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Car rental in Byala, Bulgaria

The history of this car began in 2007, when at the Frankfurt Motor Show the general public was presented with a new, third generation of the world-famous C-Class – Mercedes-Benz W204 automatic, which replaced its predecessor W203 in its position, and had 3 variations of body: sedan, station wagon, and since 2011, after restyling, the body filled the body line.

The new generation is radically different from its predecessor not only in finishing materials, technical solutions and overall design – this is a completely new car with a completely different character. What’s more, it’s felt everywhere – from the shape of the steering wheel, and ending with driving manners.

The car turned out to be extremely interesting due to the fact that, on the one hand, it uses the latest developments in the automotive industry, and on the other, its own style, developed over decades, perfectly combining and complementing each other. It turns out that the car looks brand new, but at the same time, everything that connoisseurs of the old “Mercedes” love so much is also here. Solidity is felt in every detail. One only has to sit behind the wheel, look at the dashboard and it immediately comes to mind: yes, that’s the thing! The quality of the finishing works, the ergonomics of the interior and the assembly do not raise any questions.

It is very difficult to visit all the interesting places in Byala or even the whole of Bulgaria without personal transport. You can use public transport, but this option is not very convenient due to the attachment to routes and travel time. The solution to the problem may be fees, but here too there are pitfalls – unscrupulous carriers often significantly inflate the prices of their services. In this case, you may simply run out of money. But all is not lost! The company TS car rentals Bulgaria, Byala offers fast and cheap car rental in Byala, Bulgaria of any car you like from our large fleet. Fast processing and review of the application, polite and responsive managers, low rental costs, round-the-clock maintenance and the ability to deliver a car rental in Byala, Bulgaria to the place and time you need, make cooperation with our company the best investment in your comfort and safety.

rent a car byala bulgaria
rent a car in byala bulgaria

We can talk about driving the W204 automatic for a long time. The main feature is completely different suspension settings, directional stability and driving style, depending on which engine is under the hood. As for the diesel and 4-cylinder petrol units, the car behaves like a quiet city car for everyday travel. And if the heart of the car is a 6-cylinder V-shaped or even better 6.3-liter AMG, with an output of about 500 hp, the C-Class becomes a real sports car with all the consequences.

The presented model has only 1.8-liter power unit, designed for long and comfortable trips without frequent visits to the gas station, which allows you to quickly get from point “A” to point “B” without much damage to your wallet. The bike has established itself as reliable, powerful enough for its volume, easy to maintain and unpretentious engine, which gives a 100% guarantee that you will visit all the interesting places in our beautiful city without damage. These qualities make it just the perfect option for your rental car.

And the best option for a rental company would be TS car rentals Bulgaria, Byala. Our specialists are ready at any time to provide you with this or any other car rental in Byala, Bulgaria on favorable terms and with a minimum set of documents. All you need to do is call or email our managers, indicate the make and model of the car you are interested in renting in Byala, and then just book and pick up a car in Byala, specifying the time and the place of his arrival. Rest assured, our representative will be waiting for you at the right place with all the documents needed to cheap car hire Byala, and you can immediately go on a long and unforgettable trip around the country by car rental. That way, you don’t even have to visit our office in person. We do everything as quickly, efficiently and cheaply as possible.

car hire byala bulgaria mercedes
byala bulgaria car hire mercedes w204

Cheap car hire Byala from TS car rentals Bulgaria

The braking system, despite the unsportsmanlike modification of the presented car, is very, very stubborn. The slightest press on the brake pedal causes an immediate reaction, stopping the car for seconds. Various electronic “assistants” constantly monitor the situation on the road and are ready at any time to prevent adverse consequences that often occur on the roads. Well-developed active car safety virtually eliminates injuries to the driver and passengers in the event of an accident.

Renting a car from TS car rentals Bulgaria, Byala means trust of professionals. More than 10 years of successful work on the car rental market have paid off and now renting a car in Byala, Bulgaria will not be difficult and affordable for everyone. The huge fleet of TS car rentals Bulgaria, Byala will surprise you with a large selection of cars for all occasions and for all purposes, and the lack of mileage restrictions will be a nice bonus from working with us, because now there is no need to count the kilometers traveled. , which allows you to fully immerse yourself in the atmosphere of a holiday in the beautiful resorts not only in Byala, but throughout Bulgaria.

The executive class of this car is also felt in the interior materials. The plastic of the dashboard is soft and pleasant to the touch, the upholstery of the seat seems to embrace you, creating a feeling of home comfort. Sitting on these chairs, you can travel hundreds of kilometers in one breath without feeling tired. The devices are easy to read and clean at any time of the day without straining your eyes, which has a beneficial effect on long trips. The volume of the luggage compartment for the sedan pleasantly surprises with its size and ease of loading bulky items, thanks to the low shelf of the luggage compartment, which allows you to fold all the things you need to travel in a rented car.

rental cars byala bulgaria benz w204
mercedes c class rental car byala
The safety of the driver and passengers, according to tradition, this sedan is at the highest level. According to the results of the Euro NCAP test, the car received 5 out of 5 stars, guaranteeing the highest level of safety in all unforeseen circumstances. That is why the rental company TS cheap car hire Byala, Bulgaria included it in its fleet, because for us the safety of our customers is one of our priorities. We offer for rent only registered cars that have passed all possible stages of inspections.
And it is possible to rent a cheap car in Byala only in the company “TS cheap car hire Byala, Bulgaria”, because the price for renting a car here is an order of magnitude lower than the market average. We also often offer discounts and promotions for our customers, which allows you to save even more on car rental by spending your money on something more meaningful. The low price of  cheap car hire Byala, Bulgaria in our company is due to the high demand for our rental services. We try to offer our customers more favorable conditions for renting an automatic car than our competitors, expanding our customer base and collecting positive reviews for car rental. Be sure that renting a car in Byala, Bulgaria is much faster and cheaper only at TS cheap car hire Byala, Bulgaria.

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