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Belitsa is a resort town in Bulgaria, which is located in a mountainous area, among the Rila National Park. The main value of the city is the amazing nature, which has been preserved to this day in perfect condition and is considered virgin. This happens very rarely these days, so the resort is appreciated not only in Bulgaria, but throughout Europe. The magic of this place attracts a large number of tourists from all over the world. The city is home to 3334 people. The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Bulgaria was born here in 1949-1950. Attractive streets, from which the aroma of flowers emanates, create a romantic atmosphere, and fresh mountain air has a beneficial effect on health, which is why Belitsa is so fond of the guests of the country. There is a temple and a mosque here.

You can stay in one of the city’s hotels, which offer their customers good service, comfortable rooms and not bad services. The rooms have bathrooms, TV, internet and everything you need to use. There are also restaurants where you can taste delicious Bulgarian dishes as well as European ones. For guaranteed comfort, use our online booking and they will be waiting for you at the hotel to provide all the best for a wonderful holiday.

But not only Belitsa hotels can boast of a high level of comfort and the ability to order rooms online. The company TS car rental Sofia airport, which has been successfully operating in the car rental market in Belitsa and other large cities in Bulgaria, is not far behind them. You can also rent a car from us literally without leaving your home. To do this, you just need a phone and some free time. Call us and see for yourself that using TS car rental Sofia airport – car rental services is no more difficult than calling a taxi or ordering food to your room.

The nearest ski resort, which is located just 17 km from Belitsa – Semkovo. There are various types of accommodation, hotels, cottages, bungalows and others. Several interesting sights can be found in the area of ​​the city. Favorable conditions for skiing. Several trails of different lengths and lifts are provided. Cycling trails have also been built. All the necessary sports equipment can be rented at a low price. Guests have the opportunity to ride a sleigh to the nearest resorts. Very often, visitors to the Belitsa resort visit this place, as well as, on the contrary, from Semkovo to Belitsa. Due to its convenient geographical location, you can go on excursions to neighboring resorts.

There are several attractions nearby Belitsa, where you can go on an excursion. The Dancing Bears Park has become very famous. It occupies a large area. The park has the best conditions for bears to live in their natural environment. The park is surrounded by dense forests, green meadows and lakes. Very often the veterinarian comes and checks the condition of the animals. Bears have a specific and unpredictable nature. Previously, they toured with gypsies in the largest cities in Bulgaria, and then they were bought out and placed in this place. It was a painful life for them. To make the animals dance, it was necessary to go through the hardest process. The bears were placed on a hot plate and began to play the “gadulka”. From the hot touch, they had to move from paw to paw. At this moment, the animals were in terrible pain. Then, at the sound of music, they began to move from paw to paw out of habit. This was called a dance. In addition, they were very poorly fed, so they often got sick and died quickly. Therefore, the park for bears is a real paradise. The owners take great care of the animals. When they are awake, they are looking for food, and the staff deliberately scatters it in different parts so that the bears, just like in their natural environment, look for food. Among all the bears, Gosha is considered the most formidable. He did not want to live with his brothers, and did not let anyone near him. But one bear managed to find an approach to him. Now the animals are completely safe, and all this thanks to the funds that have paid attention to defenseless bears. Visit this place and admire the beautiful creations.

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To rent a car in Bulgaria from TS car rental Sofia airport means to entrust your comfort and peace of mind to professionals in their field. Long years of work in the car rental business in Belitsa, Bulgaria as well as in many other cities of the country, have made the booking process for car rental as fast and convenient as possible for our clients. We, unlike other companies working in this field, try not to tire people with collecting countless documents in order to approve an application for car rental in Bulgaria. We only need a passport, a driver’s license and the desire to rent a car. It is this quality, along with a wide fleet of cars offered for rent, as well as a high level of service and support on the road, that brought TS car rental Sofia airport to the leaders in the car rental market in Belitsa.

