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Tsarevo is one of the most favorite resorts among tourists in Bulgaria. The city is ancient, so a lot of interesting things can be seen while at the resort. It has its own history. Over the centuries the city has changed its name, and only today it has acquired a permanent one – Tsarevo. The city gradually grew and developed. At one time it housed a Greek school. Due to the fact that it is in a very convenient location, shipbuilding and fishing began to develop here. Today we can see the remains of a fortress in the city. This city had to go through a lot, but nevertheless it is perfectly preserved to this day. Tsarevo has amazing nature, beautiful mountains, rivers and bays. Here you can have a good time for those who are looking for peace and quiet. Most of all, tourists are attracted by prices. This is a budget vacation, although no worse than other resorts. An ecologically clean city has already received many titles; here you can enjoy the beautiful nature and sea air. The sports complex is well developed. There is a stadium, you can go diving and surfing, as there is a special school. Therefore, everyone can master a new sport. This city has a romantic atmosphere. You can walk along the promenade in the evenings and enjoy the amazing sunset. There is also an opportunity to visit restaurants and cafes of the city, where you can taste delicious Bulgarian cuisine. You will not regret ordering wine, as Bulgaria is famous for its high quality and delicious wine. They grow vineyards that grow in favorable conditions and in a good climate, which is good for the wine.

And having a way to quickly move around the city will help to influence the quality of your rest. The classic version with buses and taxis is not suitable for everyone, because it is rather uncomfortable to tie yourself to the time and routes of public transport, and in a taxi you can easily be deceived by deliberately overstating the cost of the trip. The best solution to this issue would be car rental in Tsarevo. Fortunately, there is a large company on the car rental market that has been engaged in its craft for many years – TS car hire Bourgas airport.

You will have no problem where to stay, as there are excellent hotels in Tsarevo that are always ready to receive guests. You will be provided with excellent service, you will be satisfied with the warm welcome and cozy rooms. New complexes were built with the best conditions, so your trip to Bulgaria will be guaranteed in comfort. You can also rent apartments, houses, or even camp and sleep outdoors. You can go on excursions to other cities and explore the new expanses of Bulgaria. To do this, you can use the services of a Bulgarian company and rent a car. Then you will have the opportunity to visit not only the outskirts of the city, but also many other cities that are full of amazing sights. Tourists are attracted by prices and comfort, thanks to which any trip becomes much more pleasant and interesting. Most importantly, the company guarantees your safety. If you are going on a trip with your family, then this will be the best choice for your vacation.

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The main attraction of Tsarevo is the Strandzha National Park. Here you can visit the Silkosia nature reserve, which is one of the oldest in Bulgaria. A variety of plant species that are listed in the Red Book can be seen in this park. There are also beautiful animals, so it will be very interesting for tourists to go on an excursion to such a wonderful place. In addition, not far from the resort there is a botanical garden, which grows fruit trees, exotic plants and much more fascinating for foreigners. As you have already seen, Tsarevo will impress you with its amazing nature, which will give you the best impressions.

TS car hire Bourgas airport can provide no less good impressions about your vacation, ready at any time to quickly, efficiently and inexpensively provide car rental services in this beautiful city. It only takes a few minutes to book a car hire in Tsarevo or Bourgas Airport with us, and the enjoyment of having your own transport, with the ability to independently plan the time and routes of your trips, will continue throughout your vacation. You don’t need a lot of documents, because we are constantly working towards simplifying the process of renting a car in Tsarevo and other large cities in Bulgaria as much as possible. That is why in order to rent a car from TS car hire Bourgas airport, you just need to contact us by any of the communication methods available to you, whether it be a phone call, a message in a messenger or an e-mail, indicate the brand and the model of the car you are interested in, name your passport data and driver’s license data and that’s it – you already have the option of booking a car rental. Moreover, for those people who, for some reason, cannot personally visit the office of TS car hire Bourgas airport, we offer an additional service for the delivery of a rented car to any time and place throughout the territory of this resort town, which is especially important in conditions of a worldwide pandemic.

