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Bachkovo is a small village located in the southern part of Bulgaria. The nearest town is Asenovgrad, which is located at a distance of 9 km. Plovdiv is 30 km away, and the capital of Bulgaria is 170 km away. A fairly convenient geographical location allows you to go on excursions to neighboring cities, which attracts the attention of tourists. There are not many residents in the village, 336 people. The mountainous terrain and good climate make this a great place to relax. Clean and fresh air will help you relax and have a good rest from everyday worries. Bachkovo is preferred by tourists who are tired of big and noisy cities. Here is a good opportunity to enjoy the beautiful nature and retire with your thoughts. Due to the continental climate, there are no sudden changes in weather. Winters are mild and easily tolerated, while summers are cool. The infrastructure of the village is well developed. There is everything you need for life: electricity, water supply and mobile operators. This allows you not to completely separate from civilization and is in comfort. The village also has shops, schools, a cultural center and other establishments. The streets are clean and asphalted for walking. There are several historical sites in Bachkovo that will help you get to know the past life of the area. The atmosphere in the village is unique due to the mountains and interesting buildings.

However, visiting this or another interesting place, of which there are a great many, will be quite problematic without the availability of personal transport. TS rent a car Plovdiv airport, which has been successfully operating not only on the territory of Bachkovo, but also throughout Bulgaria as a whole, will gladly help you to solve this problem. You can rent a car from us in the shortest possible time and with a minimum set of documents. Moreover, it is not even necessary to personally visit the office of TS rent a car Plovdiv airport to book a car for rent. All you need to do is call or write to our managers, name the brand and model of the car you are interested in, inform the operator of the passport data and that is it, you can fully use the car rental services.

You can stay at the Megdana hotel. Cozy rooms, free internet and good service are provided. There is also free parking for visitors, so you can come by your own car. Special playgrounds have been built for children, where they can have fun. The hotel offers restaurants serving delicious Bulgarian cuisine. You should definitely try the Bulgarian wine. Everyone knows that Bulgaria has a very good climate and ecology, which allows growing vineyards. The fruits grow of high quality and tasty, so the wine has an amazing taste. Online booking is available to ensure room availability.

Although it is not a large village, there are many attractions that attract a lot of attention from tourists. There is an amazing waterfall not far from the village. The height is ten meters. This is a wonderful natural phenomenon that leaves no one indifferent. This is a great place to relax in nature with your friends. You can have picnics, go hiking and have a good time in nature. For those who are tired of long walks, they can relax on the benches located near the waterfall.

bulgaria rent a car plovdiv airport
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The Bachkovo Monastery attracts a lot of attention. It is located in the Rhodope Mountains, near the town of Asenovgrad. It was founded back in 1083 by Gregory Bakurian and Abaziy. They left their inheritance for the construction of the temple. Tsar Ivan Alexander also made a great contribution. As a token of gratitude, his image was made on the arches at the entrance. An enlightenment school was also established where faith was taught. Patriarch Euthymius was also sent into exile here during the Ottoman rule in Bulgaria. This did not stop him, and he continued his studies. Over the years, the temple has experienced many events and was subsequently completely destroyed. Only in the fifteenth century it was restored and renovated. A special feature was the Church of the Holy Mother of God, which has been perfectly preserved to this day. It is admired by many visitors for its beautiful ancient frescoes and other decorations. A valuable icon of the Virgin Mary is also kept here, which is considered miraculous.

Many people think that car rental in Bachkovo, as well as in other cities of the country, is something long, risky, expensive and not convenient. Yes, it was like that before. However, today, thanks to the rapid development of the service sector in Bulgaria, it has become much easier to rent a car in Bulgaria. Take the opportunity to rent a car in Bulgaria from TS rent a car Plovdiv airport and see for yourself that renting a car in Bachkovo is no more difficult than just calling a taxi. The many years of experience of TS rent a car Plovdiv airport in its field, has allowed to hone the booking process for car rental to automatism, thanks to which you can rent a car from us in just a few minutes and without leaving your home. Just order an additional service for the delivery of the selected car to any point in Bachkovo, Bulgaria and at the appointed hour, our representative will be waiting for you along with a clean and completely serviceable car. Agree, in the context of a global pandemic, such a service is very relevant.

