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Aheloy is not a large town in Bulgaria, which is located near Burgas. It keeps in itself the amazing history of the Bulgarian people, as well as those people who lived on this land. Quite a calm and quiet place where you can have a good rest from all everyday worries, noisy cities and heavy air. Here is a completely different environment, kind and hospitable people, fresh air, beautiful nature. Humans have not yet touched this clean place. You will not find large developments with hotels or other buildings, or noisy restaurants. Rest in such a place is more suitable for those who are looking for peace and quiet. You can do your favorite hobby by going to the clear river. Many tourists love to spend their time fishing. Freshly caught fish can serve as a good lunch or dinner. The resort is actively developing, so it will soon be much noisier here. Do not miss the opportunity to visit this cute town when everything is still in perfect condition. Already many investors and builders are interested in the city of Aheloy. Thanks to the good ecology, there are amazingly tasty fruits and vegetables here. You can simply pluck them from the trees and enjoy the clean food. Aheloy is famous for its beautiful beaches. Sandy coast and crystal clear sea, the most attractive that can be. It is a pleasure to be in this place. You can observe nature, watch the sunset and sunrise, breathe the fresh sea air and walk along the promenade. This setting will surely please everyone who comes here. The park, which is in the city Centre, attracts a lot of attention. You can spend a lot of time in coniferous forests and hiking. Very nice and mild climate. There will be no sudden changes in the weather and severe cold weather. Winter is tolerated quite mildly. You can visit the restaurants and cafes of the city, where delicious cuisine is prepared. Everyone knows that food cooked in the open air tastes better than ordinary food. All the products that are used in restaurants are of excellent quality, so you will definitely love it. You will, of course, have the opportunity to stay in one of the city’s hotels. Since the city is not big, prices will be affordable. This is another of the resort’s privileges. It is believed that Bulgaria has the most affordable prices compared to Europe. It is not surprising that so many tourists choose this particular country. It has always stood out for its hospitality. You will be warmly welcomed and provided with good and warm service.

In addition, warm and friendly service will be provided by the company dealing with car rental services in Aheloy – TS rent a car Burgas. In our wide fleet of vehicles, numbering more than 30 different cars, absolutely any tourist can find exactly the car that suits him both in price and in other parameters. If you want to save on fuel and car rental costs in Aheloy – take a small city car. If you come to Aheloy with a large group of friends or relatives, we are ready to offer you a spacious minibus. If you want to move in the comfort of business class, you can rent a powerful executive class sedan in Aheloy or Burgas.

car hire in burgas aheloy
rent a car in burgas aheloy

Aheloy has many attractions that a tourist can admire. Due to its convenient place, you can go on an excursion to many cities that keep historical values. The city of Burgas attracts a lot of attention. It is close to the resort, so if you have a car, you can go on a trip without any problems. A Bulgarian company will always be at your service, which can give you many types of cars. By renting a car, your vacation will be much more pleasant and comfortable. The whole of Bulgaria opens up for you. Having visited the beautiful city of Burgas, you will learn many interesting things about this country. It has many ancient buildings that have survived to this day. Buildings from the Renaissance are considered popular; the architecture is striking in its beauty and uniqueness. This city is historical; you will feel that you have moved several centuries ago. The old streets will remind you of ancient times and create a special atmosphere. Burgas is famous for its gorgeous churches and cathedrals, in which the delightful art of the people is manifested. This is not surprising, because the best masters of that time worked on them. Even today, you can admire these buildings, because they are the main attractions of the city. Apart from the historical sites, the city is also quite modern. Therefore, you can have a good time, having fun in nightclubs, discos, restaurants and shopping. The city is very popular with tourists.

In addition, TS rent a car Burgas will help you to visit exactly where you want without being distracted by route planning. By using our car rental services, you protect yourself from the painful waiting for buses, and you also do not run the risk of being deceived by unscrupulous taxi drivers, because here you pay only once, and you already plan the time and routes of your trips yourself. Renting a car in Aheloy from TS rent a car Burgas means wisely managing your precious time and money, since car rental, if you plan to move around Aheloy a lot, can significantly save resources so important for any tourist.

