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Dobrich is a town in Bulgaria that is also known as the “Bulgarian granary”. This was due to the fertile lands that were on the territory of Dobrich. It was founded a long time ago. In ancient times it was still a settlement, and in the middle Ages it received the status of a city. During the war with Turkey, the city will be able to survive well, therefore, during the Renaissance, it begins to develop at a rapid pace. In 1940, Dobrich fell under the rule of the Romanian government, but the Bulgarians soon returned it to their country. The city is located in the northeastern part of the country. The distance to Sofia is approximately 400 km and the city of Varna is only 50 km. Over the centuries, the name of the city has changed several times. Today it is a very attractive place for tourists.

But in order to spend your vacation in the glorious land of Dobrich with pleasure and comfort, as well as to visit all the places of interest to you, you must first take care of the way of getting around the city. Of course, you can use the “classic” methods, such as taxis or buses, but this method is not suitable for everyone. In an unfamiliar city, you can easily get lost in the routes of a particular bus, and it is not very pleasant to stand at a bus stop in the rain or heat, waiting for your bus. Taxi also has a number of disadvantages, the main one of which is the fact that you can simply be deceived by calling a deliberately overpriced trip, counting on easy money. The best solution to your transport problem in such a situation will be only car rental in Dobrich, Bulgaria. Among the many companies offering such services, TS car hire Bulgaria stands apart, which has been successfully operating in the field of car rental throughout Bulgaria for many years? Take the opportunity to rent a car from TS car hire Bulgaria and see for you the high quality of the services provided.

The city offers several hotels that can be accommodated. The hotel “Bulgaria” is very popular. It will not be difficult to find it, since it is located in the center of the city. The rooms are cozy, in which you will find many useful things. A restaurant is offered where delicious national dishes are prepared, as well as many others. In summer, you can dine beautifully on the summer terrace, which offers a magnificent view of the city. You can always keep fit by visiting the fitness room. In the saunas, you can relax well, or go for a massage. There is also a pool and bar. For business meetings, seminars or other events, two conference rooms are available. Online booking is available.

Another hotel that has many positive reviews is the Isida Park Hotel. The hotel offers comfortable rooms for its visitors. Free internet, free parking, a fitness center with gyms, free breakfast and many other amenities will be available for use. It is also possible to swim in the pool. Delicious food is served in the restaurants, which will delight you with beautiful design. There`s a large selection of drinks, especially worth trying Bulgarian wine, which is of good quality and unique taste. A conference room can be used for various events. The hotel is suitable for both tourism and business. The hospitality of the hotel will leave the best impression on this holiday.

The Dobrudzha hotel also pleases its visitors with excellent services. Quality room service, free Wi-Fi, and complimentary breakfast will make your stay comfortable. Free parking is provided for visitors. A great opportunity to relax with your family, there are special activities for children. You can have a tasty lunch in the restaurant, which has a wide variety of dishes. A fitness center with a gym will help you keep fit. In the bar you will find many delicious drinks and you can have a great time with your friends. Hotel rooms can be booked in advance by filling out an application online. This will provide you with the comfort and guarantee of room availability. Bulgaria will immediately greet you very warmly and hospitably. First of all, you will be able to feel it when staying in the hotels of the city.

dobrich car rental varna
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In our company, almost anyone can rent a car in Dobrich, Bulgaria. Many years of work in the car rental market in Bulgaria have left their mark on us. We have done everything so that the process of making an application for a rental does not require a large number of documents and excessive time expenditures. That is why it takes only a few minutes to book a car for rent with us, and you only need a driver’s license and passport from the documents. Moreover, our clients do not even have to personally visit the office of TS car hire Bulgaria to rent a car in Dobrich. Order a delivery service for the car you are interested in, and you can hit the road in a rented car immediately after leaving the airport.

Dobrich is rich in many sights. The house-museum of Y. Yovkov is very popular among tourists. It is dedicated to the works of the famous Bulgarian writer. The writer began to present his works to the world in 1902. At first he paid attention to symbolism, and then he began to write prose and stories. He graduated from Sofia University. After some time, a military theme was observed in his publications. After the death of the writer, all works were translated into several languages. In the house-museum there is a natural setting, books, shelves. Apart from this, there are historical items and a collection of weapons.

