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The largest city in Turkey called the center of the world. It has existed since the year 326, when Constantine the Great hasfounded. Originally the city has been called Byzantium, it was also called Constantinople, Istanbul. Istanbul is a world metropolis, which fascinates with its mystery and ancient history. The city is situated on two continents: the eastern part of the city is in Asia, and the Western in Europe. To the south stretches Marmara Sea and the North – Black Sea. Two amazing bridges connect the two continents.
The history of this romantic city, dates back to ancient times. Beginning of the magnificent metropolis began in 326, when Emperor Constantine I the Great declared it the new capital of the Roman Empire.
If you decide to visit this unique city will need to hire a car. Istanbul has many attractions, but to enjoy them fully, it is best to book your car. Company TS cheap car hire at Istanbul Airport will give you the best prices and first class service. The main objective of TS car hire Istanbul Airport – to find the best option for your excursions.
If you decide to have holiday in Bulgaria , but before that you want to visit Istanbul, the most convenient way for you is by ordering a car. Book by company TS car hire Istanbul аirport, car rental, then your trip will be comfortable and unforgettable! You have many options: you can take a car from the airport and return it to the airport in Istanbul, or get it from the Istanbul airport and return it to Bulgaria or Greece, you can rent a car in Bulgaria or Greece and return to Bulgaria or Istanbul. You can book a car from Aiprot Istanbul by phone or via the Internet, thus ensure your comfortable stay.
Undoubtedly, the territory of Istanbul has many attractions that all visitors should visit.
Square ” Hippodrome ” has one of the most famous historical monuments of Istanbul. Here are the Blue Mosque and the former church “St. Sofia “, which is now a museum . The name of the field is due to the fact that during the reign of Constantine I – this place served as the racecourse . You can also see an Egyptian obelisk (transferred from the Egyptian temple of Apollo), which is considered to be the oldest historical monument in Istanbul, Serpentine Column , Column of Constantine the Great and Fountain of Wilhelm II (a gift from the German Emperor).
There is no doubt that all the sights are not on the list, however, can enumerate the most famous and those who need to see during your visit to the city.
One of the mandatory attractions – Palace Topkan. Translated from the Turkish, name of the castle means ” port guns” Topkan is the main palace, the seat of the administration of the Ottoman Empire 1465-1853, palace is located between the Golden Horn and the Sea of  Marmara in Istanbul and charming with its views of the Bosphorus. Topkan consists of many buildings, castles surrounded on all four sides . Barn built in 1456 by order of Sultan Mehmed the Conqueror. In the palace will feel the spirit of Ottoman architecture. It is known for its rich collection of porcelain, robes , weapons , shields, armor, Ottoman miniatures, Islamic calligraphic manuscripts and wall decorations.
Another important building – this is the Sultan Ahmed Mosque, Muslim temple, built between 1609 and 1616 years of Sedefkyarem Mehmet Aga by the order of Sultan Ahmed I. Because of its colors – blue, green and white, but also because of the interesting granite mosque in Europe is known as the “Blue Mosque”. This is the first mosque in the Ottoman Empire with its six minarets. Along with the other buildings around the mosque creates Kyule ie Islamic complex library and madrassas (Islamic schools).
Grand Bazaar (Grand Bazaar) – This is the oldest and one of the largest covered markets in the world, built in the period from 1455 to 1461 year. The complex consists of 12 major buildings and is located on 58 streets. On campus has more than 4,000 stores, including restaurants, cafes, two mosques, and others. In shops selling leather, clothes, shoes, furniture, jewelry, cakes, souvenirs. The complex has become the heart of Istanbul and is annually visited by about one million people.
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Addition to all attractions need to dive into the spirit of the city – walk the streets to enjoy the magic of this ancient city to go on these small streets that hide romance. Have dinner at a restaurant overlooking the beach, eat seafood, drink beer and wine. Eat doner kebab, Balik-ekmek. Feel all the beauty and magic of the city, its history and traditions.
If you want to visit this romantic city, now is the right time to order the car. And if you decide to combine a holiday in Bulgaria and Turkey will be most convenient to travel by car rental. TS cheap rent a car at Istanbul Airport offers impeccable service and friendly attitude. Refer to company employeesof TS car hire Istanbul Aiprot and they will help you to find the best offer and car hire. Book car hire at competitive prices. Ordering car hire is easy to do, just go to the website of TS cheap car rental Istanbul Aiprot , choose a suitable model from our store and contact our specialists for car rental.
Istanbul has two airports – both of them are located close to the city center and the airports are quite big, they are well known for its excellent service and friendly staff. Airport “Ataturk” – is located in the European part of the city, 24 km from Istanbul city center. On the airport you can take a taxi, metro, bus, without doubt, the most convenient way to travel – booking car.
Airport has four terminals, depending on the flight. Here, for your convenience, there are many restaurants, shops, restaurants, cafes, known as Starbucks, Nerro, Coca Cola. For your convenience, the territory of the airport building has Wi-Fi, and the hotel offers all amenities to its guests. In addition, the Bank operates the airport, post office, official delegations rooms, conference room and much more.
The airport is open daily, serving many international flights. Daily routes are Paris, Rome, Vienna, Baku, London, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Beirut, Athens, Amsterdam, Warsaw, Moscow, St. Petersburg, Stockholm, Casablanca, etc. almost the whole world! Therefore, the airport is among the busiest airports in Europe and worldwide.
“Sabiha Gokcen” – is the second international airport, which is located on the territory of Turkey. It is named in honor of Sabiha Gokcen Airport – the first woman pilot in Turkey, the first woman in the world – military fighter pilot. Airport promises to open up new horizons for Turkey, just as it did Sabiha Gokcen.
The airport is located in the Asian part of Turkey, 34 km southeast of the center of Istanbul. Airport building was built because of the large number of tourists who come to the city.
The airport offers all the amenities: there are many shops, cozy cafes – Fly Cafe, Coca Cola coffee, restaurants – Mc Donalds, Burger King, pharmacy, bars, duty free shops, free Wi-Fi internet, a health center, luggage storage. You can also use two prayer rooms – one of them is designed for women, and another – for men; VIP services, which consists of Hall of official delegations, meeting room and more.
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