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Chernomorets is a small and charming village in Bulgaria. It has a very convenient location, which allows you to go on excursions to Burgas and Sozopol. At this resort you will find everything you need. Thanks to the well-developed infrastructure, there are schools, a bus station, a hospital, restaurants, cafes. This place is ideal for families. Especially, Chernomorets has become a favorite place for those who are tired of big and noisy megacities. After all, there is a calm and quiet atmosphere, which allows you to take a break from the daily hustle and bustle and get closer to nature. The great privilege of this place is the opportunity to stay in one of the hotels or inns, or arrange a camping and spend the night in the open air. Chernomorets creates an amazing environment in which to relax well. This small village breathes romance. You can have a great time walking around the area. In the evening, you can listen to the musicians playing various instruments, enjoy nature sitting by the fountain and visit excellent restaurants where delicious cuisine is prepared. You should definitely try traditional Bulgarian dishes that will not leave you indifferent. There are also four beaches here, which are different from each other, and each of them has its own atmosphere. Due to the fact that the beaches are located in bays, the water in the sea is crystal clear. You will have the opportunity to watch the sunrise and sunset as the beach is conveniently located. It will be very clearly visible. There are many different types of entertainment that will make your vacation much more interesting. You can always ride a catamaran, scooters and water skiing. For those who like fishing, it will be possible to do their favorite hobby if you sail into the depths of the sea. This is a great opportunity to make a wonderful dinner. Also, a lot of entertainment was created for children. A variety of merry-go-rounds, swings, slides, will help make your children’s vacation fun and memorable. Because the sea is shallow at first, the safety of your children is guaranteed. The water warms up by twelve o’clock, so you can swim from morning to evening. You will certainly be delighted with the clean sea air and bright sun. Here you can relax well in order to come home with renewed vigor.

TS cheap car rentals Bugras airport, ready to offer you to rent a car in Chernomorets quickly, inexpensively and with a minimum set of documents, will help to contribute to a pleasant pastime in this resort town. You can literally rent a car in Chernomorets from TS cheap car rentals Bugras airport without leaving your home. You just need to contact us by phone call, or simply by writing us a message, name the brand and model of the car you are interested in, inform the operator of your passport details and some information from the driver’s license, and, after a short check of the information you provided by our security service, you access to the opportunity to car hire in Chernomorets from TS cheap car rentals Bugras airport will open.

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The village has a very pleasant climate, which is ideal for a good rest. You will find many different sights to help you get to know Bulgaria better and introduce you to its history and culture. This is an amazing country that has retained a lot of beauty. You will be delighted if you go on excursions to the nearest neighborhoods and cities. For more convenient movement, be sure to use the service of a Bulgarian company and rent a car. Thanks to this, you can go on an unforgettable journey and meet many amazing adventures. Security will be guaranteed. The company provides an opportunity to choose any car you like. The prices are affordable, which attracts many tourists. This is the best way to get around if you are traveling to Bulgaria with your family. It is very important to create comfort so that there are no inconveniences or other problems. You can order a car in advance, which will ensure you complete comfort. The family will be happy, as the car opens up great opportunities to go on an excursion not only around the village, but throughout Bulgaria. You will be able to see the sights of this country, which are known throughout the world. This opportunity does not appear often, so do not miss it.

Also, do not miss the opportunity to quickly and profitably rent a car in Chernomorets, using the car rental services from the leader in the market TS cheap car rentals Bugras airport. We, as a modern and dynamically developing company, try to simplify and optimize the booking process for car rental for our clients as much as possible. That is why practically anyone who has an international driver’s license and some free time can rent a car in Chernomorets from TS cheap car rentals Bugras airport. Believe me, renting a car in Chernomorets with us will be a little more difficult than just calling a taxi, and the pleasure of driving a rented car will last throughout your vacation.

