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Borovets – ski resort is the oldest mountain resort in Bulgaria, founded in 1896. General Tantilov was the first to set the foundations of the first houses to rest, and then Knyaz Ferdinand built a summer residence. Since then that land becomes a beautiful recreation of the Bulgarian authorities – kings and aristocrats. Long time ago in these wooded mountains hunted Bulgarian King Boris III, Kaiser Wilhelm and other notable personalities. These days, Borovets gained popularity after World Cup biathlon. Until the mid-twentieth century, the resort was known by another name – “Chalets”.
Of all the ski resorts in Bulgaria, Borovets is the closest to the capital of Bulgaria, Sofia – only 73 km, 10 km from the town of Samokov and 125 km from Plovdiv. Borovets is located on the picturesque northern slopes of Rila, at an altitude of 1,350 meters above sea level.
Hire a car and travel comfortably during your stay. The resort offers all the the necessary comforts for a great stay. Only 83 minutes drive is the beautiful town of Blagoevgrad, if you’re thinking about a vacation in the mountains, and in particular in Borovetsdo not forget to visit this beautiful sunny city. Blagoevgrad is famous for its cultural events and attractions, hosted offering various forms of entertainment and natural beauty. Please contact the company for car hire – TS Rent A Car and make your choice of car rental. The company’s specialists will provide you with all necessary information and assistance appropriate for your vehicle rental. Ten kilometers from Borovets is another popular Bulgarian resort town Samokov, where in 1981 and 1984, was held the World Cup alpine skiing.
In the town Samokov are many historical and cultural attractions, and beautiful old monasteries. The climate in this area is more than good – the average temperature in January is about 4,8 ° C, and during the ski season lasts from mid-December to April. Borovets is a beautiful and picturesque location with a favorable climate and good conditions to rest, but also for living. Many foreign nationals in a few years they got property here. Buying property in Borovets is profitable and perspective. Here you can relax in winter and summer. Order your car rental and travel comfortably in the beautiful Bulgaria. Rent-a-car company – TS Rent A Car offers favorable conditions for car rental. Booking a rental car is quick and easy – it can be made ??in advance over the internet or by phone – refer to specialists TS Rent A Car they will help you to book a car before coming to Bulgaria.
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Borovets ski resort offers everything you need for a perfect winter holiday: luxury hotels, guest houses, villas, spas, restaurants, swimming pools and of course the ski slopes with all necessary accessories – ski lifts, snowmobiles, wardrobe, dressing room, ski instructor and snowboarding. In short – you can practice different winter sports. In the highest part of Rila is located ski base Markudjik where the snow cover reaches 2 meters in the peak season.