Frequently Asked Questions when renting a car in Bulgaria

If you need additional information or cannot find the answer to your question here, contact us via our Contact page or at +359 895 351 360.

How to contact us?

  • Contact us by phone +359 895 351 360
  • e-majl: info@bgrentacar.eu
  • our contact form in CONTACTS page

Is it necessary to make an advance payment when booking the car?

  • No, after you receive an e-mail confirming your reservation, we guarantee the delivery of the selected car without requiring advance payment.

Do I need a credit card to book a car?

  • No, with us you can make a reservation through site form or by phone without the need to have a credit card.

What do we guarantee after booking?

  • car group;
  • gearbox type;
  • the presence of air conditioning;

How to book a car?

  • You can book a car through our website or by phone +359 895 351 360

Can I change the car after I have made a reservation?

  • Yes. If you want to change or cancel your car reservation after you have made it, please use the form to change a reservation from the menu on our website or call +359 89 5 351 360.

Where can I rent a car?

  • You can rent a car from the address you specify, our office or from Sofia Airport, Varna or Burgas.

What documents do I need?

  • Valid driving license and personal ID

What is included in the price?

  • The price includes toll – vignette for the territory of the country, civil liability insurance, round-the-clock telephone support, car replacement in case of an accident.

Can I rent a car from one address and return it to another address?

  • Yes, but upon prior request and extra charge.

How much is the deposit for cars?

  • The car deposit is from € 50 to € 200 for different makes and models of cars and is payable at the time of rental.

How can I pay for the car?

  • TS Rent A Car accepts cash / BGN, €, $ /, American Express, Mastercard and Visa.

When is the car rental paid?

  • Car rental and deposit are paid at the time of rental, cash, credit or debit card.

Is the price of the rental car fixed at the time of booking?

  • When booking, the price of all services you have booked for the rental period you have specified (rental services, additional services, equipment, fees) is fixed

Is mileage limited (daily mileage)?

  • We offer cars with unlimited mileage when renting for more than 4 days, less than 4 days, the limit is 150 km per day.

Is it possible to travel abroad with a rental car?

  • Yes it is possible. In this case an additional service is issued for travel abroad for a fee.

What happens in case of violation of traffic rules?

  • In case of violation of the traffic rules an additional fee is charged. The fee is specified in the lease agreement.

What to do before getting in the rental car?

  • Inspect it and make sure it is in good condition. If you find any damage that is not mentioned in the contract, notify the employee of TS Rent A Car so that he can put the appropriate mark in it.
  • Check for additional equipment (if included in the contract). Additional equipment (GPS, child seat, winter tires, bicycle chains, ski brackets, etc.).
  • Find out the type of fuel.
  • Make sure you have the telephone number of the TS Rent A Car information service

When will my deposit be returned?

  • Immediately after the end of the rental

What documents will be required upon receipt of the car?

  • Personal ID
  • Driving license

In what currency is the payment made?

  • We accept all types of currencies. You can choose the currency in which the payment will be made. When you pay the rent, inform the TS Rent A Car employee in what currency you want to pay.

What is included in the standard reservation?

  • Usually the standard reservation includes liability insurance. Sometimes additional insurance coverage can be included in case of theft or accident with deduction, ie. with the limit of liability of the tenant.
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