Due to its convenient location, tourists like to go on excursions to Burgas. It is a large and very rich city. The history and culture of the Bulgarian people is kept here, so this place attracts a large number of visiting guests every year. Chernomorets is part of the Burgas region, so it will not be difficult to get to it, especially if you have your own car. In this city you can see many historical sites, museums, theaters, architectural buildings that will take you several centuries ago. You will be delighted with the construction of ancient churches and cathedrals, wonderful work has been invested in them. The best masters worked on the icons. Also, no one remains indifferent to the frescoes. Such works help to get better acquainted with the art and culture of ancient peoples. Although it is a big city, there is very clean air that blows from the sea. This makes the city unique. You can visit the national park, which is full of entertainment. A wide variety of plant species are found in this place, so walking in the park will leave the best impressions. Historical museums contain ancient exhibits that remind of the life and work of ancient peoples. You can see clothes, utensils, craft items, weapons, and more. This diversity attracts many visitors. You will definitely be impressed by the restaurants of the city. Delicious cuisine is prepared here. There will be a huge selection for your attention, so everything will depend on your preferences. Of course, many guests of the country want to taste the national dishes of Bulgaria. Bulgarian wine became an important part of the meal, which became famous for its uniqueness and originality. Many tourists bring it home as a gift or souvenir. Burgas is a big city, so there is an opportunity for shopping lovers to go shopping. Here you can have a great time just walking along the streets and admiring the architectural and historical buildings. Such a trip will be remembered in your memory for a long time and will leave the best impressions.

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Car rental in Bulgaria, Chernomorets from TS rent a car Burgas airport

And you can visit all the sights and other places of interest for you only if you have your own transport, because it is inconvenient to travel by bus because of the strict attachment to the routes and the time they follow, and in a taxi you can simply be deceived, counting on the carelessness and gullibility of tourists. Call TS Cheap Car Rentals Bugras airport and take a car for rent. This simple and inexpensive activity will immediately solve all your transportation problems, allowing you to go where you want, rather than suggested by your tour operator. The extensive fleet of TS rent a car Bugras airport allows you to choose exactly the car for rent that will suit you not only to your taste, but also will not hit your budget too much. If you want to spend your vacation without investing astronomical sums, you can reserve and rent a car with a small engine displacement, which will be a pleasure to drive in conditions of heavy city traffic. However, if you are not ready to sacrifice your comfort for the sake of the cost of renting a car in Chernomorets, we are always glad to offer roomy minibuses and executive class sedans. As you can see, TS rent a car Bugras airport is ready to easily satisfy the desires of any tourist coming to Chernomorets. It is this quality, coupled with the low cost of car rental and an individual approach to each client that has made us the leaders in the car rental market not only in Chernomorets, but throughout Bulgaria as a whole.

Another wonderful resort, which is located near the village of Chernomorets, is Sozopol. He became famous for his sights, which are appreciated throughout Bulgaria. The main ones are churches and chapels, which were built many centuries ago. Some temples have been preserved in excellent condition, which makes it possible to see history with our own eyes. Visitors say there is a special spiritual atmosphere here. Perhaps, Sozopol is one of the places in which most of the churches have been preserved. There are also historical sites in which there are ruins from ancient cities. It will be very interesting to spend time where history is still alive. It is not surprising that so many tourists want to go on an excursion to this modest place every year.

It is also possible to go on an excursion to Istanbul. You can buy vouchers and see the sights of the city, which borders on Bulgaria. Rest in the village of Chernomorets provides many excellent conditions for your vacation. You can enjoy peace and quiet, relaxing on the beach and walking around the city, as well as go on an unforgettable journey through the most beautiful cities in Bulgaria. This will help you get to know more about the history and culture of the country. The best part is that prices are very affordable here, so everyone can visit this wonderful place. In order for your vacation to be at the highest level, do not forget to use the car rental service and provide yourself, as well as your family, with complete comfort. Chernomorets will give you wonderful memories and new emotions that will make your stay here the best. This is a great way to relieve stress and find peace. Clean air and beautiful nature will be beneficial for your health. You will not regret choosing Chernomorets for your trip.

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