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Car hire Plovdiv airport - Bulgaria, information, guide

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Rent a car Plovdiv airport Bulgaria

Airport Plovdiv Bulgaria is international. Located on 10km south east from Plovdiv – the second airport in Bulgaria. The destination between Sofia and Plovdiv is about 130km – about half hour takes on highway. Also, about a kilometer from the airport railway station Plovdiv destination Plovdiv-Asenovgrad. From Plovdiv there are many quick and easy access to the ski resorts of Borovets and Pamporovo, which are 90 and 60 km from the city. Only 140 km is another popular ski resort. Within a radius of 50 km near Plovdiv has many mineral springs, spas and resorts – Pavel Banya, Hisar and others.Plovdiv is 15 km from the Rhodope Mountains known with many benefits – it is a natural landmark, here you will find numerous monuments of cultural, spiritual and historical significance. Per year, Plovdiv Airport serves a large flow of visitors to Bulgaria. The airport offers regular flights – England (London ), Germany (Frankfurt – Hahn), Moscow ( Domodedovo ) – seasonal flights ( starting December 27, 2012 – to April ) as well as charter flights to Moscow ( Vnukovo ), Krasnodar, Nizhny Novgorod, Rostov – on – Don, Dublin, Belfast, Rome, Paris, Hamburg, Malaga, Valencia, Munich, Dusseldorf, Kiev, Odessa and others.
Plovdiv Airport also serves domestic lines – Sofia, Bourgas, Varna. Plovdiv Airport is also known Krumovo name comes from the village of Krumovo, which is not far from Plovdiv. The airport serves charter flights throughout the year. The airport is easily accessible – there are comfortable places to otpochivka, cafes, restaurants, shops, medical center, places of exchange, free Wi – Fi, offices of real estate services and car rental. Any passenger arriving in Plovdiv can immediately after landing to inform companies offering car rental and book car hire Plovdiv airport Bulgaria. Please contact the company TS rental cars at airport Plovdiv Bulgaria and it will give you everything you need. Plovdiv is a very interesting city, there is a very ancient history, and the city is full of cultural, historical and archaeological finds. To have time to visit all these ancient places, public transport or taxi – is not the best options. Since the replacement bus service takes a long time, and a taxi will be expensive. Therefore we advise you to book your car and travel around the city and suburbs, and why not in Bulgaria – will be much more enjoyable and convenient. Also, booking a rental car can be done by phone or e-mail before you come to Bulgaria. On the website of the company TS rent a car Plovdiv airport you will find available contact information by which you can contact the company before and after arriving in the country.
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Plovdiv airport Bulgaria is a modern and functional airport complex, which serves more than 1,000 passengers during peak hours. There is free car parking – with over 50 parking spaces for cars and 20 buses. The airport provides bus transportation to all international passenger airline – carriers. Usually, Plovdiv airport is used as a backup to the airport and other major airports in Bulgaria in case of flight delay. The territory of Plovdiv Airport is also located office registration offices, shops, waiting rooms, arrivals and departures of domestic and international routes.
Plovdiv is located on the banks of a large river Maritsa. Also, Plovdiv is also called “The City of Seven Hills ” because it is located at the foot of the seven hills, at this point there are only six hill, as one of them was blown up and destroyed. This appears symmetrical shape in the city. Plovdiv is very famous for its beauty, history and events of cultural, social and economic life. Every year a large International Plovdiv Fair, which attracts many companies and companies from all over the world. The event was attended by over 30 countries!
In the city there’s always something to do. There are wonderful restaurants overlooking the old town, offering a rich menu of traditional cuisine, a variety of galleries and museums, especially for tourists and guests regularly organize various tours around the city and surrounding resort famous sights of Bulgarian villages. The atmosphere in Plovdiv is very special, it is always sunny and has an interesting romantic moment and perfection. In Plovdiv, you can always spend your time and relax. At any time, you can rent a car at airport Plovdiv and do a lap on the track of your choice. You can visit all the interesting places near Plovdiv, not necessarily give a hope to a travel agency. You are free to travel around the region by car rental. TS car hire Bulgaria offers favorable conditions, and navigation device GPS, so you never get lost and you can travel comfortably with the whole family.
The city is not less active and exciting nightlife with a variety of night clubs, each of which offers a great service and certain styles of music. Often organized performances of popular Bulgarian singers and foreign musicians. Nightclubs in Plovdiv have a diverse atmosphere, pleasant and have always worn a good mood. TS car rental Plovdiv airport Bulgaria offers car rental service: a car with a driver. This service is much easier for guests who find it difficult to navigate the unfamiliar city and country. Representative TS rent a car – driver car hire will take you anywhere in the city and the country, so you can fully enjoy the journey.

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Cheap car rental in Plovdiv airport from TS rent a car Plovdiv, Bulgaria

Upon arrival in Plovdiv and Plovdiv airport, have a great opportunity to rent a car at TS Company car rental in airport Plovdiv, Bulgaria that offers car rental at the best prices. TS rent a car airport Plovdiv Bulgaria will provide you with a reserved car rental at your preferred time and place. Company representative TS car hire Bulgaria Plovdiv airport will meet you with a car at the airport or railway station in Plovdiv, will take you to your hotel, and then give you all the necessary documents, car keys, a map of the city and the country, and will explain all the most popular routes – so you do not have to wander around the city and to save time until you find the desired track or road.
To order or to book your car you can do at any time, no matter by phone, email or personal contact. Company representatives TS car hire Plovdiv airport Bulgaria always presents its services quickly and efficiently. No need to wait and postpone plans to spend time in Plovdiv. If you are visiting for the first time Bulgaria and Plovdiv, TS car rental Plovdiv airport Bulgaria advise you to rent a car with a GPS navigation device, thanks to him your journey will be easy and comfortable as well as a preferred destination for you. To do this, all you need is to connect only with TS rent a car Plovdiv airport Bulgaria, choose your favorite car model, specify the date and time of residence in Plovdiv.

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