are no sharp cliffs or slopes here, but the depth passes very smoothly. This is why visitors are not afraid to take small children to this place. It is safe for both adults and children. The beaches are quite long. You can have a good time walking along the promenade or watching the sunset. Such a romantic setting will not leave you indifferent. In the evenings, there is a particularly pleasant atmosphere here. The sun is already on the slope, the sea has warmed up, the breeze is blowing, it is not surprising that Kiten is so popular with foreigners. It is not often possible to see such a beautiful picture, plus the sea air creates a special and unique feeling.

The city has several attractions that will make your vacation more exciting. In ancient times, a defensive fortress was built here. Today, ruins remain from it. The fortress was named Urdoviza, after a girl. There is a legend that one brave girl fled from the Sultan, who wanted to take her to the harem. When he saw her courage, he gave a chance to get as much land as she could run around. The brave girl mounted a horse and ran until nightfall, but then the horse stopped and died. Since then the place has been called “Horse Bay”, and the places that surround it are “tax-free”.

Enjoy the beauty of the city to your heart’s content, sometimes the transport schedule gets in the way, when you haven’t had time to see everything, and it’s time to get on the bus. Here you simply cannot do without personal transport. However, not all tourists come here by private cars – most of them come by buses or arrive by plane. If you are one of them, then you just need to rent a car in Kiten. And this can be done quickly and inexpensively only from the leader in the market of these services – TS Rent A Car Burgas. With us, car rental in Kiten is available to everyone with a minimum number of documents. Call us and see for yourself.

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The Ropotamo nature reserve attracts a lot of attention. Many visitors from different parts of the country go on an excursion to this beautiful place. Here you will see a variety of plants, animals, birds. All of them are rare, so it will be especially interesting to visit the reserve. Be sure to go on an excursion to the famous city of Burgas. It will be convenient to do this if you rent a car from a Bulgarian company that will take care of your comfort and safety. Especially if you have small children, the car will be just right. Moreover, the rental prices are affordable. Thanks to the car, you can travel not only around the outskirts of Kiten, but throughout Bulgaria. Huge spaces will be open for you and your family. So, in Burgas, you will get acquainted with the history and culture of the Bulgarian people. The huge, architectural buildings that were built during the Renaissance are admirable. Also not to be missed is an important part of the country – churches and cathedrals. Bulgarians pay great attention to faith and spirituality. Therefore, in almost all cities, you can see churches, cathedrals, temples and monasteries. Wall murals, ancient frescoes, iconostases and other arts are attractive. Much work has gone into erecting the beautiful cathedrals. In each church, there is a special atmosphere that conveys the spiritual state of the temple. It will be interesting to visit these sights of the city. Historical museums will tell you about the life of ancient people, about their work, culture and traditions. Parks with many amazing plants, as well as entertainment centers will not leave you indifferent. One day is not enough for you to enjoy all the delights of the city.

Kiten is a great place for a family vacation. Not only adults, but also young people and children will be able to spend their wonderful time here. Amazing nature will make your vacation unforgettable and give a lot of impressions. Traveling around the cities of Bulgaria will help you acquire many exciting and unique memories. Rest at this resort will be not only interesting, but also good for your health. Every year, many foreigners choose Kiten, because this city is special, it will warmly welcome you and give you new emotions. You will not regret if you decide to go to rest in Kiten.

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