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Mileage per day: 150 km
Deposit: 50 EUR
Car Information
Class: Minivan
Doors: 5
Minimal driver age : 25
Gearbox : Automatic
Max passengers : 7
Max luggage : 4
Fuel : Petrol
Engine capacity: 2000
Fuel usage: 6l/100km
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Power Steering
Audio system
Air Bags
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Electric windows
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Rent Car hire Opel Zafira automatic B from TS cheap car hire Bulgaria

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Car rental in Varna - Opel Zafira Automatic

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The history of the Opel Zafira automatic dates back to 1997, when a prototype of the future seven-seater minivan was presented at the Frankfurt Motor Show. However, the full launch of the model began only in 1999. The large, comfortable and dynamic minivan immediately fell in love with new car owners and car rental companies, and the simplicity of maintenance and reliability of the car quickly became legendary.

Inspired by the success, Opel engineers introduced a new, completely updated version of the model in 2005, called the Zafira B or Zafira Family.

The car, compared to its predecessor, has become 150 mm longer, 40 mm wider and 10 mm higher. Much attention was paid to the active safety of passengers. Thus, the new Zafira introduced the ADS (Automatic Damping System), designed to minimize the energy transmitted to the car in the event of a collision, and the more powerful power structure of the body led to the fact that Zafira Housing B practically does not deform in side and frontal collisions, and rear passengers are protected by additional airbags around the perimeter of the car. As a result, a series of Euro NCAP crash tests awarded the car 5 stars, which were previously unattainable for this class, calling it the safest minivan in the world in 2005.

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Of course, it’s worth talking about the patented Flex 7 interior transformation system, which allows you to literally turn the already large interior of a 7-seater into a huge one, folding the third row of seats in just seconds, making long journeys even more comfortable. . It is worth noting that absolutely all cars of this model are equipped with this transformation system, regardless of the configuration, and the pleasant to the touch interior lining of high quality materials is well resistant to external influences. The big plus of the interior design of Zafira B automatic, offered by a car rental company in Varna, is just a huge number of different storage niches, located almost along the entire length of the roof of the car.

The engine line of this model is represented by both diesel and gasoline engines. In the car rental companies in Varna, the most common today are the petrol units with a volume of 1.6 and 1.8 liters, with a power of 105 or 115 hp. for the first and 140 hp. for the second. Diesel engines are also available in 2 versions: 1.7 and 1.9 liters. The power of the first, depending on the modification, is 110 or 125 hp, and the more “volume” brother produces 100, 120 or all 150 hp. And for fans of more dynamic driving in the bosom of the family there are versions with a 2.2-liter gasoline engine producing 150 horsepower, 2-liter turbo gasoline with 200 hp. and a special version of the OPS with 240 “horses”, unthinkable for a minivan under the hood.

By the way, TS cheap car hire Bulgaria, specializing in car rental in Varna, offers its customers a version of a car with a 1.9-liter diesel engine automatic and this is no accident, because this engine has established itself as the most reliable and economical power. in the presented ruler, which allows you to reach any destination without any problems. The average fuel consumption for this engine is from 5 to 7 liters of diesel fuel per 100 km.

In general, the whole line of power units of the presented model is quite reliable. Here only 1.7-liter diesel engine is very sensitive to fuel quality, while the petrol 1.6 and 1.8 liters. sometimes there are problems with the automatic timing of the valves, in which the starting of the engine may be accompanied by a “diesel” crackle.

The car’s transmission is represented by 3 different gearbox options: manual, classic automatic and robotic Easytronic gearbox. The first two gearboxes are quite reliable and unpretentious, which does not mean for the “robot”, which rarely travels more than 100 thousand kilometers. TS cheap car hire Bulgaria most often uses cars with classic automatics, because it allows you to drive not only with comfort, but also with a large safety margin.

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Rent a car in Varna from TS cheap car hire Bulgaria

The car’s suspension is based on the chassis of an Opel Astra car, making it very soft and reliable, and most parts are interchangeable and can be easily found in almost any car shop, which has a positive effect on speed and repair costs. .

As for the electronic filling and cladding of the car’s interior, the manufacturer has offered customers a wide variety of configurations for this model. Without much difficulty it was possible to buy a car with a minimal set of additional features and fabric interior, as well as a “top” version with almost all the features of premium cars from those years.

An important aspect of this particular model minivan from Opel is that they are practically of no interest to intruders and you can be sure that all your belongings will be kept safe and strong in the car.

All the listed qualities of Opel Zafira B additionally prompted the owners of other brands to switch en masse to a car from a famous concern and the car rental companies in Bulgaria began to accept them.

TS cheap car hire Bulgaria is no exception and offers everyone to car rental in Varna, immediately upon arrival at the city airport. In addition, our company offers a car rental service Opel Zafira B automatic with delivery to the destination. The car you ordered will be waiting at the appointed place at the agreed time. To do this, you just need to contact the specialists of TS cheap car hire Bulgaria , by phone or email, and indicate any convenient place for you. The picturesque resorts of Varna stretch for many kilometers and you can not do without a reliable and spacious car.

In 2008, a few years after the release of the updated version of the car, Opel made a small restyling of the model. Some body elements have changed, the car has received updated headlights, adaptive bi-xenon headlights have already been added to the standard configuration, some interior design details have been changed, a seat belt reminder system has been added, owners have received new folding keys, the display of the central panel has been radically changed, parking sensors, rain and light sensors, exterior mirrors with automatic folding function with locked doors and a panoramic roof have been installed.

And even today, despite the fact that more than 10 years have passed since the start of sales of the first Opel Zafira B automatic and the launch of the more modern and beautiful Zafira C in 2011, Opel has not stopped production of the much-loved car in many countries. . Several assembly plants of the concern continue to operate in Germany, Poland and Russia, producing them for everyone. TS car rental in Varna, we work for you.

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