In addition to natural delights, you can visit the charming town of Bansko, which is full of historical and cultural values. To reach it, rent a car and make the most unforgettable journey. The company will provide you with affordable prices, a large selection of machines and safety. Bansko is famous for its excellent ski resort, which has many slopes of varying difficulty and length. Separate trails are provided for beginners and children. There are also special training schools where you can learn a new sport, as well as improve your skills. Qualified craftsmen offer their services to the guests of the resort. All necessary sports equipment is rented. In addition to the ski resort, Bansko is famous for its attractions. The city is home to the Holy Trinity Church, which is beautifully decorated. The walls are painted by masters of the past, ancient frescoes have been preserved, which attract a lot of attention from visitors. There are also museums that house exhibits found during archaeological excavations. There is a disco in the center of the city, so young people will definitely not be bored. An interesting interior, a large selection of drinks and excellent music attracts a large number of tourists. Another entertainment place is the music cafe, which is also located in the center of the resort. It has a pleasant environment, live music and friendly staff.

It is worth paying attention to the house museum of Neofit Rilski. It was opened in honor of a highly revered church leader. The respected Rilski family helped to hide the activists who fought for the liberation of Bulgaria from the Turkish occupation. The house has two floors. Tourists with great interest go to this museum to get to know the culture of the people better.

Having come to TS cheap har hire in Bulgaria, and just once using the opportunity to reserve and take a car, you will never again use the “traditional” methods of transportation such as taxis or buses. Just imagine – you no longer have to adjust to the routes of public transport, and also stand at stops in the rain or summer heat, waiting for the next bus. You no longer need to order a taxi, and after a long time explain to the driver where and which route you would like to go. Now you can simply take the phone, dial the number of TS cheap har hire in Bulgaria, choose from the whole variety the car that you like, name the time and place where you would like to get your transport and, after a short wait, go by car, rented in Bulgaria wherever you wish. Do not mistakenly believe that renting a car in Bulgaria, Belitsa will cost your wallet too much. Believe me, active movement around the places of interest by taxi will cost much more, and the level of comfort that you get from owning a private transport will be invaluable. Take the opportunity to rent a car with TS cheap har hire in Bulgaria and you will not regret your choice!

There are many interesting places in Bansko that will help make your vacation much more exciting. Going on a trip, take care of your comfort and rent a car. Then there will be no obstacles in your journey, and you can also significantly save time. Plus, you won’t find such low prices and good service anywhere else. You can order a car in advance and choose the model you like the most. In addition to Bansko, you will have the opportunity to visit other cities in Bulgaria, see famous places and enjoy an unforgettable trip.

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Cheap rent a car in Bulgaria, Belitsa from TS car rental Sofia airport

Belitsa, Bulgaria is an ideal place for a good and interesting holiday. Here you can relax with children, with friends and even explore new spaces alone. The resort is popular not only among foreigners, but also among Bulgarians, as well as businessmen who hold various conferences, presentations and other events. Due to its convenient geographical location, you can go on excursions around the surroundings, as well as visit the well-known ski resort of Bansko, where you will find many entertainment centers and cultural values ​​of the country. The great advantage of the resort is its wonderful nature and clean air. Such an atmosphere will help to relax and restore lost strength. It`s a good opportunity to recharge with positive energy and get an unforgettable experience about this place. The rest will pass as best as possible, and you will return home already a renewed person, inspired and ready for new achievements. Nature itself will take care so that you can enjoy your wandering through the fabulous country of Bulgaria.

Do not forget that comfort plays an important role in an excellent vacation. Make sure that you and your family can move around the country without any problems and rent a car in Bulgaria. In addition to the car rental itself, TS cheap car hire in Bulgaria offers various additional services, such as the delivery of your chosen car to any part of the city, which allows you not to visit the office of our company in person, which is especially important in the context of a global pandemic, as well as providing advice to its clients on how you can get to certain points of the city or landmarks of the country that interest you.

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