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The car fleet of TS rent a car Varna airport, which specializes in car rental in Varna, Sofia, Burgas, is not from the first year; it has several dozen cars of different types, capacities and price categories. With us you can directly rent at the airport of Varna, Sofia or Bourgas, both an expensive sedan and an economical motorcycle. And people who are accustomed to not going to extremes can choose for themselves as a car cheap rental at Varna airport, something between these two segments – for example SKODA FABIA II. The production of the second generation of the world-famous car was set in 2007, after it was shown to the astonished audience at the Geneva Motor Show in March 2007.

In terms of the platform used in the design of the car, the new generation of Fabia has not changed. Skoda engineers decided to use the previous platform, borrowed from the VW Polo, but slightly increased the size of the future car.

Initially, it was supposed to produce a car exclusively in a hatchback body, but later this idea was abandoned and in 2008 the Skoda Fabia Combi saw the light, but in this article we will not focus on this version of the body of this model.

The new generation of the car immediately fell in love with the new owners, because in fact they received quality Volkswagen for very little money. The characteristics of VW are visible everywhere here – from interior cladding materials to a line of power units, which have long been established under the hoods of other cars of the world-famous automotive concern.

The Fabia platform also adopted the management habits of the “big brother”. The classic MacPherson strut front and rear pulley are a proven and reliable system that allows you to move comfortably almost any time. The steering wheel is somehow ideal for this class. The car stands firmly on the road, reacts to the turns of the steering wheel with lightning speed and practically does not tilt when turning. The electro-hydraulic power steering performs its functions clearly and without interruption.

The interior of the cabin is pleasantly pleasant: beautiful and high-quality finishing materials, all keys, buttons and levers are within reach, the dashboard does not crunch on the bumps in the road, and the upholstery of the seats and door cards is resistant to mechanical stress. It is nice to hold the steering wheel with your hands, it does not try to slip in the most important moments. As mentioned earlier, here you can feel the “touch” of the German quality of Volkswagen in everything and this can not be hidden anywhere.

fabia rent a car varna airport
fabia car rental varna airport

Cheap car rental at Varna airport from TS rent a car Varna airport

The braking system is also simple, reliable and efficient. In the standard configuration, each car of this model is equipped with ABS; for more expensive configurations, a system for maintaining dynamic stability can be additionally installed. Fabia brakes will never fail on the road and are ready to stop the car at any time as soon as possible.

And you can find such a car in the fleet of TS rent a car Varna airport. This company has been specializing in cheap car rental at Varna airport for many years. Renting a car in Varna is extremely easy. To do this, you just need to book a car from Varna airport by phone or email, inform the time and place of your stay and as soon as you leave the plane, you can be sure that your booked car will wait at the specified place just in time. And the complete absence of mileage restrictions will allow you to travel happily around the country in the company of your family, relatives or friends.

The main part of the power units of this model are petrol 1.4 and 1.6 MPI. There are also diesel engines, but they have not won much fame and respect among fans of the brands, as they are not very reliable and the cost of repairing their fuel equipment, which is not one of the most reliable units of these types of engines, is simply transcendental. As for the rest, the engines of this model are quite inventive and the oily “appetite” for them is quite rare.

Most cars of this generation are manufactured from the assembly line with manual transmissions and proved to be a very good side, which can not be said about the seven-speed DSG robot, which becomes unusable by 100 thousand km. mileage. The best transmission option, according to most owners, is the classic TF60SN torque converter, combined with a 1.6-liter gasoline engine. This “tandem” has long received awards from tens of thousands of Fabia II owners, and it’s no coincidence. Initially, this automatic transmission was designed for much larger loads than the 1.6-liter gasoline engine can deliver. It is this factor that has led to the fact that this automatic transmission option is able to travel more than a hundred thousand kilometers, requiring only scheduled maintenance for itself.

The park from TS rent a car Varna airport has just such a car, which we will be happy to rent to you from Varna Airport. Ultimately, safety, comfort and eliminating the possibility of unforeseen damage to your car are our main tasks. I remind you that you can book a car in advance by simply calling us on the phone or by writing an email. Our experts will quickly help you decide on the option of renting a car at Varna airport, depending on your preferences, will tell you about the pros and cons and will accompany you on all issues related to renting a car at Varna airport.

As a result, the simple and reliable design of this car makes this car a very good option for everyday travel. Large saloon, spacious trunk, nice appearance, unpretentious maintenance and all this for relatively little money makes this car a decent option for renting a car at Varna Airport. The company TS cheap car rental at Varna airport is absolutely sure that the long journey or the ordinary city trip with this car will not cause you any problems and you will be pleasantly surprised by the smooth traffic and low fuel consumption. rent a car at Varna airport from TS rent a car.

fabia car hire varna airport
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