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Ribaritsa is a beautiful village of Ribaritsa in the Lovech region, located 12 km from the beautiful town of Teteven. The village is located at the foot of the Stara Planina Mountain in the Teteven Balkan region. The village of Ribaritsa is known for its picturesque nature, crystal clear air, favourable climate and many cozy hotels and guest houses. Book a car rental in Bulgaria and take advantage of the favourable prices of the car rental company in Bulgaria – TS cheap car hire in Bulgaria. If you often have to come to Bulgaria, you can become a regular customer of our car rental company in Bulgaria – TS cheap car hire in Bulgaria and get a club card. With a loyal customer card, you can use all the bonuses, concessions and promotions of the car rental company – TS cheap car hire in Bulgaria. You can order a car rental in Bulgaria even before arriving in Bulgaria. Go to our website and contact our specialists who will take care of you and provide you with a car for rent on the day of your arrival in Bulgaria.
Since Ribaritsa is located in a very interesting and beautiful area, using a car rental, you will be able to visit all the other historical and natural attractions of this part of Bulgaria. You can visit not only the beautiful Ribaritsa and its periphery, but also the most beautiful towns and villages, caves and reservoirs, as well as mountain routes. If you like off-road travel, then the area near Ribaritsa will suit you perfectly. Book a car rental in Bulgaria, for example a suitable SUV and enjoy off road adventures. The town of Teteven is located nearby, the village of Koprivshtitsa and the town of Panagyurishte, where the Panagyurski treasures are kept, are not far away. All these historical and cultural sights of Bulgaria, you can travel around using a car rental in Bulgaria. The Ribaritsa resort itself is one of the most beautiful and cozy places for the whole family. This fabulous village is strewn with coquettish cottages and summer cottages, small hotels and comfortable guest houses. Here, ancient traditions still live – old mills continue to grind, weavers weave bright rugs, the famous plum brandy is bubbling in old cauldrons, and the skillful hands of local women make delicious jam from wild berries, and Balkan feta cheese is produced here according to old recipes. talented craftsmen create beautiful things and objects from wool and wood. Not far away is the Central Balkan National Park, and one of its green gems is the Tsarichina Nature Reserve. Contact our experts for car rental in Bulgaria, reserve a car rental or SUV for rent at competitive prices. You can use the cars of the car rental company TS cheap car hire in Bulgaria in any season, unlimited. By car rental in Bulgaria, from TS cheap car hire in Bulgaria, it will be comfortable and interesting for you to travel throughout Bulgaria.
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First of all, you will need to make sure that your vacation goes without problems and in complete comfort. As already mentioned, Ribaritsa is famous for its cozy hotels and inns. There are really very good conditions that will make your vacation much more pleasant. You can pre-book your rate at one of the hotels by filling out an application on one of the travel sites. In addition, if you have unforeseen circumstances, you can always refuse the order and it will be completely free. Apart from hotels and inns, it will be possible to rent a holiday cottage or a family hotel. The variety of choices is sure to delight you. It all depends on your requirements and financial capabilities. Bulgaria has always stood out among other European countries, with not high and affordable prices. It will also provide you with the comfort of a rental car, which will always take you anywhere. We advise you to make an order in advance and go on a trip already prepared. Indeed, it very often happens that tourists spend a lot of their time looking for a normal hotel or cannot wait for transport for a long time. This is tiring and only ruins your holiday. Therefore, you can always prepare in advance so that everything goes at the highest level. Bulgaria always cares about its guests and provides the best services.
You can stay at the Ribaritsa resort all year round. Nature never ceases to amaze and brings new surprises every season. In winter everything is covered with snow, and in summer the forests turn green and create a gorgeous view. Since Ribaritsa is not a large village, tourists can feel the cozy atmosphere and warmth. When big metropolises and constant noise, as well as endless city bustle, bore you, you want to take a break from everything and find peace. This village is perfect for this category of people. Many tourists say that this place allows you to separate from the hectic and hectic world, that you feel like you are entering another dimension, where you can forget about all your worries. Nobody wants to leave this place, and they try to enjoy every minute spent in the village.
The village of Ribaritsa is also called the starting point for hiking. This is a great opportunity for visiting tourists to go to the most beautiful places. From the village special paths have been trodden, along which tourists can easily hit the road. Bulgarians pay special attention to the April Uprising and everything connected with it. On the way from Ribaritsa, you can walk to the place of death, one of the fighters of this uprising, and feel the atmosphere that was created by the locals. If you have enough patience and strength, then in a few hours you will be able to reach the highest point of the route – the top of Golyam-Shalya. This place has become popular among tourists, as it offers the most beautiful view. Hiking can be done in any season except winter. Because of the snow, it will be difficult to climb to the top, and besides, it will also be dangerous.
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Ribaritsa is perfect for picnics, outdoor games, and a pleasant pastime. This village creates all the conditions for its guests, so those who once came here dream of once again being in this amazing place.
A feature of this village is also the fact that you can make car walks. There are special routes, thanks to them you will enjoy the beautiful view that mysterious Bulgaria will open for you. Well, for this you, of course, need a car. Do not be discouraged if you do not have transport, as this country allows you to rent a car in Bulgaria at affordable prices from TS rent a car Bulgaria. Thus, you can appreciate all the beauty and all the vastness. Most tourists do this.
After all, if you find yourself in a country like Bulgaria, you can’t help but take the chance to see all its charms and attractions.

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