In 1953, the city history museum was created, which was dedicated to the preservation of the historical and cultural heritage of Dobrich. Through constant excavation and historical research, many unique exhibits have been found. So on the shores of Lake Durankulak, the world’s largest prehistoric necropolis was discovered. The curriculum did a lot of research and put it in a museum. Today the museum stores more than 180 thousand exhibits. Exhibitions are often held where you can see medieval necklaces, collections of beautiful icons and much more. Anyone, regardless of social status, can visit this place and get acquainted with the ancient history and culture of the area.

The Silistra Historical Museum has become a frequently visited place. It was founded by the Romans and the first name of the settlement was Durostorum. The city was conquered in 969 by the Kiev prince Svyatoslav Igorevich, then the Russians captured it. In 1899 the first museum was opened in the city. It is divided into two parts: archaeological and ethnographic. The Ethnographic Museum tells about the culture and everyday life of ancient people. Various costumes, clothing, tools can be seen by visiting the museum. The archaeological part contains monuments from different eras, as well as various collections of historical objects. Tourists will be interested in going on an excursion to this place.

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Car hire in Bulgaria Dobrich from TS rent a car Varna

TS rent a car Varna has cars for every taste, color and wallet size, from small cars to premium sedans. All rental cars listed on the site are in excellent technical condition, and the highest level of our service will help you in any unforeseen traffic situation, regardless of the weather and time of day. Several thousand tourists have already been satisfied with the car rental in Dobrich from TS rent a car Varna. Contact us and see for yourself that car rental is not something difficult, long and unprofitable for a long time. With companies like TS rent a car Varna, today renting a car in Dobrich, or any other major city in Bulgaria, is no more difficult than calling a taxi, and the pleasure of owning your own vehicle greatly improves the overall impression of your vacation.

It is hard to imagine a Bulgarian city without a church. In Dobrich there is the Church of the Holy Trinity. This is an Orthodox church, which is the emblem of the city. It was built on the foundation of another temple that was destroyed. Local residents made a great contribution, actively bringing donations for the construction of the temple. The church has acquired a beautiful architectural structure that attracts many visitors. The room is beautifully decorated with various stone elements. The frescoes were made by the best masters, and Ivan Kasev took care of the iconostasis. Reconstruction was carried out in 1997.

The charming city of Varna is located 50 km from the city. Take advantage of the car rental service and go on a journey that will give you an unforgettable experience. Already a large number of tourists are convinced of the quality and comfort of services. Affordable prices and a large selection of machines attract a large number of customers. In addition, in addition to the outskirts of the city, huge expanses of the wonderful country of Bulgaria open up. Going to Varna, you will be delighted with the beauty of the city. Many architectural and historical buildings built in the style of the Renaissance, are a decoration and one of the main attractions of Varna. Historical streets create a special atmosphere that allows you to feel the spirit of the Bulgarian people. There are also many fascinating and informative places worth visiting for tourists so that this trip will be remembered for a long time. The museums will tell you about the life, history and culture of the ancient inhabitants of the area. In theaters and operas, you can enjoy wonderful performances and acting skills. The city’s cathedrals have not yet left indifferent any visitor. The luxurious structure, beautiful decorations and a special atmosphere are admired by all foreigners and guests of the country. The city is famous for its restaurants where you can taste traditional Bulgarian dishes. Shopping lovers will be able to go shopping in shops and shopping centers, where prices are fairly fair. There are nightclubs, bars and discos where you can actively spend your time. In addition, there are many unique historical sites in the vicinity of Varna that will catch your attention. The city will charm you with its beauty and give you a lot of positive emotions.

Holidays in Dobrich will bring a lot of pleasure and help you get away from the daily hustle and bustle. You can have a great time going on excursions, as well as visiting the magnificent city of Varna. By using the services of a rental car, you can save time and provide comfort for yourself and your family.

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