Even closer than Burgas is the amazing town of Nessebar. This is a mysterious place with many interesting sights. It is famous for its delicious cuisine, so do not miss the opportunity to visit one of the restaurants. You will be delighted with the Bulgarian cuisine, which has been delighting its guests for many years. Nessebar is one of the oldest cities in Bulgaria. Walking along it, you can enjoy the amazing old buildings, churches and the remaining ruins. Even to this day, archaeological excavations are underway. Many interesting exhibits were exhibited in the historical museum. Enjoy a walk through the old town and get many new impressions.

If you have rented a car, then you should definitely visit the beautiful capital of Sofia. This is an amazing place, and perhaps the most visited by tourists. The largest number of attractions is located in this city. Amazing buildings, museums, theatres, parks, you will find it all here. One day is not enough for you to see all the delights of the city, so count on at least a few days. The time spent in Sofia will be remembered for a long time.

Along with the rapid development of this resort town, the car rental market is also developing rapidly. That is why today you can rental car in Aheloy in just a few mouse clicks or one five-minute call. Contact our managers in any way available to you, indicate the car you are interested in for rent in Burgas or Aheloy, indicate your passport details and, after a short verification of the specified information by our employees, you can reserve and take the car. In addition, if you do not wish, or simply do not have the opportunity to personally come to the office of TS rent a car Burgas for your car, you can simply order the delivery of the vehicle to any point of the city convenient for you. Those. You can book a car before boarding the plane, and upon arrival in Aheloy, the car you need will be waiting for you at the airport. It is extremely convenient!

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Car rental in Aheloy from TS rent a car Burgas

You will not regret choosing Aheloy for your holiday. Here you can have a good rest from all the hustle and bustle of big cities, enjoy the fresh and clean air and get a lot of pleasure from excursions and travel around Bulgaria. This country is very hospitable, so you will feel it immediately. You can have a great time walking in the green parks. The city is also famous for its vineyards, so the wine is very tasty here. Many tourists buy Bulgarian wine to bring it home and treat their loved ones. Most likely, this has already become a tradition. This is a small piece of paradise that is ready to receive you and give you the most unforgettable experience. Perhaps, young people who strive for an active life will not be very interested in this place, although there is a great opportunity to spend romantic evenings with their friends, as well as go to noisy parties in Burgas. This is a good way to save your finances, and at the same time relax as well as in another large resort. Aheloy opens up an opportunity for its guests to do what they love, even on vacation. Various clubs here will keep you interested and make your vacation fun.

Tourists are attracted by excursions to the neighboring country, which borders on Bulgaria – Turkey. Such an exotic trip leaves many amazing and unique impressions, so you should definitely take this chance and visit two countries at once. There you can stay for a few days and see the sights of Istanbul. Huge mosques, big bridges, museums, you will simply be delighted. You should definitely try national dishes and fish under the Galata Bridge. It is distinguished by its freshness, and the best chefs will prepare it at the highest level. Such a trip will give you the best impressions and unforgettable emotions. There are many attractive places in Istanbul that you will not want to return home later. Rest in the city of Aheloy offers you the best opportunities for travel, as well as for a quiet and relaxing pastime. You will be able to relax well and get rid of all stress. The wonderful atmosphere will make your trip memorable.

In addition, our car rental company in Aheloy will make sure that those memorable moments are not overshadowed by anything. The high level of service, low cost of car rental, polite and professional staff, the possibility of delivery of the rented car and the absence of paperwork at the booking stage for car rental will only brighten up your vacation. Renting a car in Aheloy with TS rent a car Burgas is a guarantee of your comfortable rest on the sunny shores of not only Aheloy, but also throughout Bulgaria, because our company’s offices are located in all major cities of the country.

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