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Asenovgrad is a beautiful city in Bulgaria, which is located in the central part of the country. The distance to the capital is 169 km, and the resort town of Plovdiv is only 19 km. The city became famous thanks to the Asenovgradska River. The city has attracted a lot of attention due to its very convenient geographical location. The beautiful nature surrounds Asenovgrad, and the magnificent combination of mountains, plains, favorable climate and fertile land makes the city very popular among tourists. The city has an interesting history. Earlier it had the name “Stanimaka”. The fortress of King Asen played an important role. At the top of the rock was a church that has survived to this day. The fortress itself has not survived. This is a historical place that always reminds of the past life of this city.

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Bulgaria has always been famous for its hospitality, so it will be nice to stay in one of the hotels. The most popular are Elegance and Everest. Elegance is a three-star hotel that always welcomes new guests. It is located in the center of the city, so it will not be difficult to find it. The hotel has a convenient location that allows you to go on excursions to any point. Rooms are cozy, good service and free internet will be available to visitors. New furnishings and interesting design will make your stay much more enjoyable. You can visit restaurants and bars, where delicious Bulgarian dishes are prepared, as well as a large selection of European cuisine. In addition to relaxation, you can do business using the conference room. Here you can hold seminars, business meetings and other various events. The hotel provides all the necessary equipment. There is a parking lot, which is very convenient for guests who have cars. The hotel is close to Plovdiv airport, so many visitors come here.

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Hotel Everest is located in the village of Cherven, not far from Asenovgrad and Plovdiv. Previously, there was a school here, but it has been completely renovated and converted into a cozy place where you can stay while traveling. Interesting design attracts a lot of attention. The rooms are cozy and have cable TV. Bulgarian dishes are served in the restaurants. It is worth trying real Bulgarian wine, which is distinguished by its quality and amazing taste. You can relax in the garden, swim in the pool and taste a dish that is a delicacy of the hotel – lamb on a spit. Such services will help their visitors to relax and have a good rest.

There are a lot of attractions in the city. Especially Asenovgrad is famous for its churches. There are twelve of them in the city. The Church of John the Baptist is located on the outskirts of the city. It was created in the XIII-XIV centuries; therefore, it is the historical heritage of the country. The building was built in the form of a chapel, but due to its large size, it is called a church. There are several arches as well as a viper. The church was partially destroyed in the eighteenth century; so many iconostasis were found during excavations. Some parts have been restored. Until the eighteenth century, services were constantly held in the church. Ancient frescoes attract a lot of attention. Beautiful paintings were found on the walls. Today it is one of the favorite places for tourists.

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The Church of St. Nicholas has its own history. She went through a period when Asenovgrad was almost completely destroyed. The church began to be built on the ruins of the chapel. Local residents took an active part in the construction. She has always stood out for her enormous size. Over the years, the church has continued to be renewed and restored. Today this place does not leave indifferent any visitor. The wonderful architectural work, the charming courtyard with the chapel and the ancient objects that have been preserved in the church are admired by many tourists.

Another ancient temple is the Church of the Assumption of the Virgin. During the period of its existence, it was almost completely destroyed several times, and then it was restored again. Local residents took an active part in the restoration of the temple. Parishioners came to pray and lit candles even on the ruins of the building. Today, it is quite an attractive place where ancient iconostasis, church items and vessels for worship are kept. It will be very interesting for tourists to visit here and see with their own eyes the hard work of many years. The Bulgarian people had to put in a lot of effort for this church to continue to exist.

In the southeastern part of Asenovgrad, there is a monastery complex – the Church of St. George. The building was surrounded by fountains, high walls and decorations. It is considered the largest in size in the city. The inside of the church is beautifully decorated. The walls and ceiling are painted with frescoes. Some scenes from the Bible are shown. Interesting design attracts a lot of attention from visitors. The church is one of the main attractions of the city. Apart from these churches, there are several other temples in the city that will grab your attention. Such a large presence of churches speaks of the strong faith of the Bulgarian people. They managed to preserve the historical values that have disappeared so many times.

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It is also impossible not to mention the Asen Fortress. It is located on a high elevation in the Rhodope Mountains. It used to be a very important center. Initially, there was only one tower, but then this place began to be developed, and two large villages were built. The fortress was built to defend against enemies. High walls are evidence of this. Today it is one of the most important cultural monuments, which was restored in 1991. Tourists willingly go to such a historical place to see the fortress and get an unforgettable experience.

The Bachkovsky Monastery has a large size. This is an amazing architectural and historical structure that is admired by all visitors. It looks great both outside and inside. The building is decorated with ancient frescoes, in which you can see the work of great masters. The monastery includes several churches that perfectly adorn it with their presence. Many unique items have been preserved in the temple, which have been collected over the years.

In Asenovgrad, archaeological excavations were carried out, during which many historical exhibits were found. All of them were placed in the historical museum of the city, which is located in the very center. By visiting this place, you can get to know the culture, history and traditions of the ancient inhabitants of this area. In addition, many historical sites can be seen near the city. Plovdiv is very close, so it allows you to go on an excursion to this city. It will be very convenient if you use a car rental service. Traveling with your own vehicle will bring a lot of pleasure and comfort. In addition, there will be an opportunity to visit the most famous places in Bulgaria and the capital of the country. Car rental has become more and more popular in recent years; besides, affordable prices attract a large number of customers. Already many tourists are convinced of the quality of rest when there is a car. You can go on a trip to any city in Bulgaria and enjoy a good vacation.

Asenovgrad will give many amazing and unique impressions. Many historical sites will not make their guests bored, and sightseeing trips will help to spend time informative and useful. It is worth using the services of a rental car so that you can discover new expanses of a wonderful country. Such a vacation will be remembered for a long time and will remain in your memory as the best trip.

Like any modern company, TS rent a car Sofia strives to simplify the process of registering a car rental in Asenovgrad for its clients as much as possible. We try to trust those who have trusted us; therefore, we do not require a large number of documents from tourists coming to this city. Contact TS rent a car Sofia and see for yourself, joining the army of satisfied customers with our service.

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