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Sunny Day is a beautiful luxury resort. Many tourists come here from all over the world, so this resort can be called international. Sunny Day is 10 kilometres from Varna. Book a cheap car rental in Sunny Day from TS rent a car Varna and make your holiday unforgettable and comfortable. Car rental services on the company at Sunny Day – TS car rentalVarna is profitable and high-quality, you just need to contact our representatives. More recently, this resort was a health resort of state husbands, and now an elite resort with a lot of beautiful and cozy hotels with pools with mineral water, which attracts many tourists with chronic diseases of any nature – because mineral water is healing. Nearby is a dolphinarium, where you can always enjoy an aqua show. Endless beach, warm sea and huge amount of sun, it’s all Sunny Day. Coming to the resort to relax, every day you spend will be really sunny and pleasant. Taking a car for rent in Varna – Sunny Day you can always diversify your holiday, organize independent excursions by rental car from TS rent a car Varna. After all, there are so many interesting and picturesque places. Give yourself a nice car ride. Renting a car in Varna – Sunny Day is easy and does not make any difficulties. This can be done even before you come to Bulgaria – go to the website of the car rental company – TS car  rental Varna and order a suitable model for you and your family. Using a car for hire by the company TS rent a car Varna is cheap, convenient and pleasant. Our representatives will always advise you the best option available.

rent a car varna sunny day
rent a car in varna sunny day

You can visit Sunny Day not only in summer, but also in winter, as there are two balneological centers all year round. These centres are equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and staff have a high degree of expertise. This resort attracts tourists who need professional medical care. Order a rental car from TS rent a car Varna and use it unlimitedly, so your holiday will be even more comfortable and pleasant. It is also home to the largest casino variety show in the entire Balkans, as well as many discos and nightclubs.
The resort is perfect for those who love all the best, and wants their holiday to be held at the highest level. On the very shore of the sea there are four hotels that can accommodate about 1,020 people. Every year, Sunny Day Resort receives an award as the best and most environmentally friendly. The great privilege of the resort was the crystal clear air saturated with oxygen and mild climate. Nature itself creates the best conditions for staying here. Nearby is a park where you can see the rarest plants.
Thanks to the mineral waters and air, which has special properties, any guest of this place has the opportunity to improve their health. There are special centers that will help in this matter and provide all the services for you.
Many tourists are happy to visit the resort Sunny Day, as it has a lot of attractions. There is a great opportunity to go on a tour to the nearest cities. They are organized by the resort, so everything will be at the highest level. You will be able to visit such places as Varna, Balchik and others.
Nessebar is a masterpiece, one of the most beautiful places in Bulgaria. Its architecture is so amazing and unique that today Nessebar is admired by the strictest critics. Even those people who do not understand anything in construction and architecture will appreciate Nessebar on the highest scale. Another feature was that there is also an underwater Nessebar. The fact is that many years ago part of the city went under water, and nowadays we see only a small part, but there is also a large part, which can also be seen underwater in good weather.
One of the oldest cities in Bulgaria is Varna. Many tourists are happy to go on a tour of this city to admire the ancient buildings, which do not cease to amaze with their unique architectural structure. Also Varna is a lot attractive, as it is an economic and cultural center, a lot of museums and other attractions.
Another town that does not leave indifferent guests of the country is Balchik. There are also many interesting and beautiful buildings, colored houses, which makes the city more vivid. Especially Balchik is beautiful during the rapid flowering. It is impossible not to admire the beauty of the city in spring and summer. No wonder that tourists love this place so much.

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car hire in varna sunny day

Cheap car rental Varna, Sunny Day from TS rent a car Varna

Sunny Day itself is not a big resort, and there is nothing outstanding about it. But it is perfect for relaxing with family. There are many playgrounds for children as well as various adult entertainment programs. Particular attention is attracted by the dolphinarium, which is not far from the resort. This place just fascinates everyone who gets here. There is also a wide range of marine and above-ground entertainment that will make your holiday more interesting. You will be able to spend your day actively and at the same time enjoy the beauty and nature that will take care of your health. Music festivals are held every year. A large number of people want to take part in it.
The sunny beach resort is perfect for those who want to actively spend their holidays and at the same time improve their health. It’s also a perfect place for business tourism. There are special halls where you can hold meetings, presentations and conferences. The best service and conditions are provided.
Thus, you can have a great time, both in the Sun Day itself, and on excursions to the nearest places. There is a bus and routes that will show you an unforgettable trip. You will be able to actively spend your vacation with your family, as well as restore your health. Rent a car at Sunny Day from the company TS car rental Varna arrange visits to local attractions while on vacation.

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