In addition, there are two more churches on the territory of the monastery – the Church of the Holy Archangels and the Church of St. Nicholas. Great masters worked on the architecture and construction of temples. Zachary Zograf contributed a lot of work, who painted beautiful frescoes. There are several illustrations from the Bible, especially from the book of Proverbs. The walls are beautifully painted, which makes this place unique. He painted several portraits, including his own. There is a museum at the monastery, where there are church items, objects for worship, art treasures and much more. The values of the church have been preserved for many centuries, and today every visitor can see them. For Bulgaria, churches play an important role. There are several temples in literally every city and village. They are a historical and cultural heritage; therefore, they are highly valued by the Bulgarians themselves. This shows the strong faith of the locals and reverence for God.

The historic medieval fortress of Asenova is also located in the Rhodope Mountains. It is believed that the founders of the fortress were the Thracians, and then the Romans and Byzantines were here. In the eleventh century, the Bulgarians used the fortress to protect trade routes. The restoration of the fortress took place thanks to Tsar Ivan. Today, tourists are invited to see only the ruins of this fortress, since for many years it could not be preserved in its original form. This place is simply amazing, as it keeps the history of the ancient inhabitants. There are several places near the fortress that will catch your attention. The famous Church of St. Mary Petrich, which was built in the eighth century, has become another attraction of the area. Every year, a large number of visitors go to the temple to see the beauty of the building and feel the spiritual atmosphere inside.

bachkovo car rental airport plovdiv
bachkovo rental car plovdiv airport

Cheap car rental in Bulgaria, Bachkovo from TS rent a car Plovdiv airport

The wide fleet of TS rent a car in Bulgaria offers everyone to rent a car in Bachkovo at the most attractive prices on the market. With us you can pick up exactly the car that you will not only like, but also affordable. If the client wishes not to spend a lot on rent and fuel, then we can offer to reserve and take a car with a small engine volume for comfortable travel in conditions of heavy city traffic. If, on the contrary, you do not want to save on your comfort, then we are pleased to offer you to take a premium class car or even a full-fledged minibus equipped with all the amenities and innovations available today. To rent a car in Bachkovo from the leader in the market of these services – TS rent a car in Bulgaria, means to entrust your comfort and safety to the best specialists in their field.

An excellent opportunity opens up to visit the city of Plovdiv, which is famous for its antiquity. There are many historical places in which the amazing history of the life of ancient people is kept. It is also the oldest city in all of Europe. Since ancient times, traces and remains of antiquity can be traced. During the archaeological excavations, many unique exhibits were found, which have become the main values of Bulgaria. Several generations, times and people are combined here. This makes the city unique and incomparable with other places. Temples, mosques, old houses, the old town, all this makes it popular among tourists from all over the world. You can also visit theaters where you will admire the talent of the actors and enjoy wonderful performances. Bulgaria has a rich cultural life, so the city will give you the opportunity to learn more about the ancient history and culture of the local people. Such a chance does not happen often, so be sure to visit the oldest city in Bulgaria and Europe for an unforgettable experience. A great help will be a car for rent, which will help you to move around the city, as well as in all cities in Bulgaria. You can rent a car in Bulgaria, Bachkovo or Plovdiv and go on a trip anywhere in the country. Many tourists and guests have already used this service and are convinced that this is the most comfortable and affordable way to explore the vastness of Bulgaria. Affordable prices, large selection of cars and fast service will make your vacation memorable.

Bachkovo will give a lot of new impressions, emotions and pleasant pastime, so you will not regret it if you decide to stay in this particular place. Beautiful nature and fresh air will help you to relax well and forget about everyday worries. Here you can find peace of mind and learn many interesting things about this wonderful country. Visiting the sights of the village and its surroundings, a new look at the past and present opens up. Take advantage of the car rental service and visit the most famous places that will remain in your memory for a long time.

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