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Pomorie is a beautiful resort town on the Black Sea coast. The city is a peninsula and on all sides the sea washes its shores. Pomorie has become a more famous resort town in the last few years among foreign ones because of the international festival of Orthodox music “Decent eats.” It is one of the largest forums in the world in the field of Orthodox music. The festival annually gathers more and more participants and guests. Every year more and more tourists from all over the world come to Pomorie. In Pomorie and near the resort are many interesting and ancient places. Order a rental car from TS car rental Pomorie and you will be able to move freely around the city and beyond. A car to rent in Pomorie will also be useful for independent excursions to the nearest cities – Sozopol, Nesebar, Burgas, Sunny Beach and others. Everything is close here and having a car for rent from TS car hire Pomorie, at any moment you can visit these resorts for a change. Pomorie is a very ancient city, its history dates back to about 25 centuries of existence. There is also a salty healing lake, where medical mud is mined. In Pomorie there are many health centers, boarding houses and sanatoriums. Order a cheap rental car in Pomorie from TS rent a car Burgas and move quietly around the city. With a rental car you will be much easier to move around and more comfortable too. There are beautiful and old churches in Pomorie. St. George’s Monastery is famous. Since Pomorie is divided into “Old Town” and “New Town”, the distance to walk is not small, so a car for hire from TS rental car Bulgaria will be very handful. The car rental company TS rent a car Burgas offers profitable offers to customers who need car rental services. In Pomorie it is never stuffy, as there is a wind intersection. The pomoranian peninsula and wind are always present – the air is extremely fresh. Order a car for rent from TS rent a car Burgas on the Internet by visiting the website of the car rental company – TS rent a car Burgas and your car for hire, will be waiting for you on the day of your arrival in Bulgaria on the place of your arrival.

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Pomorie is one of the resort towns of the Black Sea coast, where a large number of visitors spend their holidays every year. There are a lot of opportunities for tourists, and the car to rent is perfect for you in this will help.
Taking advantage of a rented car in Pomorie, you are given the right to go and see most of the city’s heritage, dine in a good restaurant, go shopping and visit the sights outside the city limits. Of course, renting a car in Pomorie will allow you to move around at anytime and anywhere, it is very convenient, there is no need to expect a local bus, or to spend on a taxi.
One of the cultural attractions is the 4th century antique domed tomb, which is located in the western part of the city. Here, it can be noted, the implementation of various magical pagan rituals. Tourists can enter the crypt where the Thracians of high positions were buried. Previously, the tomb belonged to a wealthy family. It is believed that the walls of the tomb were decorated with murals, from which only green plaster remained. The Balkan Peninsula does not have similar buildings in which the architectural work and masonry method would be so skillfully executed. Often there are architects of different states to solve the dome structure.

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One of the most valuable attractions two kilometers north of Pomorie, which can be reached by a rented car, is Pomeranian Lake. This lake is protected, the water here is very salty. In the south, the lake connects the canal with the Black Sea. The sand here is black because of the iron oxide. It’s always sunny on the ground. The lake at the bottom has black mud, which is used to treat various skin diseases, joints, cosmetology. Next to the lake is the Salt Museum, which allows you to learn more about the technology of salt extraction from the end of the 5th century BC. Many species are listed in the Red Book. The area is equipped with signs with information.
Lovers of religious heritage can drive a car rental in Pomorie Bulgaria –  to the Church of the Nativity of Our Lady. In 1890, the church was built by the master Usta Gencho and is a popular destination among visiting Russians. Russian icon painters have become performers of icons that are in the temple.
You can also drive a rented car To St. George’s Monastery, the men’s monastery of the Black Sea coast of Pomorie, built in the early 19th century. The monastery appeared thanks to the legend associated with the fact that the Turkish bay – Selim was able to recover here. The shrines are a bust of St. George and an icon of St. George the Victorious, stored in the monastery.
One of the oldest buildings of the Middle Ages is the Temple of Our Lady, built in 1763. The oldest icon preserved in the temple is an icon painted in 1762.
The brilliant poet Peyo Yavorov spent a lot of time in a place called the Jaw Rocks. Here he found creative inspiration for his works when he saw unusually beautiful rocks.
in Pomerania Convenience, beach entertainment can bring satisfaction to its guests. The Pomeranian is rich in cultural, natural, archaeological heritage, existing in the Ancient Period. A trip to Pomorie will become for you the most real gift and renting a car in Pomorie from TS rent a car Burgas will help you in the variety and comfortability to visit all the remarkable places.

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