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USANA area is located in the municipality of Gabrovo, at the foot of Mount Ispolins altitude of 1524 meters above sea level. The old name of this peak is Korudzha . The peak is located in the western part of the Shipka Pass in the middle of the Balkan Mountains – in the heart of Bulgaria . In the nearest exit of alpine meadow – is Gabrovo, which is located 22 km paved roads . Since 2009 the area has the status of a resort. Here is the geographical center of Bulgaria, who had disappeared in 1991. At this point put a sign in the shape of a pyramid, painted in the colors of the Bulgarian flag, so the pyramid shows, indicating the geographical area of the country. In 2008 the site was inscribed on the list of National Tourist Movements ” 100 national tourist sites ” in number 19 with Architectural-Ethnographic Complex “Ether ” and the National Museum of Education and “House of Humour and Satire ” Gabrovo.
Car rental company TS Rent A Car offer favorable conditions and prices for renting a car, as well as regular flyer – cards seasonal promotions , discounts and bonuses. Book a car and travel around interesting places in Bulgaria , as in this beautiful country , at every turn there are so many interesting and beautiful places to visit and see . Nearby is the famous monastery – Sokolski Monastery , historical and architectural reserve “Bojenci .” This area is known for its tourist attractions , both in terms of history and culture , and in terms of scenic beauty and diversity of nature. There are wonderful places for recreation , fishing and tourism, tourism and sport. Book car rental company of TS Rent A Car , travel comfortably on the territory of Bulgaria , unlimited . If you are in Bulgaria without a car , you can book a rental car before arriving in the country at competitive prices. Refer to specialists car rental company for TS Rent A Car , they provide you with the most favorable conditions for car rental and car hire flawless , where you can visit all the interesting places. Usana – a popular ski resort . On its territory there are eight ski slopes , the largest of them is longer than 1300 meters . All runways are equipped with ski lifts and there are playground snow kiteboarding . In the area Usana are two points where you can stay :
•Upper village “Usana “, ” Forest village ” dormitory ” Favorit ”
• Hotel ” Prima S”, guest house “Bread ” hotel ” Impulse” , hotel ” geographic center” House ” Partisan song ” Holiday House “Edelweiss”
The area is listed in the Red Book and is included in the European and national ecological network ” Natura / Nature / 2000 . ” Usana attracts tourists from all over the world for its fresh mountain air, quiet, peaceful area . From here there is an international tourist route E -3 , which connects the Adriatic Sea to the Black Sea. In Bulgaria , this is known as the ” Com – . Emine ” Car rental company TS Rent A Car, will provide the necessary equipment for travel and Bulgaria , as well as car hire at competitive prices.
Bulgarian feature is that there are so many places that show its history . Each city is part of a story , and the whole creates a historical image that is open to the world. That’s why many tourists from around the world choose Bulgaria for your stay. Want to see all the best places and not miss anything ? Of course, it would be difficult to do if you have no transport. If you take a car, you can see the attraction in USANA , but also in other cities are not far from the resort. Then , your stay will be truly memorable. Not everywhere you can see and feel wonderful, as in this beautiful country.
To relax and have a great time , it is important to choose the right one for you hotel or inn. After all, if you get bad service or unpleasant staff then this place will not have too much desire to stay and your mood will already be broken. Do not spoil your holiday , choose the best hotels that will always be affordable. USANA offers a wide selection of hotels, which will help you feel so comfortable at home and at the same time to forget about the daily bustle . Well, if you decide to take care of yourself , then you need to stay in bungalows and villas that will also provide services at the highest level. When it comes to Bulgaria , it means that you can not worry about the trip. This country will always do everything possible for guests to stay happy.
USANA resort became one of the best resorts for all seasons. In winter you can ski and Leto , mountain biking . Anyway, this place will always be waiting for you with open arms. The popularity of this incredible place as tourists are increasing rapidly. And it ‘s no wonder you can learn many useful tidbits in addition to spend your time and get a stay .
Usana is special in that this area is fully preserved nature. We can say that it is not spoiled , and many of the plants that are there , are included in the Red Book. Everyone chooses for themselves all the best , and what could be better than pure nature and unique views.
Very often tourists visiting the many attractions in Usana . Not far from this resort is the monastery – museum ” Sokolowski .” You can spend time in spiritual knowledge and knowledge of Bulgarian culture.
For tourists , this place fits perfectly . You can spend hours walking around the countryside Uzan , not cease to enjoy the beautiful scenery . A good clean mountain air will affect your health. Walkways can lead you to another attraction – Museum – Memorial ” Shipka ” . It has an interesting story about the liberation of Bulgaria , so it attracts many tourists. It symbolizes Bulgarian – Russian friendship . This temple will surprise you with their appearance , but when you get inside , it will be only a pleasure . This place is a symbol and a reminder that Bulgaria regained their freedom. The time spent in this church will never be wasted .
Bulgaria has many beautiful places and resorts that are perfect for relaxation and will leave many impressions. World this country and no one has ever been disappointed with your choice . This is a great place not only for leisure , but it is also very suitable for the spiritual and cultural knowledge. It should be noted that there are health centers that care for your health.