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Kavarna is located on northern coast of the Black Sea in Bulgaria. The landscape of the city is flat, flat and hilly. Near the sea is located hard to access Chirakman, with almost vertical slopes. In the past Chirakman is incised kilometers into the sea, but at some point it becomes very strong earthquake and it collapses, and then effect of water erosion formed its present appearance unavailable. On its flat plateau have been preserved ruins of fortresses, churches, ditches, where even today conducted archeological excavations and research. The resort town is located close to the famous resort of Balchik, 48 km from the sea capital Varna. Kavarna is a beautiful and picturesque resort. It is known for its character, intense cultural and tourist life. Major events in the cultural sector have transformed the traditional Bulgarian Youth International fest “With Bulgaria in the heart”, attractive Mussel and Fish Festival, the National Festival of Amateur Theatre with international participation, celebration of the sea, and many others.
Kavarna is recognized as the rock capital of Bulgaria. Famous artists and ensembles visiting Kavarna from early May to late September. Kavarna town is attractive not only as a tourist center, but also for its long history of cultural and historical attractions. Here are carried out numerous archaeological excavations and finds from underwater expeditions that attract the attention of many foreign scholars and specialists. All that you can see and visit by booking a car from rental company TS Rent A Car, which also allows you to navigate easily along the northern coast. Kavarna is situated in a large green area with beautiful beaches, a rich variety of vegetation and picturesque landscapes. All tourists in Kavarna will be satisfied by choosing holiday here because this charming and wonderful town has everything for everyone. Book a rental car and enjoy the beauty of the northern Bulgarian Black Sea coast. The ancient town of Kavarna has an interesting history. There are many things you can see and feel, this place attracted people since ancient times, so the car rental TS Rent A Car are providing you with this opportunity, and it is at reasonable prices and high quality. In the city there are many different types of tourism such as monitoring and photographing the flora and fauna – the wide variety of birds attracts tourists around the world, contributing to the Kavarna municipality to become one of the favorite places for the development of ornithological tourism (Ikantalaka, Yailata, Valley of the Yellow and Bolata) and typical steppe vegetation areas and rare species listed in the Red book of Bulgaria. Also here you can enjoy Golf tourism. If you intend to stay in Kavarna and you need a car you can contact us by phone or send us e-mail, which are listed on the website of TS Rent A Car or to contact our representatives on the company for cars rent TS Rent A Car. Booking a car can be done before your arrival in Bulgaria. With car rental your vacation will be more relaxing and interesting. Hiring a rental car is very easy and advantageous because a taxi will cost a lot more. The first people in Kavarna were Thracians, followed by Greeks and later the Romans lived here. Later in Kavarna moved Slavs and Proto-Bulgarians. From the ancient times are found fragments of the mighty fortress of the XIV century Klaserka. You can also make camp and sleep under the open sky, because there are many campsites and small resorts around the nature. Use the services of a company car rental TS Rent A Car and make your holiday more interesting and rich. With a car rental company TS Rent A Car you will have time and opportunity to visit the most amazing ancient sites on the north coast and to make a tour of Bulgaria. Car rental Kavarna.