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Upon acceptance of the rented vehicle
Upon acceptance of the rented vehicle from you, the representative of TS Rent a Car will help you to look the vehicle for any scratches or damages. All observations are recorded in acceptance protocol. Check the mileage on the car you hire and that all the lights work properly. If you recognise any problem, please do not forget to tell it to our representative.
Its very important before you drive off with already the rented car to get to know it better. Look, where turns signals, which side is the tank gas, how to handle the lights and wipes. Note also in seeming ordinary things like what colour is the car you hire, what model, what is the register number- this will no risk to lose in the first time you park in the parking of large Mall, road or a busy place. You can check very carefully the road map in the car in advance to draw the route that will take. If in the car is not a map our representative will provide you if you need it.Its necessary to ask how:
– To adjust the mirror
– To set up your radio before driving.
– To ask how to adjust front and rear windows.
-To find out which side of the steering lever is to include indicator.
– To ask of the windshield wipers.
– To understand how to turn on the lights.
– To understand how to turn on the high beams.
– To find the location of handbrake.

In return the rented car
Fill the tank gas to the level where you rented it. Look for forgotten things belongs to you, look in the trunk. If in case you forget something, you do not need to worry, we will immediately contact you. Start your amazing trip with the service of TS Rent A Car!

Driving in Bulgaria Tips from TS Rent A Car
In Bulgaria, only drive in the right side of the road.
The minimum age for driving is 18. For the tenants of TS Car hire- 21 age.
To drive you need of valid drive license. The citizen of EU and Switzerland has rights to use their national driving licenses, because Bulgaria is a member of EU. If your country is beyond EU, Russia or other country you can use their driving license for period of twelve months. It is mandatory to use safety seat belts on front and rear seats. It is forbidden passengers under 12 years old travel on the front passenger seat. It is mandatory driving during daylight with lights on from first of November until first of March.
TS Rent A Car advise all customers to drive with light on throughout the year. The use and handling of mobile phone is prohibited unless if you use a hands free device. .

Speed llimits:
In place/ school and villages/ – 50 km/h
Out of place/ major roads/ – 90 km/h
Motorway: – 130 km/h

Tips for parking in Bulgaria from TS Rent A Car

Authorized parking place in the towns are marked. In the cities there are areas for parking markes with Green or Blue, where you can park after paying a fee for the selected period by SMS on phone: 1302 or an officer of “Parking and Garages”. Paying is per hour. After you send the message you will receive a confirmation message, that the payment is successful. You will be notified on time by SMS before the end of your prepaid period. In the cities you can find many paid parking. The price is about 2 lv. per hour.

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