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Shkorpilovtsi (pronounced Shkorpilovci) is a resort village on the Black Sea coast in Bulgaria. The resort of Shkorpilovtsi is located 35 kilometres from the city of Varna and is distinguished by its picturesqueness and spaciousness of endless beaches. The name of the village came from the surname of the brothers of the explorers Shkorpilovtsi, and the ancient name of the resort – Fandykly, which means – Hazelnut garden. If you are planning to spend a holiday in this picturesque resort village and you need a car, you can order a car for hire in Shkorpilovtsi. Order for a rental car in Shkorpilovtsi easily, by just going to the website of the car rental company in Shkorpilovtsi – TS car hire Varna and choose from the catalogue a suitable model. The car can also be rented at the airport in Varna. A car to rent in Shkorpilovtsi is a very convenient option to make your holiday comfortable and reduce the high cost of transport. Shkorpilovtsi is an affable and exceptionally quiet place for a family holiday. The resort is located between the two famous resort towns of Byala and Kamchia. Having a hired car available for you, will always be easy to diversify your holiday visiting these beautiful places. If you rent a car in Shkorpilovtsi, you will have the opportunity to visit a variety of places in the Northern Black Sea. You will be able to travel comfortably to the maritime capital of Bulgaria – the city of Varna and see all its sights. Thanks to the services of the car rental company in Shkorpilovtsi – TS rent a car Bulgaria, your vacation will be more complete and interesting. In the vicinity of the resort of Shkorpilovtsi is the reserve “Kamchia sands.” Having a rental car in Shkorpilovtsi you will be able to see it all and have a good time. Shkorpilovci is known for its endless beaches and white cliffs, luxurious meadows and greenery. The landscape of the resort is very similar to the Mediterranean landscape, and in the vicinity of Shkorpilovtsi there are the remains of 4 ancient settlements. Renting a car in Shkorpilovtsi, you can visit all these interesting places. To diversify your vacation, for example, you can organize fishing, as in the vicinity of Shkorpilovctsi flows the Kamchia River. Using a rental car in Bulgaria, Shkorpilovtsi you will be able to spend your holiday and feel at home. After all, a car is an invariable part in the life of a modern person. Thanks to the opportunity to rent a car in Shkorpilovtsi, your vacation in Bulgaria can become the most suitable.
Shkorpilovtsi is a quiet place for rest and vouchers will get tourists who want to enjoy indescribable natural beauty and want to sunbathe in the sun freely. The village is famous for its environmentally friendly area. Relaxing here, you are unlikely to find an expensive hotel, a luxury restaurant or a trendy nightclub. Fans of noisy and active rest will not like staying here. For tourists there are campsites, designed usually up to 10 people. We have built a hotel here, which offers the opportunity to stay. There are places where you can eat, there are also small cafes and small restaurants, there are different delicious dishes, but special are fish dishes. In every cafe, try traditional Bulgarian food, which will impress you with its variety.
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Shkorpilovtsi is rich in mineral springs, the water in which has healing properties. Such diseases are treated: gynecological, neurological, skin, respiratory, musculoskeletal apparatus.
If we compare large and well-known resort places, Shkorpilovtsi will impress with its low prices. The width of the beach is one hundred meters and the length of thirteen kilometres and it is the largest beach in the country. Here you can settle down in a spacious way, without bothering to search for a free place on the beach. In a rented car in Bulgaria, Shkorpilovctsi you can go to Cape Cherni Nos through the Stara Planina, where in the summer time there are festivals of different groups, connoisseurs of rock music can have a great time here.
It will only take ten minutes to get to Shkorpilovci in a rented car and visit the Happy Land Children’s Entertainment Centre, based on cartoons and fairy tales. Northern, ten kilometres away, next to the entertainment center is “Kamchia” – a well-known children’s recreational wellness complex. The Sea Dunes, which have an area of 10,000 sq m, can accommodate about 640 children. Thirty-five kilometres away is Varna airport.
Tourists often come to this resort, as here you can safely take a break from daily worries and forget about all the bustle that reigns in this world. Shkorpilovtsi is not far from the well-known city of Varna, so if you want, you can go on a tour and see all the sights of the city, which are not enough. You will be surprised by the beautiful architectural and historical buildings that were built more than a century ago, but still, have survived and are by far the most visited places in Bulgaria.
Getting to Shkorpilovci will not be difficult. You can drive from the airport by bus, or by car, which is provided by the company TS car hire Varna. It will be much more convenient if you book a car in advance in Bulgaria, Shkorpilovtsi. A car which you will be suitable for your luggage, as well as considering the number of people. This place is often called a paradise. And not at all surprising, because what could be better than a clean beach, blue sea, bright sun and sea air. A lot of tourists come to this beach every year to relax and enjoy the beautiful nature. The water in the sea is crystal clear, so it attracts even more visitors, and thanks to the clean ecology, this town has received the title of protected area of the country.
A favorite place for tourists has become a cape, on a hill that offers a beautiful view of the sea, as well as the city. This place attracts photographers with special attention. After all, how not to capture such beauty. Many young couples in love dream to hold a wedding photo session here, as well as their honeymoon.
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In addition to the sea and the beach, you can enjoy the beautiful dense and green forests. The most memorable is the smell of sea air, which interrupts the aroma of coniferous trees. Very often, doctors recommend patients to come to Shkorpilovtsi to breathe fresh and clean air. It is said that such air can cure many diseases. Therefore, this place is very popular, everyone wants to breathe healing air and feel the amazing atmosphere of not a big, but very popular town.
You can stay in one of the houses, which are rented by locals, or in some recreation centre. The living conditions are sure to please you. What better way than waking up in the morning and seeing the blue sea and breathing sea air. Rest in this place will help you regain health as well as enjoy the romance that soars in the air. A special pleasure can be delivered by an evening walk along the shore. Many restaurants will be available at your disposal. Bulgarian cuisine has always stood out for its uniqueness and uniqueness. This beach has a family environment where you can relax and enjoy your holiday.
That’s not the end of the charm. You will always have the opportunity to get acquainted with the nearest cities and villages. There is a regular bus to one of the largest cities in Bulgaria, Varna. Well, if you rent a car in Shkorpilovtsi, then no problems will arise. There you can enjoy the city life, where are a lot amazing historical places, as well as active nightlife. Nightclubs, bars, discotheques are always open and ready to receive new guests. You can also go shopping and buy anything you like. Of course, it is worth mentioning the walks along the streets of Varna. There you will see a lot of interesting and exciting. Don’t miss the opportunity to get a closer look at the city’s culture and art by visiting museums and theatres. They will impress you and leave a lot of good memories.
Rest in Shkorpilovtsci creates a romantic atmosphere. You can always have a good time with your family and enjoy the amazing nature. Crystal clear air will help to get rid of many diseases and will make rest much more pleasant.
Book a cheap car at Shkorpilovtsi from our company TS rent a car Bulgaria advance, and then your trip will be not only comfortable and convenient, but also very attractively cheap.

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