The Church of the Assumption of the Virgin, which was built around the eighteenth century, attracts much attention among tourists. Earlier, on this place there was another church, but during the invasion of the Ottoman power, it was destroyed and this one was built on its basis. You will be delighted when you walk inside. Historical and cultural values ​​are kept here. The wooden iconostasis is most appreciated. For Bulgaria it is a very valuable attraction, therefore it is very popular among many nations. You can also visit other churches and cathedrals. As you know, the Bulgarian people especially value spiritual things, therefore there are a lot of churches in this country, which speaks of strong faith. Many tourists who have visited temples in Bulgaria say that each church has its own atmosphere, which is saturated with spirituality. Leaving such places, you can feel the fulfillment and renewal.

“Nestinar dances” became the main cultural value. This is dancing on hot coals. This rite came from paganism and is widely welcomed in the country. Such dances can be seen on big holidays. They were created in honor of Saints Constantine and Helena. This custom has survived to this day and is very popular. Many people want to see the “nestinar dances”.

You should definitely visit the wonderful town of Tsarevo, which is rich in historical and cultural values. It is a very large city with many interesting sights. You will be surprised by the architectural structures and huge buildings that have been preserved since the Renaissance. Walking along the streets, you can feel that you are transported several centuries ago. Historical and archaeological museums are very rich in exhibits here. You can see the life and work of ancient peoples, clothes, objects and a lot of interesting things. You will not be left indifferent by parks that are full of entertainment. A feature of this place is clean air, despite its large area. Cathedrals and temples almost always delight visitors. They are large in size and beautifully decorated both outside and inside. Ancient frescoes, wall paintings and icons look very impressive. A lot of work and art of the best masters was invested in the construction of these temples. Now anyone can see all the beauty and beauty with their own eyes. In order to visit all the best sights of the city, one day may not be enough for you. You will not regret staying overnight in this amazing place and visiting the nightclubs. For young people, this is the best place to meet new friends, listen to great music and just have a good time. Local restaurants are famous for their variety of cuisine and delicious Bulgarian dishes. Don’t miss the opportunity to taste exotic dishes. You will love the city at night, as it does not fall asleep, but only comes to life and lights up with night lights. By visiting Tsarevo, you can get to know more about the history, culture and traditions of Bulgaria.

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Car rental in Tsarevo, Bulgaria from TS car hire Bourgas Airport

Our car rental services in Tsarevo have already been used by many thousands of people who have left a lot of positive feedback about our work. We always try to keep up with the times, optimizing the process of booking a car rental in Tsarevo, so that our clients will definitely come back to us. Try to rent a car from our company TS car hire Bourgas Airport at least once, and you will forever abandon the “traditional” methods of getting around the sights not only in Tsarevo, but also in many other resort towns in Bulgaria and a number of other countries. Anyone who has a driver’s license can book and rent a car from us, and the cost of our services is pleasantly surprising. Thanks to the wide fleet of cars offered for rent in Tsarevo, anyone can find a car not only to their liking, but also to their pocket. If you want to save money on travel – take a small “runabout”, and if you want to move more comfortably, we are ready to offer you a roomy minibus or premium sedan. An individual approach to the wishes and tastes of each client is what distinguishes TS car hire Bourgas Airport against the background of other companies providing similar services.

Thanks to the convenient location of the resort, you can have a wonderful time. Therefore, Tsarevo is suitable for both lovers of quiet rest and active people. You can practice your favorite hobby, water sports, go hiking and most importantly, be surrounded by amazing nature. Fresh and clean air has a beneficial effect on the physical condition, so you will feel a surge of energy. A good opportunity to get rid of all worries and get rid of stress. The calm atmosphere will help you to relax, and excursions will make your vacation much more enjoyable and informative. You will be able to come here with your family and children. In addition, vacationing in Tsarevo is not at all expensive, so people with a limited budget will be able to enjoy their trip and get a lot of new emotions and impressions. You will remember such a trip for a long time, and you will want to return to this cozy place again. What could be better than being alone with nature and paying attention to your family and friends.

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