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Panichishte, cheap car hire in Bulgaria, guide

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The ski resort village of Panichishte is located among the beautiful and ancient forests of Rila Mountain. There are many resorts, guesthouses, villas, spas and cozy hotels. There are also ski lifts with beautiful ski slopes. The ski resort Panichishte is located at an altitude of 1350 m, on the border with Rila National Park and near the town of Sapareva Banya, which is one of the most popular resorts in Bulgaria. If you are not in Bulgaria by car, but you need it, then our company TS cheap car hire in Bulgaria will provide rental car or SUV for you.

Panichishte resort offers a variety of entertainment for tourists. You can go hiking to the mountains; enjoy the clean air, the eternal majesty of the forests, the fabulous mountain landscape and the sun. There are also many ski facilities. Along the entire walking route, there are tourist guesthouses in the mountains: Rila Lakes, Pionerska, Lyubov, Vada, Skakavitsa, and Seven Lakes – where you can always spend the night, warm up by the fireplace, try traditional Bulgarian cuisine and just have a nice time. Evening in the company of friends. This area is an interesting natural object. Order an SUV for rent in Bulgaria and travel to all the interesting places in the area of Panichishte. The rental company TS cheap car hire in Bulgaria, offers the best prices for car rental. Do you come to Bulgaria often? Contact our car rental company in Bulgaria and we will provide you with a club card for a regular customer, thanks to which you will be able to use all the discounts and bonuses of the car rental company in Bulgaria TS cheap car hire in Bulgaria – this is your right choice.

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There are several ski slopes in Panichishte:
• “Bekjara” – alpine ski slope at 470 m, with a ski lift serving 280 people per hour.
• “Ajdena” – children’s ski slope with lift “baby” – slope 400 m, the lift serves 250 people per hour.
• Children’s trail 200 m, near the tourist house “Pionerska”.
• 5000 m cross-country ski run, which will soon have a firing line for biathletes.
• Guest house in the mountain “Pionerska”: Ski slope 400 m, with a ski lift for 350 people per hour. Toboggan run at 1130 m.
• Guest house in the mountain “Seven Lakes”: slope 300 m with a ski lift for 250 people per hour.
• Guest house in the mountain “Rila Lakes”: slope 950 m, with ski lift for 700 people per hour.
* Ski equipment rental, as well as the possibility to hire a ski instructor.
* From the guesthouse in the mountains – “Pioneer” to the tourist house “Rila Lakes”, there is a double, bench, cable car with a length of 2200 meters, which serves 960 people per hour.
You can order a cheap car hire in advance before arriving in Bulgaria by phone. You can also send car rental requests to our specialists at our email address. The car rental company TS car rental Sofia Airport, will ensure reasonable prices for rental cars!
Panichishte became popular not only because of its ski resort, but also because of its sports center. Here you can find a wide variety of tracks, which are divided for children, beginners and professionals. No one will feel uncomfortable. There is a place for anyone who wants to have a great time. Well, for those who want to master a new sport for themselves, they can use the help of qualified teachers. They will be happy in and provide their services. You can come here with children, families, friends, with any company. There are many different sports competitions, so those who wish can even take part in them and test their abilities. Here not everything ends only with skiing, but there are also courts for basketball, football, volleyball, where various competitions are constantly held. For sports fans, this place is ideal.
There are many attractions in this resort. Many tourists like to go on various excursions. This is not surprising because there are so many beautiful and amazing places nearby. In just one hour, you can reach the capital of Bulgaria, Sofia, but this is if you go by car. Therefore, in each own comfort in and advise to cheap car hire in Bulgaria. In this city, you will see many interesting and useful things. After all, Bulgaria has always been known for its rich cultural life.

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Cheap car hire in Bulgaria, Panichishte from TS car rental Sofia airport

Not far from Panichishte is Sapareva Banya. It is believed that this place has the hottest mineral waters. Mineral waters are the most valuable wealth of Bulgaria. Here you can improve your health by undergoing certain procedures. The spa is also famous for its healing mud. Sapareva Banya also has many attractions. In the distant 1859, a church of 40 martyrs was built. The church is surrounded by parks with many monuments and antiques. Some of them were discovered during archeological excavations. At the top of the mountain, there is another church of the Mother of God. It is unique in its structure. The church consists of four columns, which are beautifully decorated with gilded images.

Another place that is popular among tourists arriving in Panichishte are the seven Rila Lakes. The most surprising thing is that the water in these lakes is so cold that it is impossible to even hold a hand in it. This is not surprising, they are of glacial origin. Seven they Lakes also have their own names. This place is very attractive for both tourists and locals. The seven lakes are a landmark of the Balkan Peninsula. A fabulous place that simply mesmerizes. The most interesting thing is that the members of the White Brotherhood like to come here in the morning and meet the sunrise. They also perform their rituals there.

The resort borders a national park and Rhyl and that is very popular among tourists. There you can find the soul in and wishes. There are many different entertainment centers, restaurants, shops, and amazing nature. It will not be enough to spend a day in this place. You simply will not have time to see all the charms and advantages of this park.

In this way, tourists can relax wonderfully not only in the sports resort, but also to visit the neighboring areas and admire their beauty. Bulgaria will never cease to amaze its guests with its beautiful nature and sights. Also worth mentioning that there are, mineral waters and hot springs that will help to improve your health and car hire from TS car rental Sofia airport will make your holiday more enjoyable.

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